The DNC Convention

Boring and Scripted



Written Aug. 24 3 am EST


   After reviewing certain televised segments, cut short due to certain personal time restraints, which applied to this summer, the decision for president of this nation muddied, due to media interference, is becoming clear for America. I heard the words of compassion, dignity and a respect from all allies, as if Trump lost it all. We hear of the dark side, yet rumors point the other way. So where is the truth?

   Yes this nation needs compassion, but compassion starts at home. The Democratic Party and their predatory lender banks have enslaved minorities through short term pay day lenders, red lining purchases of homes, elevated loans designed to fail. Education systems that pay their cronies, but change nothing, like Jobs Corp. Minorities transported to remote locations in the past, (Food, Lodging and Entertainment) all in place before the first student arrives. Check it. You paid the bill, through your taxes, but insiders profited and the students, few saw a job. What about interest rates lowered upon graduation? Your leaders are stuck on dim.

   In the End Times, which is now, you were told right would be seen as wrong and wrong would be seen as right. I ask you to open your eyes. They tell you, demonstrations are about change, yet destruction comes to where you live. Demonstrations happened in the sixties and they promised change. Nothing has change, just look at the Congressional District of traitor Cummings. He did nothing to change the lives of those who elected him. Your eyes do not lie. What is different now, they are coming after the Middle Class.

   We hear words that Trump is the antichrist, this far from the truth. I remind you, satan, in the flesh is still an unknown figure that speaks many languages, smooth, charismatic and wise. He is the dark side and his cronies the new world order. But you were told evil would be exposed, and that is the purpose of Qanon. Remember, both good and evil have access to the information revealed on the site, and this also applies to Zeta Talk. It is up to you to discern the truth as both sites give that, but also allows for denial. Satan fools the world into following him, as he destroys it. Trump has broken away from the EU, China and Russia, yet you continue to think Putin wants him in power. They are prepping for war, as the fools hoping to lead you, think there will be peace. He is not new world order, as many in your controlled media, government and corporations are. Crimea that provides naval access to the Mediterranean Sea for the Russians was given under Obama. Ukraine’s leaders that paid Biden’s son retreated to Russia, yet they were enemies? If they can not protect you from the riots and bow down poorly thought out demands of various groups, they will fold if the reds attack. Once intermingled with the general population on the West Coast then what? Control San Diego, take out the satellites, disable the canal, you control the Pacific, then it is a numbers and supply game.

   In a Pandemic you protect the weak, and the rest moves on with their lives. Covid 19 primarily effects those over seventy with death. Those who have diabetes and over weight can drop at any time. Isolate all over seventy, but let the economy move on. You say, why should we contain grandma? Your current strategy is to lock down all. A smart person would lock down only those affected. This is your politics. Keep this up, and the few that survive the death camps, will speak Mandarin, which is yet to come.

   We heard the word “Dignity”. Dignity means you put America first, instead of your son pocketing over a billion to represent Chinese interests. Dignity means you stop lying about our so called allies who do not pay their bills in NATO, but want protection. Dignity is you walk away from back room deals that enslaves this nation, but you won’t do this. You had 8 years, 8 long years controlling as you were Obama’s patsy. Little to no infrastructure projects, regulations that set up a flow of money to the Middle East instead of what we have now. Now its your turn to get paid like the Clintons. If elected, the Almighty will make sure, you never hear those words from John Roberts.

   Respect from other governments, almost all with their pompous views of this nation will write you off. They will look to those who pulls your strings to strip this nation of its wealth again, as you are a shadow of yourself. Xi can not wait until you are elected as the funds given to your son (investment) on the surface is only the tip. You sold out this nation for money, and for you, will be worthless. This is a promise from me. Remove from this world after election, if you win by replacing ballots like was done in the Gore race in Florida? You will never see that day.

   Some ask about the statement denigrating Kamala. We have seen shirts with Joe and….? No woman should go through this. Did she date married Willie sixty old mayor of San Francisco fresh out of law school (29)? Yes. Did she rise quickly in her political career? Yes. There are many avenues to get to the top, education, merit, and connections. She was an intimate girlfriend. We also heard her say that she use to call Joe everyday at one point during her acceptance speech. A friend does not trash a friend on national TV during the debates. This is the lie America is being fed. You have a choice, it is Kamala who will lead this nation as Biden fades if they win, but you know this. Remember Putin is KGB and led Russia from 1999 as either prime minister or president. Xi has led China since 2012. Kamala is a junior senator without international experience and she is going to lead this nation against the communists for control of this world? Yes they are communists, but you forgot this. 650 billion in a deficit will return, what will hold them back? Again war, under the Democrats, they fold in violence as a quick strike will usher in surrender, instead of retaliation. This is what you face.

   We heard words of improving infrastructure, but in 8 years of power, nothing was done. Are you falling for the same lie? Biden will close down your nation again, those who want to enslave your nation, will continue to plant the virus in public places, this is what you do not see. Look at Notre Dame, most were screened, no one have Covid in their homes and now a few weeks later hundreds have the virus? You assume those that want power will not do this. You are fools.

   Black Lives Matter does count, but the movement has twisted. Their have warped the common sense of the nation on both sides. Your cities been destroyed in the name of Floyd, but it is about the money and reparations. One the founders just sign on to a major firm, and it looks like the movement was just a stepping stone. They beat innocent people in the name of street justice. Without police you are the victim. News flash the rich are leaving the cities in vast numbers. That is the tax base that makes your homes and lives normal. As the property values drop, tax revenues contract precipitously, services are cut and city & state workers are laid off. There will be a ripple effect as low paying jobs evaporate and other means to raise income like theft, prostitution, robbery will be the lease of your problems. Is this what you want? Choose now, or the Almighty will choose for you, tic-tok, as you hear more gun shots.

   There is much talk about the Postal Service and you don’t even know when you are being played. I ask you, just how many pieces of mail gets delivered to your home everyday? A mail box gets removed , but you have post offices near all homes. Now you worry that a few pieces of mail involved with voting won’t be delivered, but your junk mail comes unimpeded? Send it out in early October, if you have fears. Those who state this are idiots.

   America is under siege. Yes you can flee the cities as your protection the police is being disbanded. Now they want your guns, because a few kill in mass shootings. A mob of up to a hundred will not be stopped by a rifle or a hand gun. This you see in the media today. If invaded by a foreign power then what. You will not take the right of Americans to protect themselves as your cities are out of control and only will get worse when they know the truth.

   As for Climate Change, which I told you is a lie, as soon you know the truth, the dry lightning in California is a clue. They are in a drought with little rain and few clouds. 11,000 lightning strikes tells you, the atmosphere is being energized by a certain source, for the general population, still unseen. You have two storms follow the same path up the East Coast, now it repeats in the Gulf with greater intensification and a shorter timeline. This is by design.

   As we move into uncertain times remember who came to save you, Jesus. Mankind can offer nothing to save you. Open your eyes. Consider the narrow path. The mission is to save your souls. Democrats can do this, as Trump can not do this either, but offers truth He is like the tax collector. God can. This is the bottom line.


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