Written Oct. 22 1:30 am EST


   When a group or country threatens another knowing the plan, the goal is hit the media. You need to comprehend, who it benefits in the end. You need to ask, why would Iran send out to America, threats to voters to vote for Trump. They hate Trump. Now Iran is backed by Russia. Is this a perceived curve ball? No. It will be seen as a mistake, as it shows Iran and Russia true intent, as they answer to another.

   Trump crushed Iran by backing out of the Iran nuclear deal, increasing sanctions bringing Iran to its knees. Now we are suppose to believe, their hackers are backing Trump? The media points, Iran is backing Trump. You are fools. Russia props up Iran. Yet you hear Trump has Russian collusion, but the Biden family gets paid millions from them, funneled through his son. You need to look beyond the smoke screen.

   The radical elements of the left, though smaller in numbers, but controls the narrative. What are you to do? The Biden tax plan proposes 62.5% tax rate for the top. That is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for them and 1, 2 ,3 for you. Biden will roll back the Trump tax cut plan for all. The key he states, he will replace it with a new plan, to help the middle class. The problem is deficits and lack of tax receipts will make this impossible. You are being lied to, wait for it, as delays set in.

   So exactly, why are all the monopoly tech companies pouring money into campaign coffers and censoring content across the mediums they control, to get Biden elected? They will seem to lose billions in profits and a stock collapse as corporate rates increase. They will hedge their positions by going short in the market and your 401s, oops.

   Backroom deals have offered another alternative. The increased tax rates will be offset by buying bankrupt companies, which will be many, as Covid locks down the economy, and writing of their losses against their profits. It will allow the super rich to acquire vast wealth and property under the guise of a tax increase. As the loop holes in our tax laws are not closed. This is the agreement forged in hell, which your leaders will back if Biden gets in. And you, are none the wiser.

   What is coming in the election? It is unknown to me, as I did know in 2016. If Trump wins there will massive racial violence in the cities. Murder and many souls lost. If Biden is allowed to win, he will resign. Hunter will be arrested. Harris with hidden fault will also remove her self. Pelosi will be voted out and a new despot will rise. This is your future, beware.


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