Life Seems like a Dream Sequence


Written Jan. 9 11:15 pm EST


   As we enter 2022, a darkness shall fall upon your earth. You were given a chance to govern America and make it better. Instead we see division and polarization increase at an exponential rate as the wolves hide and pretend to be the sheep. You used racism to defund the police, but nearly 10 thousand are killed by black males each year, are they racist? Is this an example of a black face that speaks with white ideas? This what you say when your own present a different idea? We heard Lori threaten her police leaders if they did not bring up arrests, they will be demoted. Isnít she the same mayor that listened to BLM and the woke crowd to defund the police in the summer of 2020? What leader listens to the rioters in the streets, as if they have common sense. They burnt down portions of your city and other cities. You encouraged flash mobs with a lack of prosecution to attack their magnificent mile, as if common thieves have honor. Remember no bail. Now you do a 180 like if we do not remember and want to demote the leaders of the police force if they do not increase arrests, because of your pathetic mistake. And what about that DA that stood by Jesse? This how inept your leaders are.

   Democratic leadership justified looting and rioting and you did not think they would loot your expensive stores? You created this and now you are looking for Federal help? You have political components on both sides that listen to one, right or wrong. You present ideas that are street popular instead of leading only to reverse position after the idiotic idea collapses totally.

   We have a green policy with no replacement plan in place for states that depend on oil like Louisiana, Alaska and Texas. So what about the loss in revenue from gasoline taxes in the northern states? The northern states depend on heating oil and natural gas as electricity is too high. You expect consumers to spend 10 grand to reconvert millions of homes? Solar energy how does that work when covered with snow or the low angle of the sun in winter? Lithium batteries tend to explode and do not work well in cold weather. Speaking of the cold weather, you have poor battery performance in an EV if you turn on the heat, so expect to freeze in the winter to keep your charge. Also be aware in the EU soon coming to America, nuclear and certain natural gas products are being labeled green. The cheating has already started. Plus what are you going to do with all those discarded batteries that will leach into aquifers? Those advising Biden are not the brightest bulbs, but they will make lots of money on their side interests hidden as proxies. Just check how many have stock interests in battery plants. Politicians should not be allow to invest in stocks or certain mutual funds.

   America has been sold out to foreign interest, Bidenís son got paid, as jobs disappear and they raise your low end wages for what? So inflation eats it up and your taxes go up. Anyone who counters this is smeared and removed from public service. You cannot disturb the money train. What few realize is that your politicians and the media, has used the American people and raised the level of hate between the parties to extreme polarization. You are so sure you know where racism is rooted. Are you looking in the right places? You are told math is bad, yet this is the basis for technological advancements. Your children are addicted to social media and all morals are destroyed with a tweet or worse a picture that can never be taken back. Your schools are dumb down to impede those in the inner cities. Obesity is rampant in your children as some lazy parents would rather go to a fast food restaurant than cook a healthy meal.

   The politicians can not offer real affordable health care due to many underlying conditions the poor have that would take 2 generations to get under control. Insurance companies and hospitals will just drop out. Politicians do only enough to get elected. In America you refuse to see your future. Both parties seem to have different agendas, but do they. One allowed race to destroy the nation and promoted America first. The other allowed crime and riots to destroy cities, devalue your living wage through inflation, drive the cost of energy through the roof. Border is porous, but the reason why or a solution is not offered. We have a Covid, housing and water issues, but millions of illegals are added without screening worsening the situation. This is your build back better. You need to know, your leadership works for one. When you, Joe speak or act, someone did it for you. Is this what they mean by puppet? Yes there are two sides, but both have the same goal. Divide and conquer, but America does not see this.

   The Almighty has warned you in Revelation, Russia and China will talk peace all the way up to the day they invade western countries. Indoctrination will be a fact. Millions will disappear and your wives and daughters given to their men. There will be a response in an agreed limited fashion. The goal to eliminate the poor, weak and elderly. Creating a sustainable earth with a vastly reduced population. The green solution is a lie. You have a child leading many, need I say more. This is the present goal.

   We heard from Biden on Jan. 6 where there is a dagger at the throat of America. There is a threat against Democracy. So why did Pelosi turn down help several times? Those that wanted to bring this to the attention of America are dead. They committed suicide. Just who writes your speeches Biden? America hears tough words, but sees a coward that stumbles when not guided. Why donít you take Trump into a back alley weak one, because as the Russian and Chinese know, they are just words.

   The Capitol insurrection was gift that dropped in the Democrats lap and a tragedy for America. Yes it was wrong for those supporting Trump to invade the Capitol, but they were used. Agitators were placed in the crowds egging them on to attack. Who was pulling the strings, that would be the one who had the most to gain. The crowd was unarmed, so just how far could they get. Remember the goal of all in power, never let a good crisis go to waste. Pelosi commanded the Sergeant of Arms to stand down. A lesson learned from Hillary in Benghazi. The Capitol police opened the doors to those outside. Pelosi had everyone in the bunker protected. She turned down requests from the Capitol police for reinforcements by design not once, but at least twice. Why? She spoke of lost of life and the only one shot was a demonstrator. The other died from natural causes and several others in the Capitol Police who pleaded for help committed suicide after questioned by those reporting to the Speaker.

   The vote for Biden was never in jeopardy, so ask yourselves, you can see why this was allowed to play out. Warning shoots fired above the Capitol doors and windows, would have quickly suppressed this riot without losing a single person. But your leaders choose optics that would promote the Democratic base at the expense of others to divide this great nation. Remember, before you curse this country you have rights, in other socialist and communist countries they shoot you.

