Democratic Deception





Written Jul 2 3pm EST


   Public Opinion is being herded to produce a desired opinion and resultant actions by the media by playing on your emotions instead of the facts. This country has an immigration system that allows all from all over this world to come here except a few nations that cannot vet those who are safe and those who are terrorists.  This is a common sense idea for many of its citizens from these countries scream death to America and your Democratic leaders with another agenda state let them in. The flow is to control assimilation and what is best for the country not the world. Just know in order for illegals to rise you will have to sacrifice and fall to a median, but you donít think about this as the few dictate what seems all want.

   The chaos along are border has been there for over a decade. Those facilities with the cages were there when Bush and Obama was President. Families were separated and then released leading to the housing crisis over a decade ago. Not one of you realized the shortage of apartments in the big cities led to the housing bubble with corrupt bankers selling sub prime mortgages to the poor. Our population DID NOT EXPLODE, but increased due to illegal immigration under reported in the media. You have been told the number of illegal immigrants here is 11 million and that number has not changed since the late sixties by design. How much has the population changed in California and in the schools. Look here for true numbers that would shock this nation as it is over 30 million conservatively. They can buy a house with 10 or more poor incomes paying the bills can you? This was behind the housing increase. As neighborhoods changed as the whites fled buying up new housing forcing pricing further up. And please do not lie and say Silicon Valley a regional influx changed the state then the nation. Our poor who did not have large nuclear families became the homeless you now see on your streets.

   Presently the thousands are caught at the border and are being held and separated by the Border Patrol not ICE as you are being told by lying Democrats. Ice enforces our laws on the books within the nation. If you do not like it remove immigration laws protecting America and see how that gets you elected.

   The use of babies was very effective media tool as the images inspired both compassion then hate. It is here were you are being deceived. Do you know the background of those mothers? No. Did they leave their other children behind for the American dream? Where did they get the 6 thousand to pay smugglers? If they were fleeing and had a legitimate case why not come through a port of entry? These are the questions your inept media does not ask.

   You say God wants us to except the poor and this is true. He also said thou shall not steal, lie and pay your taxes due. What is happening at the border is not about love, but a tool to lessen the power of Trump as these same conditions were in place under Obama and no one said anything.

   So when your politicians say this immigration problem, as to include all under a false narrative did not hurt you, it is an illegal immigration problem that is the concern. I guess your 401s and stock portfolios did very well in the last housing crash. As no one has looked at the increase for housing was due to the flow of illegals needing homes as the direct factor. This was the demand that banks used to sell mortgages for huge profits and then reshape it into bonds that were sold to the elderly as stable investments. This is the deceit of your leaders. How can warren be the common man financial concerns when the flow increases housing, depresses middle class wages & social services and removes starter jobs from our youth? Emergency room visits are free and you pay thousands, check it.

   The current plan of the new world order is to destabilize your Southern Border States and ideally start a limited civil war. All to bring down this great nation and you would then beg to join the one world government and religion by design. Part 2 even more sinister is the influx of migrants like in the EU would create confusion, lack basic of services such as water as the rich flee creating an easy path for the Chinese and Russians to move from points in Southern California if their invasion succeeds eastward towards Atlanta and then northward along the East Coast as the earth changes intensify.

   This mass migration will be stopped and those in our government who answer to the new world order will be removed slowly by God the Father Almighty. The migration route along Central America will soon be saturated with volcanic ash and when the quakes come, nations will disappear. The innocent will saved and those who would profit destroyed. Your leaders have no answers when millions move north due to the earth changes. Just think, they have their bunkers and you donít even know what is coming. They are not working for your best interest. Just ask the poor people who have lived here all their lives. Where is change for them and they were born here? What are you going to tell those in the cities who will have to migrate with nothing into Trump strongholds due to quakes and flooding. Do you think they will be welcomed as you promote hate?

   You were told Trump was allowed to be President to prevent a new world order takeover spearheaded by the likes of Hillary and McCain, but you still cannot see this. The Supreme Court will be altered by a Trump appointment and protest or stop this and another one will be taken shortly.

   Abortion and same sex marriage is against the Laws of the Almighty and you will ask why when your world faces destruction, start here. Life for a baby does not start when it breathes air or when it reaches full term. Can not a baby survive as a preemie with a C-section? You say when a motherís life is at stake? Really a little over a century 1/3 of mothers died during child birth. Did they abort then? Your scientists have no clue as to the secret of sentient life as they think exposure to air starts it. They are idiots.

   The life force or soul enters the joined cell at conception and awaits development of the body and bonds with the motherís spirit. So to cut this process short in the Eyes of the Almighty is murder. Your leaders have you listening to men and womenís right, soon you will listen to GOD as your world changes to wake you up or be lost.


Update Jul 2 8pm EST


   You have covered Trump as to impose tariffs on Canada and the EU as Mexico has a new president not aligned with the new world order until they threaten his family and secrets. They say we will lose jobs as the countries that have exploited us want this to continue at any cost, but it bankrupts our nation. You have a choice to consider lose some jobs now as tariffs go into effect or lose the nation as we are bankrupt from the continued policy that allows over 500 billion dollars to leave this country contributing to our national debt. I ask again who is the wiser pretend to be friends due to bribes and influence of lobbyists or work for the American people? Without a crushing debt we can reinvest in our own industries.

   I have told you that many in Congress have been infiltrated by the new world order as has your media. As the state of your world is moving towards chaos, what is presented to you is far from the Truth. With a majority in the House why has not the Republicans passed an immigration bill to the Senate? This is how you know your political system is controlled on both sides. There is no fix for the border issue coming from either side, but all know how to whine about separated children. Politicians adopt them if you want to change the world or shut up.

   A Senator asked on a news broad cast when ICE will return the babies to their parents? News flash Senator it is the wrong agency to ask and this is why your nation wastes billions as those in control are not that smart. It is the Border Control that is separating families as they have done over the last decade.

   Many are now stating Trump was duped by Kim in North Korea. Was he? The American Military has neutrino detectors that can pass through thousands of miles of mass detecting weapons grade uranium or plutonium. They know exactly where North Korea, China and Russian nuclear weapons are stored along with all other nations on the earth. And some are in space, this is why the Space Force is being created as a new branch and moved from the Black projects.

   Kim made an agreement to denuclearize and Trump signed. If the North Korean leader, Kim reneges on the signed agreement, you have to ask then what?  In this carefully plotted plan, Trump will not be blamed for wiping Kimís nation off the face of the earth as a justified nuclear threat. He is on orders from the Chinese to offer peace as they prepare for war in what may be a false peace. Now, who may be the fool?

   Change is coming to your world as this is why I am here.


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