New World Order Directives





Written Mar. 1 1:30am EST


   Their first and most important asset is deniability, just like satan and hell. If the general public thinks they do not exist, then they can operate achieving their goals with impunity. If you question this, you are quickly discredited or passed away as a conspiracy story. Now before you judge these words and where this is going, let the brave read on and on the note, the weak close this link.

   In order to achieve a new world order, one must infiltrate all governments, all religions; control the message of the free media and world banking systems. This has been done over time spanning centuries and solidified over the last few decades. To where all is perceive as normal. It is a slow erosion of your rights and expansion the debt through the banking system. All put in place by your corrupt politicians and a media that slants votes. Is this not your world? The end result is to unite the world under one leader and one religion that represents a man influence by a dark spirit rather than God, the Father Almighty as foretold in the Bible while sculpting the worldís population down to a manageable 100 million. He will invoke the mark of the beast as an access to your money by removing cash under the guise of corruption. Ask why now? As this is the plan. With a couple of years left, the transformation of your world will accelerate to where few will recognize what you see today. Look around and take it in as this will disappear shortly as your children to protect them.

   You are saying, how this can occur if we have the East and the West as a balance of power. I say use our country as an example. The new order first gained a foothold in controlling of your nation under Wilson by pushing it into WW1 with a staged event the Lusitania, and others followed like Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 911, but it started through deceit allowing the Bank of England to control the monitory policies and interest through a name, the Federal Reserve. Created in Dec. 23 1913 when most legislators were home. Then debt was increased by joining the war by design. This is your world. Ask why this has not been reversed?

  This is not a government bank of the United States, but you are led to believe this, and your elected ones have sold you out. The national debt or the interest charged to banks is siphoned off as you were told the Fed could not have a profit, but your cowards (I mean those the represent the national interest, politicians) never invoked an audit. JFK was assassinated as an example to bring back the silver certificate and his son received the same treatment for those thinking about change no matter what you see on those documentaries saying pilot error. Ask why did the government transfer vast sums of money to Ted Kennedy? The Fed once in control, lowered interest rates in the 1920ís accelerating borrowing and speculation to where an engineered bubble was created and it was popped. By reversing monetary policy during the spring and summer of 1929 restricting credit, the market peaked as capital was cut off.  This is not rocket science, but plain economics that ushering in the Great Depression. How many times do you need to face the same lesson before you learn that a capitalist system is the best on earth, but is rigged?

   The key here was to transfer wealth by short selling. The elite as they knew, the compression of available capital would collapse the market, then buying up all major corporations by proxy at the bottom for pennies on the dollar, create a national debt as time over decades can achieve, this is the goal. With the increase in debt, funds for public services such as health and education would be and are reduced. The general population would get a sub standard education expanding from the poor areas to the lower middle class thus to slowly degrade the education thus creating divisive society of haves and have not. Do not many school systems just promote students that do not pass standardized tests for reading and math? The unions protect the jobs, but who protects the education of your children? Few have questioned and many more just accept, fools, but it seems the Trump administration may change this.

   With globalization, the subtle objective is to slowly erode the disposable income of the common man and replace it with personal debt. Introduce poor eating habits by the expansion of fast food into poor communities, thus increasing health risks and obesity into the minority populations as to diminish their chances of moving to the middle class, but more important dependant upon the health industry as they age, dependant on pills inflated in price to the rest of the world or die before social security benefits. This is the Truth.

   The establishment has representatives in both parties, all to increase national debt through wars and subsidies creating a permanent underclass. Division is the key as then the problem will only be addressed. Short term is the current status quo. As the long term options continues to downward spiral. The population is none the wiser. Again, they think one or the other political party is working for them, both work the same one the banking system. You have been told this is not about you, but about the money and for some politicians, it is a perceive power. War creates debt. Stock market bubbles legally and allows the transfer of wealth from the population to the elite.

   You have been told, certain events are put in place and are allowed to proceed naturally, as the population is herded and sometimes nudged to achieve a desired goal. So, where is the new world order at on its goals and what is yet to come?

