Destabilization of our Southern Border


Written Nov. 27 11:59 pm


   With a new Administration, many have questions as to the future of this nation. I told you, there was 11 million illegals in this nation in the 1960s. That number has not changed in sixty years, you need to ask why? The elite in this nation, path to wealth is built on the backs of illegals and foreign nationals from and in other countries who demand less than you, the American worker. They boast of treaties and partnerships with other nations. The goal is cheap labor, not an economic union that equally helps all nations at the worker level.

   Why not build a plant in Germany, France or the UK with a vast pools of skilled labor, not happening. Import cheap Indian and Chinese IT talent to fill positions that would have gone to US workers, this why they backed Biden. America, you have no game changing manufacturing jobs. And you think Biden is going to continue the tariffs when his son was bankrolled with 1.5 billion? This nation due to a trade imbalance will give 600 Billion a year to a communists nation, remember they are the enemy no matter the façade.

   Biden is on a short Chinese lease and you thought Trump was a puppy for Putin. This nation will suffer a severe lesson. A global reset takes all nations of the world and treats them as the same. The elite maintain control while the workers of all nations are forced to parity with those of poor third world countries. This is the great reset, forced upon you by a lockdown. Bankruptcy buys you time. Lock down those over seventy and treat the rest like it is the Flu, but they won‘t. You lose.

   You have seen the storms assault Central America in redundancy just like in the voodoo state, Louisiana. This was by design. Some coastal areas are now being rendered as uninhabitable. So how will this affect you the common American citizen?

   A political base has been left by the Trump administration where the Southern Border was put in place to stop unrestrictive migration under the guise of stopping the flow of drugs, the wall. The Trump Administration is well aware of the up coming earth changes that will force millions to move to the north. Yet those pulling the strings of the Biden administration deemed to be under the control of the light is a lie. His actions do not reflect this. Look at who is returning to power. Your eyes do not lie. I told you, all is not what it seems.

   The storms have destroyed many homes and a chance to make a living in Nicaragua and Honduras. With the knowledge that the Biden administration is reversing the harsh line of immigration, the Trump administration, many caravans will form shortly and migrate north. The Mexicans will let them move north. As any side deal to have the Mexicans turn them back will be seen as a secret deal. It will be exposed, then what?

   I told you the quakes will destroy Central America. Those escaping the hurricanes, poverty and crime will mass at our borders. Your new leaders have telegraphed this message, with no clue of how millions will assimilate, as many Americans are losing jobs, homes and cars. Where are they going to work?

   Covid has crushed illegal nannies, restaurant workers, and the underground work network, they have scant sources of income. But in your infinite wisdom, you will offer refuge for millions more. All while those who voted for you, legal or false need help. Just how are you going to pay for it? The rich will move their money to protected trusts, which laws you will refuse to change. Tax revenues will fall far short and tax increases for corporations will be passed to the consumer. This is a fact, that will also come with layoffs.

   The American people are realizing what they feared. I heard the Biden administration will represent all America, but those who voted for Trump will be punished. They are lying. Petty demands of revenge only comes from satan. With sweeping change wanted, nothing will change. Progressives kicked to the curb, as ghosts from past administrations linked to the new world order are put in place. You will have no say so. Biden will be taken by the Almighty as the scales have tipped to far to the left, then Harris with few skills leads you, examine how she rose to the top, then the despot, good luck.

   This nation welcomes all, but it also has rules for assimilation and those that contribute. This is common sense. There is an immigration system that is legal. Illegals were allowed to enter to provide cheap labor and their cost passed on to you. Now I get the need to pick vegetables, but educate children, offer shelter and welfare is worth cheap labor? No hey never expected to get caught as a work force of nannies and workers underpaid now are offered citizenship with no regard of back taxes and the burden of assimilation placed on local and state governments. Your leaders are idiots.

   You pay for their greed. You get fined for breaking Covid rules and millions can skate the rules and the cost is past on to you. Your families are lacking in food, jobs and shelter. The masses with women and children will be the face of the migration. Plenty of compassion talk with no answers. Americans in dire need of help, but your leaders look to the border. This fuels more to come, yet where are the funds and shelter coming from? Oh their friends who own hotels o the brinks on bankruptcy now have a new source of income. You, the fools are none the wiser.

   The disasters will bring this nation to its knees. I told you, all were given a free choice to pick your future, this time millions will die from that choice. You voted and you reap what you sow. Hate was planted. Trump is guilty of being quiet, but racism has always existed. The Va. Governor wore a KKK hood , you did not remove him. Biden embraced a KKK leader, this receives little scrutiny. Yet you ignore thousands who are killed by Black on Black crime in a year, opposed to hundreds over decades killed by sometimes rogue cops. Now every life lost is a tragedy. Your choice, is to remove the system instead of the few. Your choice is to remove all guns for the actions of dozens. The public is now prey, as you defund the protection by design. Criminals will always have access to guns. Your choice is to punish those who think different, before you know the total picture. This why the Almighty is going to wipe evil off the face of this earth. The problem, many innocents will be taken with them.

   You as a society, are inept to solve your own problems. Your enemies who you see as allies, will turn on you. You will cry out for help, but it will go unanswered, as you asked for this. Those who have pure intentions will be saved, the Rapture. You can be save too. But you need to start now. Evil has the face of good, this is his time, as it was Written.

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