The Divide in this Nation



Written Jun. 3 11:59 pm EST


   As some Whites fall to their knees for the sins of their elite (herded), is this the right path? You are sheep. The Police protects people and property. I told you, but not in the media, they (Floyd & Chauvin) knew each other. You were told in the End Times, the Almighty would separate the wheat from the chaff. This will now begin. I told you, what is presented as right, is wrong, and what the media presents what is wrong is right. This is written in the Bible, and even the elect will be fooled. Your cities are out of control, and will be destroyed to protect the innocent. It is about the soul.

   Look at your politicians, they pretend to be for the people, but nothing has changed in your Democratic cities. Racism has been here since the arrival of the first slave ship. 400 years later, your leaders only give up limited rights when challenged. Trump has been president for 3 years, but your Democratic leaders in charge in the cities for decades. So are you that stupid, not to look at the present power structure? It was easy to call Trump a racist. But the pain existed before he had power. Ferguson was under Bidenís watch.

   You in the media played Trump, the photo op in front of the church that could have been let to burn, but saved. The option by the Almighty will not exist again. The order to clear the area for security was ignored. The protesters did not move when requested. It does not matter, the secret service needs to clear the area. This is done in travel. You are idiots as you spun it. What is funny you,. destroy your home areas and the elite collect insurance as they move out. They know what is coming.

   What about Mattis and his turn against Trump, as he was on the inside. The GOP, many that answer to the new world order, and recommended him as insider to control him at the start of his Administration. Mattis has been compromised, as to release the statements today. Mattis will pay a price. What is missing, is facts on how Trump violated the Constitution. Standing in front of a church holding a Bible and you spin it? You can hold it one way, thumb in front or the four fingers. The comparison to Hitler stretches the truth, and those behind this?? He answers to God, unless he changes.

   You refuse to accept a Democratic led police department had no compassion for the life of a Black man. You really think white people are just going to hand over their money to create equality. Really letís start with the politicians, lower your family income to the levels of Blacks. Not one of you would do this. Not even Biden and Obama.

   I ask you to look at the leading indicators as armed white insurgents flow into troubled areas. You created this hype and when your lives are on the line, you will ask where is the help, race riots.

   The Almighty will make an example of New York City, as He did with Covid-19. I have asked the Almighty by an earthquake, to crack 2 of the 3 operational water tunnels from the Delaware and Croton watershed to start along the Ramapo fault line. It has been granted. You are out of control.

   Racism is wrong, but you choose to enslave them by financial debt. I ask in months, how will you control them, when life as they know it, is over? Oh this is practice. The Almighty is very angry, you respect the flag as this nation, was founded under religious freedom protected by the Queen of Heaven, Mary. The flag represents this nation, and it is the actions of racist men and women, is against all of injustice, both white and black. It is men not the flag, it is the actions of the few. You revolt at the Confederate flag, are the two the same? You need to know the difference. A racist does not increase the job market to include all. This is a fact. A racist does not try to stop illegals from taking your jobs and increasing rents in the cities. A racists does not try to stop China from stripping the nation of 600 billion dollars a year. You have a choice God or your false establishment.

   Look around, do you want a media that lies? Do you want leadership that destroys your cities, and kneel to simple demands of crowds, as cowards? Do you want a leadership that for decades, you voted for in the cities, but their officers under their command, are committing crimes? They gave you shit for schools, but you like a battered wife, seeks no change. There is no coming together, either you are for God or satan, choose.

   Ellison has the right to elevate the charge against Chauvin, deserved, but the charges against the others was overkill. None of them expected Chauvin to kill Floyd by design. This was the reason for the upgrade from 3rd to 2nd. The officers face the blue wall of silence, as this on the most part, was their refusal to stand up. This goes back to the union.

   Reduce the charges against the three, educate them, and make them an example of your force for the future, forgiveness. Three lives and their families do not need to be destroyed, when none knew of Chauvinís personal intent. This is what Jesus would do, can you? When the crowd voiced, that Jesus be crucified, are you going to repeat the same mistake at the hands of the populous, Keith? 6 month suspension without pay, as they watched the tragic event. 10 million fine to the police union for change, will be enforced. There is no compromise or?

   By the way, I heard you, ďmay have apologizeĒ. A leader authorized by the Almighty never apologizes. You make this mistake just once.


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