The O’Reilly Dismissal

Scientist Climate Change Marches



Written Apr. 24 1:15 AM EST


   You in the media are in denial. As your current path will now finalize going into the fall of this year 2017 and you wish to double down on your secretive position. Collusion between the media, Democratic and some Republican government officials and now vocal scientists are on record. A march of scientists to convince this world, global warming is the true threat that may end mankind in the distant future. This is what you are told to let the world to believe, but lets address O’Reilly first.

   All of you were sent a message last week as the new world order controls you, your media corporations and your future. You watched the warnings to Trump and you did not think it would come home to you when needed? Ailes the architect of Fox News was a pig, who preyed upon women with a direct line similar to this quote, “that if you want to advance than a close encounter in a hotel will further or stop your career.” This was true sexual harassment.

   O’Reilly may be just as wrong, but the files were sealed. I have to ask you O’Reilly with your millions and wit, you could have got anyone with a little time and some effort. Are you that vain? A real man learns this, as without fame and some money to treat all women with respect and attention and the line is endless. Competition intensifies over time when all parties begin to see the others. You disappointed millions; this is what you have to live with. You were a fool for your actions and with age you should have moved on, own it. You can look, talk, but never touch unless consensual. Sloppy drunk does not count. There are others. This is a true man code. This goes for both sexes as abuse of children, is despised by the Almighty.

  Those coming against O’Reilly on Lawrence’s show were a joke. Grunts, innuendos, words like hot chocolate may be unwanted, but do not qualify as sexual harassment. Was your job or advancement dependant upon screwing O’Reilly? No! So now any comment in a free speech world can be considered abuse? What about unwanted cat calls or whistling? You could said, “I am not interested and moved on”. If O’Reilly was fine you would have slept with him, no questions asked. How far does this go with the games we play? Can this be reversed for men?

   The bottom line, was you put in a position that sex was asked for to keep your jobs? The key here is, ask why would you give up your major money maker when the present cases are weak and those that could have sunk him the Fox Corporation are sealed with settlements or as we see it an investment?

   O’Reilly was a prime spokesman for the Truth and Trump, both a double edged sword no matter how powerful you are as the dominant number #1. Control of the message is the key, as events ramp up and any word from O’ Reilly would be listened to with his vast audience. He was removed by design. Fox would never give up a revenue stream in the hundreds of millions over complaints not proven in court to expose. The women choose the money over alleged events rather than the Truth just as Fox. Neither party was interested in furthering the rights of women, but you are now led to believe this.

   Ask, just how many slept with Ailes to move forward? This is the problem and you need to face this. If many are compliant, then those following pay the price for the actions before them. This is where you should look. Ailes is sleaze, but some women at Fox, not all took the offer. If I was Ailes, I would reveal the names crushing Fox and the new world order before they dispose of you or you are silenced?

   Fox is owned by proxy by those who control this world and they where told, O’Reilly needs to go for any reason as he, like Trump cannot be controlled. This is the Truth.

   For O’Reilly start an internet and radio show and crush them. Go to confession and make atonement for your sins. Join the warriors of God and no one will touch you again.


Addressing the Scientists


   It is unprecedented that scientists are now marching instead of presenting true data to the world, really. This is your new low. A decade ago I told you this time will come when all claim global warming is affecting this planet. I told you the sea temperatures would rise well beyond the air temperature as this is your disconnect so you march to raise public opinion. The sun warms the air well above the oceans, not the reverse, unless the source of heat is from the crust. They lie as your media.

   Those in the media in most cases are paid millions. They were promised protection, but even they know they are now not safe. If caught by the general public, they are toast or worse. Nibiru will shortly appear in the skies as a double sun and all will know you lied. Billions will die. Family, friends will despise you, and reject your lies of safety in slave camps and your weak will simply disappear as useless eaters despite love and assumed power.

   For the attractive women and men, it will be rape camps. Those who revolt, will be expelled to waiting cannibals starving outside of your protective gates, “for any type of food, any”. If you look good, raped by thousands, and then eaten as you deteriorate. Ailes was stopped by our laws, what happens when there are none? Your scientists know little about our universe and its future. It is here the Truth will guide you in the name of God the Father Almighty.


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