Defecting Elites

What are the Risks?



Written Feb 16


   Some of you see the hand writing on the wall as you think, am I on the right side? You have ascended through the mere ranks of men through education, a source of capital, a strong foundation and a network of friends for the most part, what money can buy and you continue to posture. Many of you are lone wolves, like my self, but one distinction I do not betray family, friends if I had some or the Word of God. This is where I stand today. This is where I stand in the future, God willing and plenty of prayers everyday.

   Your network is crumbling and not even the US Government can secure your safety as the storms have only begun and they are relentless, but will only increase exponentially to where it crushes mankind as what was written in Revelations has commenced on Ash Wednesday by the command of Jesus as those in the Vatican spat in His face by their deeds. Over the next years countries will disappear and millions shall perish infrastructure destroyed, famine, pestilence plans astray, now what? You have been told this is the Truth by your contacts on the inside. Being caught in the middle, you watch those who worship another that continue to lie to you and you know this. They have money. They have power. Yet they hide in fear at any sign of disturbance.

   Is this who you want to place the trust of your family to? What about the crazies who are protected? What happens when they roam the dark halls seeking opportunity in the bunkers and you know this? Think about it; is this your safety and future? How long before one event with your child and your wife turns as you knew? Where do you go as you know what waits on outside? This will keep you in prison. This will destroy your family. This will dissolve all of your morals as what was yours is taken advantage by those in power. This is not what you want. Walk away from the Illuminati, please as you are warned.

   Cowards, which will be hiding in prepared locations. All are hoping to emerge as heroes when the storms and earth changes come to pass. You know this. You also know they lie to those they have been elected to protect, us the citizens. They have a job to represent the people. They have been given the right to protect this nation, yet they continue lie and you trust them? This is the source of division in this nation. They will not rescue your family member if caught in a disaster. They will not open the doors to the bunker when you arrive late, because the text was never sent. Think about this.

   The Illuminati and many in the Ceria worship something and it is not God. It has given them great power and wealth for this allegiance with the pact to deceive this world. Lives are lost, but the essence of souls, which is beyond your knowledge last forever. Many of you hopes there is something after death. Few of you have accepted to go black when you die as it is the end. If death is a transition, then live your lives like you do have hope or faith. Your research has told you there is another realm. Advanced beings have told you this. Mohammed has told you this. Jesus has told you this. If so then there is a judgment good vs. evil.

   So what is the plan? No matter what you did in this world go to confession and confess your sins to a Catholic priest still aligned with Jesus. If not use the absolution prayer that takes seven days which will place you in peril when the warning comes suddenly as few will have time to prep in the scant days available before impact. Speak to none about your decision even when approached as at first many will be sent to betray. If they are true then just pray for them, they may lose their physical life, but when it is all over they will be so thankful. As elite, trust no one, for any reason. The true servants of God will know you with out speaking.

   Only after the Warning will you be allowed to join the Remnant Army. It is here your life shall be reviewed and visions of a hellish place will be shown to you. Let no man tell you what you experienced for it is you that will pay the price if you believe in their words. But if savvy, you need to prep. This so important and you be very thankful after it is over as you observe what others go through, if they make it. Go to Confession even if you are not Catholic. You ask; how do confess if I do know what I did wrong in the eyes of God when I lead a good life? This is true. Just ask for mercy and forgiveness with true remorse no matter what you have done, you will know true peace. You will for once in your life be offered the love some of you have travel continents to find. You will be home and the weight of the world you thought was controlled by some of your decisions shall be lifted off of your shoulders.

   Being elite, you know there is life on other worlds, but what you do not know is, there are two factions, and the one that will be shortly announced to the world are of the dark side for this is their time and they will manipulate & lie worse than some of our leaders. They have had at least a million years to perfect this to a race that is considered an infant in this universe. You have been shown no one get a free pass off this planet as a Mars mission will occur in the next year instead of what you have been told in secrecy. There is a team already hand picked for the mission, joined by a group of the elites and those shown to the public are the diversion. Shortly you are told there is life on other worlds as the “announcement”; you the elite should accept a safety plan considering off world sites? Do not get on the ships. You will be slaves or worse, sadistic entertainment and or living food. They will not announce the up coming the Warning or Pole Shift (if you are here to experience the shift you are spiritually dead and will be destroy by your like kind) until pressed by events, but life on other worlds will be one of many means to discount The Bible, then God. This is the plan hoping you believe in the benevolent plans online since the late nineties.

   You need to ask, why do some of your friends worship in “dark” ceremonies? Ask why is blood needed? And for those who witness or hear of the unspeakable, why are children sacrificed? You the elite see what is happening and are nervous. Again I ask just a few to start and hedge their bets on the meaning of life. Accept what you see, but prepare for the unexpected. You have nothing to lose by going to confession and saying prayers to save your ass. How many of you would spend millions to erase an event. This is cheap. This is the Truth. Just do it, and no one needs to know, but God. The savvy have insurance in this case it is spiritual, which is beyond your realm.

  You ask; I have destroyed many. Jesus, speaks, “I came for you. I died for you. Yet you still do not understand this, all you see wealth and power. I give you this to think about. Would you not give up all you own as a puppet master with hundreds of trillions of perceived wealth on the books if an alien civilization a million years in front of earth offered you refuge? How much is enough if there is suffering on the planet to preserve a position? How will the universe of off world beings judge you? How will God judge you? At this time my patience is thin and My anger is great. Watch as I strike down those who curse Me. Watch as accidents take the lives of the powerful, but they will not be. I will cleanse the earth for My return for you only believe in what you can control and touch. Watch as I change this. Return to Me before it is too late.”

   What is being offered is beyond the wealth of the universe. This is a test. Know this; the forces that temporarily control this earth do not want you to know you are the children of God. This is faith. This is your inheritance. This is your destiny, act on it.


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