   The EU is firmly in control of the new world order as is the Vatican and division in place with the introduction of the migrants from the Syrian war. You were told this was the key. You looked at the war, which was the diversion and the key was to undermine the leadership in many countries as terrorism, crime and lack of assimilation reaches out for leadership. Financially many nations are in debt like Greece as the noose tightens. This was the goal and accomplished.

   The Church of Jesus Christ has been fully infiltrated at the Curia, and is changing the Laws set in place by the Almighty and reinforces by His Son Jesus through Francis, the pope and shall be the false prophet. The dark spirit soon will be in place as we speak March 2017, but careful as to not reveal to the world, as he answers to satan as foretold in the Bible. The Almighty does not lie, but mankind does. This has been timed to happen during Lent quietly as the public will perceive no change. Communion for divorcees, the key here is forgiveness from the children and other religions is out of the question. The Eucharist is sacred and not a tool to attract others. The option of women priests being discussed, softening on homosexuality, removal of the concept of hell and the acceptance of some sins as humanism sweeps the world. Francis is out of his mind, oh thatís right he is working for another.

   Where is the Church on transgender rights, gay marriage? Where is the push back that preserves the sanctity of life? Where you not, Godís priests put in place to uphold the Laws of the Almighty that do not change over time for any reason? Jesus sent you out to gather His sheep, are you carrying through with this mission in this most important time? Reflect.

   Russia and China are in the final phases of upgrading their military. When the truth is revealed to the world, it shall shock all, but all of you hear are words of peace. You think Russia seems poor, but they are not. Yes the oil prices did fall, but they had contracts and hedged the price. This is not reported. More important little of that revenue went to help the common man of that nation, but was diverted to a war machine. As their resources hidden long ago from the days of the Cold War only to be used now as they and the Chinese embark on conquering the world as the army of the antichrist and Europe or the EU will fall first. The EU is the ten headed beast the Bible refers to, but the East will control them under a man incarnated with satan himself. The Almighty gave him power of this world for a limited time and said do with them as you please. Fear this insight.

   In the US, the new world order has had a set back with Trump being elected as he is an outsider. This you can see with the Democratic and Republican opposition led by the pawns McCain and Graham as those in control of the leaks remain hidden. The cell phone search was a waste of time as the White House is bugged by the CIA. The sweeps will not pick up the devices put in place years ago for Obama. Did you not know this, Trump? This is your nation as any one that changes the status quo is destroyed. The goal here has shifted to a series of actions executed with engineered demonstration, media slant, disinformation and moles from both parties, intelligence agencies offering a resistance to his plan. Again you do not see this?

   The antichrist wants the souls of all of on earth, to achieve this, globalization, not nationalism must be in place before war breaks out. The shadow government of this nation, Russia, China, India, Japan, EU and UK all has agreed to allow a limited nuclear war. I ask you to think about this as your friends will die in some cases. As they do not care for the common man and this will be reality when Niribu appears in the skies after devastating this earth by earth wobble creating earthquakes and tidal waves.

   With Trump might be on board, the East and some other nations will face an extinction level war when they attack this country, as Trump will not hold back like Hillary had planned. If billions are killed through no fault of their own, then they are martyrs and lost to the dark one. If billions rise from the ashes of selected strikes then the peace offered from the antichrist, which will be seen as a wise great communicator. He will lead billions who follow him straight in to the abyss. This is his plan.

   You say, no side would risk a nuclear war. This plan, would bring a mutual assured destruction, and we have choices. If nationalism is the goal, then you would be correct on the current political world view, but this has been a downward for all nations. But from a global perspective, it is necessary. First, by reducing the undesirable population of the world hitting world cities with a nuclear blast leveling the landscape and the long range goal is through radiation sickness and starvation. Second, it creates a need for a one world government in the vacuum of leadership, which is to bring peace, and prevent such a war from happening again. The elite will emerge from their shelters to take their place under the antichrist as they would have a warning. Remember create the problem, and then offer the solution.

