America Divided by Congress


Written May 26 11:59 pm EST


   When you look around, there is much to blame or point fingers in the short term, because this is how the media, has wired the brain of the average American. Every election, we are told of the sins of the right and the left. This is the short term goal. We have heard racism for 4 years ending with the election of 2020, yet most Black people had a better life under Trump than the Obama years. Obama bowed to the Saudis, now they wonít pick up the phone from the current president. With attention on racism, this has encouraged attacks on the vulnerable. But your lives and incomes are in the toilet. The policies of Congress and their leaders have drawn us down a dark path of destruction. The reality of the situation is on both parties, which are the blame, but division has set in, where most are against each other. This is the globalist plan and you fell for it. Look around, do you like what you see on both sides? No. And that is the point. You have been played by the new world order. We will cover international events first.

   I told you many of the weapons destined for Ukraine never make it to its destination and if it does, almost half are sold on the black market. You gave them 30 billion in March. You gave them 40 billion in May and there is no accountability. The leaders deal in drugs, prostitution, and alleged bribery (Hunter) just to start and you think when they get money, it will be spent on the protection of Ukraine? Your leaders are thieves, as they get kick backs and are traitors. The worse part is, that many of our known advanced weapons are being sold to the Chinese through Iran for reverse engineering and more important to neutralize its effectiveness for the next war.

   In July Ukraine will expect another 30 billion, can you pay this or hear we will lose with out your support. They have already lost, just look at their cities no matter the lies in the media. If you are winning or won, why the huge need? Why is there an absence of battle footage? Oh new drone footage against one target, as if this is an improvement. Winners do not need a vast amount of replacements.

   There are untold amounts of paid US mercenaries fighting in Ukraine and it is them that is destroying the Russian Troops. Just how long do you think Putin will stand down? Drones controlled from US bases in Germany and Upstate NY. This is why Putin deployed the lasers to send a message of escalation. He will keep going. Russia for now is the pawns, as China prepares for the attack on the Western world bogged down in Ukraine. This is the plan. Those in Congress are idiots. Biden stated we will defend Taiwan, how? 10 million Chinese soldiers are in place for the attack, and you are not beating them with conventional weapons. As stupid as you are, what about the supply chain America depends on from China and the factories American corporations have there. You will just let them go with no domestic plan in place leading to economic collapse to put it mildly? The sad part, you knew this was coming just like the Russian attack on Ukraine, yet you do not prepare. Oh that is right Biden, you answer to the global elite, the new world order through your proxy Hunter.

   Now I do not really want to rain on your parade, but many nations see the greater picture and are going to side with the Chinese, then what? You can not threaten the Chinese without starting a war. On the other hand you weaken your control with the Ukraine battle designed to deplete monetary and military resources, as the Chinese build. I am sorry is that too much for you and your advisors? The money Congress allocates falls into a Black hole and the EU is not contributing. Why is that? This is what you face. Now moving to Domestic issues.

   The attack on the Texas school was despicable. There are issues with gun laws on both sides. What will not happen, is to disarm the American people knowing food shortages and displacements by disasters from metro areas to the suburbs, Nibiru and a likely Chinese attack on our homeland is at hand. Your leaders expect you the general public to roll over and die, as the cowards they are hide in their bunkers. This is their present plan always morphing.

   The current theme is gun violence, yet it is a single human that pulls the trigger, not a group. This is not a Republican problem nor Democratic. It is a culture problem with American youth and it is time you face the truth. Hatred is either taught by the parents or lack of or self learned playing violent video games, that seems real in their young minds. And you with all your lack of wisdom seem surprised and call for change. You raised these kids, and if you want to see the cause of the problem look in the mirror. They are a reflection of you. You choose.

   Guns are a tool that humans use to kill another. There is and will always be another tool. A car can kill when driven by a drunk or deranged person, should we ban the use of cars that kill thousands? Protect the schools and they will move to the buses. Shoot the driver pour gasoline on the front floor and burn the bus. Now what? Ban guns with capacity and the innocent citizens will be killed by a far greater rate in future turmoil or mob violence, but is this what you want? As you hide in your bunkers.

   Enforce the background checks. Again no one under 21 can purchase a multi round weapon for any purpose. Those under 21 can use any legal weapon under parental supervision. Anyone selling a multi-round weapon to a minor (under 21) can be prosecuted as an accessory to murder. They expect the poor people to die in the hood without protection while you, the elite have hired security. Remember BLM wanted to take away your police protection. How is that working? Yes a Black person gets shot here and there. That is an injustice, change your laws to prosecute the bad apples, but do not hand cuff the police. If you run and armed you will get shot, you are a dangerous felon. This is common sense, not racism. Unarmed then surrender, your choice as this is not a guessing game. It is your choice. Fear those who roam your neighborhoods as thousands die a year. Ask your selves, which is the greater threat or listen to the media. This is where it starts and ends.