   Questions you need to ask is who is funding these organized protests here and abroad? Why is the level of hate rising with this passion and ask does not hate and anger come from the dark one? Are the Blacks or legal Muslim citizens in this nation being abused by Trump? Are women, presently there are abuses in Iran as a man spoke up in the Oscars? The Democrats talk about the need to fill jobs in the agricultural fields and hotels that are plagued with low wages and no benefits. All of this enriches big business. How about a fair wage instead the billions lost missing tax revenue, schools systems and infrastructure overwhelmed. The cheap labor does not offset social costs, this is why the elite push this and fund your Democrats. It is about money rather than the perceived compassion projected by the media.

   There is a difference between words and an assumed agenda that has not surfaced. Immigrants have and do contribute to this nation, but if damage is done, they are sent packing. Billions of tax dollars, trade deficits with the money sent home some of it untaxed an opportunity allowed to maintain low wages for the poor of this nation due to over supply by design and you are told this is compassion and their right. This is why your disposable income continues to shrink as you fight the elitesí battle under passion of selected events, but do not consider the long term picture. As they come in they move up and you move down, this is the bottom line. This is why there are limits. This is why assimilation is necessary as opportunity does not mean change the nation that gave you a chance.

   You ask is there a Muslim ban as Mohammed Ali was detained in the press Feb. 27. Listen carefully to his words. He never said Jr. Had he done this, there would be no problem. Jewish cemeteries desecrated, the statue of Jesus beheaded. These incidents that were arranged, but you the public will be none the wiser. The common theme is atheism all sourced from the dark side.

   The earth changes are here and will increase quickly, all Senators, Congressmen and major media players know the truth, that the poor in this nation will be for the most part lack basic resources and die. Both the Republicans and Democrats are feverously trying to discredit Trump before he opens his mouth and reveals to the American people, they have been betrayed. This is the Truth.

   What is to come, is still on track. But the time line due to Trump has been pushed back or shortened due to prayers. Europe will fall as Germany betrays the EU. Russia will sweep west. The US will be attacked, but with the increased spending little will fall as tensions rise in the world. Rome will fall. Why because Francis want to rewrite the Word of God to be inclusive of humanism. The Word of God never changes over time or for man. Pestilence and famine will wipe out certain areas of this earth. WW3 will remove billions from this earth to a greater realm. The Jews will suffer greatly at the hand of the antichrist far worst than Hitler. Christians will be persecuted and their blood will flow in the streets. All will see the plagues return as in the time of Moses. Insects that will torture the foul for 5 months, boils will grow on the faces that are hardened and will pop and ooze with puss turning all eyes in disgust. The smell disgusting as it mimics the odors of hell. You will all wish you were dead, but you wonít. This is a promise. But Christ will come after the 3 days of darkness when all think all is lost and reclaim his faithful in a purified world.

   When the Warning comes just after the world sees the double Suns (our Sun and Niribu) in the sky heed Jesusí message and as your life of sins are exposed in 15 minutes of quiet after the comet striking the atmosphere rolls back the clouds in the sky like a scroll, learn from it, if you live through it. Will enough of you rise up out of who is left on this earth? The Chastisements need not happen or could be lessen and the antichrist weaken, but this is up to each and every one of you. Not one of you wants to see the Wrath of your God, the Father Almighty who created all life and can destroy all life.

  The Oscars used their platform for change, but this is far from the Truth. Trump has used crude language. Trump has said awful things about women, gays, and those with disabilities, but so have you in your homes. This is the Truth. Yes you have embraced the Blacks in film industry, but too little to late. Your gaffe with Moonlight was design on purpose as the envelope was replaced to expose arrogance. Do not preach to change the world when your organization has changes little, but yes we see the current change. Talent has no color.

   World events have inspired you to consider a minority and this is good. It is about being fair and not over compensation, which did not occur in these Oscars. Advice with change comes with responsibility, but do not be used. Change starts at home otherwise you are a hypocrite.

   Trump was picked because he is incorruptible and will temporally hold back the forces of evil, but you donít see this. This will be the undoing of your world. When help is sent not in a package you do not agree with and reject it, so be it. Did you listen to his speech? The messenger may not what you want, but the Almighty choose him in these end times. History always repeats.


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