   With Racism there is the unspoken truth. The Democratic Party of Jim Crow chose to provide welfare instead of education for 60 years. They are the party of segregation. They are the party of the Klan, as many Democrats were leaders, like Thurmond and Byrd in the fifties and sixties. They are the ones that voted against Civil Rights, check it. Yet few of you bring up the past, when it does not fit your present narrative. They chose to allow abortion to maintain almost zero growth in the Black population and crush the Black family structure by design. They chose recently to allow Whites in this nation to see a small segment of Blacks burn, destroy and steal in the cities with no recourse with over 90% having no descendants that enslaved Black people. The media painted the few that were out of control as all. Remember Great Britain paid African tribes to sell their captured. Are you looking to have the Queen pay too? Like this Biden plan was going to bring America together.

   Conditions have degraded in the cities to a point to where Black on Black crime is more than a hundred times than that inflicted by bad cops. But even one death by a rogue cop, is one too many. When your leaders in the Black community are funded, they steal and lobby for less police protection in their own neighborhoods that need it the most, brilliant. Exactly what do you think White America is saying, but will not say publicly? You know what, they say, look at those animals destroying America in the riots only, but it is the few and you in Congress promoted this by design as the party of Jim Crow. The division is by design on both parties. Republicans just look the other way.

   Racism is handed down by Father and Mother to Son and Daughter, know this. Your laws will not change this, as it will just hide. Embedded over a century, just ask Joe. It has been empowered by the Media. Did Trump say lets get the Black people, no he said we donít need illegals and your media spun it. It is not about brown people crossing the border seeking a better life, it is they are illegal and asylum is not granted for poverty. This is our law. It is an international law. Like America can absorb 10 million (the real number) a year with few skills, half women and children, no housing, language barrier and this is good for America? Hatred in America is passed down and the media adds gasoline. This a path to destruction and the way I see it, it is by design.

   The system educates you in the inner cities to fail. The answer is to promote a true education of the poor, but you wonít do that. Advanced math and science classes, the basis for algorithms, trades like electrician, plumber, and to balance a check book. This is the 21st century not 1970. Those presently educated in our colleges and universities will not compete with the Chinese. Like we need more social workers, philosophers, and non technical people in an already lazy society use to handouts.

   So what needs to stop, is that there was about 8 million that lived in the South including over 3 million Black slaves that were living in 1850 America. A white fifteen year old in 1865 would not have owned a slave. So you have the genealogy of a fraction of 4 million that owned slaves and you want to apply this to our whole nation, most of whom were immigrants? Good luck.

  The elite Whites owned slaves and just like today with money, it was about 10% or 40 thousand in total population. You cannot burden the many for the sins of the few, no matter how grave the injustice was. Reparations can never be paid, as fraud will overwhelm the system. Most that do get paid will waste their money just like Black athletes who think jewelry, expensive cars and homes equate to status. No you just gave the White man back your money, thinking you now will be equal. No you will be poor as the fool who spent his money on the most part. You say it is their right to chose, yes. But it is the wise that offers an alternative. You want to equalize society then really educate them. That will equalize society, not a short burst of money.

   The general price of oil is well below the peak of nearly 130 dollars months ago, yet the price at the pump continues to go up. Biden taps the oil reserves at a million barrels a day. So why is refined gasoline going up and now above 5 dollars a gallon here in the States? It is because Biden is sending American oil to the EU. You pay the price for that subsidy. Did you know that?

   Current policies of the Biden Administration is squeezing the poor. He is out of touch. Few today in the Middle Class and definitely the poor can afford to buy an electric vehicle. It will not work in the cities or in winter as heat depletes the batteries in a few hours without moving. For you that is traffic. Is Biden truly on board? No, as he trashes the major electric car producer, Musk.

   What you need to learn is American politics is based on the short term optics not solutions and elections matter. The Chinese are looking long term, as they see your division in America as the ultimate weapon to your defeat. The sad part, is those politicians hoping to rule Americans under Chinese domination in the future, they will be executed while being eaten alive as entertainment. Their children, young wives if desirable, will be farmed out to the military as pleasure holes. This is the current path for you on earth if change does not occur.

   Congress has a choice to put politics aside, and use its power to enact common sense laws and general solutions. You have seen that the young are easily influenced by the dark one and some parents are lax. Only can someone under 21 shoot an multi bullet weapon under parental supervision. It allows access, but teaches responsibility. If your child is mentally suspect, store your weapons elsewhere. They steal the code and kill, you go to jail. Again this is a start, but will not solve the crisis within the poorer sections of the city. The Democrats have let these areas go.

   Use an executive order to constrict gun rights for the sins of few, will not be tolerated, as the Bill Rights will not be amended. You say everyone had muskets when the document was written. This is true. Today the bad guys and military have assault weapons. The point was not to disarm, but give citizens an even playing field. A musket against the military if the rights of citizens turns south? How would that work? Now a majority in Congress needs to vote on gun rights, disarm Godís children and expect a cost, the plague. Just saying as the Almighty informs you. Just know it is not a disease of white supremacy, as one of own chose to do this, as he listen to another. The Rights of over 50 million law biding citizens shall not be diminish by the actions of the few.


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