   The rioters were herded by designed conditions, agitators, officers that stood down and opened doors and they did not even know it. Trump watched as he was informed all were safe in the Capitol. Pelosi has direct control over the Capitol not Trump and she chose to do nothing and Trump chose to watch. The rioters found empty rooms by design. Again the sad part, the Democrats and media promote fear as if want to be insurgents are willing to come back and face jail, you are idiots.

   They were fooled once and twice is not coming, as you quake in fear of mid term elections. You lost the Latinos and you are about to lose a part of Black men. What about 2024? Kamala will get crushed. Pete will lose the South and Black vote. Who are you going to run? Not Hillary that enrich her family with that influencing defunct Fund. Yes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% percent for others and 95% for me. That seems fair as Haiti is still waiting for their money. Michelle as if popularity translates into leadership. You know what is coming, as you pray it happens before 24í.

   Biden if you did the right thing for America for once, just maybe you would not be looking back over your shoulders. You would not have to worry about mail in votes. You would not have to switch them. You want to win, then do what is best for America, not the rest of the world.

   You have allowed Central America to destabilize. You were a Senator for decades. Corporate interests are protected at the expense of the people, but that did not work for you with DuPont, ouch. The gangs extort and control the streets. You send aid in our tax payer money knowing those in control will steal most of it and sometimes offer a kickback to political sponsors of the bill. Then you send Kamala on a fact finding mission when you already know the answer for optics. This is why they come, because they is nothing to offer in their home country. You created the situation, but offer no solution. Just where are almost 10 million people going to go, when we have a housing shortage? What about schools? What about skills? What about the excess labor that lowers your wages as rents skyrocket due to demand. It hurts the working class already here. Did you think this through? No. This is your problem.

   Lets address racism since you now have the balls to refute Trump on Jan. 6. Timing is everything for you Biden. The Democratic party and the media painted Trump as a racist, primarily for Hillary to win an election. It backfired and she lost, as she stirred the pot. So Trump was labeled from then on due to white supremacist backing him. He let it ride, as he never expected to win. Guilt by association. Is he a true racist, only God and his family knows, but he has a funny way of showing it, as decades ago he was inviting Blacks to his personal parties.

   Now Biden and his family was deeply entrench with Jim Crow in the fifties. In the sixties and seventies he associated with and supported the Klan. In the nineties he crushed Blacks with legislation. In those smoke filled back rooms he hung in, was always used to describe Blacks including his peer politicians. There were no Blacks at his parties unless they were servants. Plus he spoke with disdain against Blacks with Byrd and elitist Rockefeller in 2008. Their relationship goes way back. What about the title of Byrd? Normally when a standing US Senator who led the Klan group, he could not publicly take the title of Grand Wizard for optics, so they named him exalted Cyclops (the all seeing eye, in laymanĎs terms new world order) with the same power and respect. Remember the nasty jokes from your mouth about ni..ers to impress others in that smoke filled back room. Donít lie Joe, the Almighty told me so. You can take it up with Him when you cross over or come clean to nation. Not an apology, come clean and tell America about your present hidden feelings. Remember hell is an eternity, while you only have a few years left on earth to change. Tell the truth Joe, just tell the truth. Do right thing for once in your life that will truly change the view of racism in America,. Tell the truth Joe.

   So this nation labels one, as racists gravitate towards him, the other who practiced hate from the fifties hides it. The kitten in sheepís clothing has not changed his spots and you, politicians and the media look the other way. Have you told Rachel how you really feel about gays? She will find out. What about your jokes about Hillary and Huma? The sad part so many Blacks in position of power donít even know they are being used and we can start with Rep. Jeffries. Be careful of the promises being made to you, she reneged plenty of times, in the end you will have to sell your soul.

   We had a Democratic governor who was proud to wear a Klan hood in a yearbook. What is worse, the Administration let the book go to print after screening it and the Democrats and media looked the other way. We have a Republican judge where her words flowed naturally. This mentality is embedded in the socialite community of NOLA. She apologized and asked for forgiveness. Maybe she is sorry or only sorry she got caught. Racism is not going away, that would take generations no matter your laws, as it just hides. Look at your cities, still if not worse than in the sixties. The same schools are responsible for the same poor scores and drop outs sixty years later and you are the progressives? No, you are liars and make promises but nothing in the long run changes. This is what keeps Black people back, but you refuse to see it. They offer candy, (free stuff) and you get the shaft. Open your eyes.

   Moving on to the New York City mayor, exactly who called out the mayor for using the words low skilled workers? So exactly what do you call them? They have no specialize skill, basic education to little and in some cases do not speak English. What do you call them? Exactly, they are low skilled. You sound just like the parent who wants to give out trophies when their children who lose and I am not talking about second or third place. You powder puffs need to grow up and address the real world.

   Finally as our leaders are asleep at the helm North Korea now has a hypersonic missile with pin point accuracy. China will attack Taiwan, in your arrogance Russia will take Ukraine and the EU will fall after. You really think pushing east against NATO and taking a country while bringing the EU to its knees and funneling their money through China will be countered by sanctions? Freezing accounts, the money has already moved. Secretly your leaders will reduce the sanctions privately, while the public optics will continue to save face to get the gas back on. All the while America addresses disasters and the media stirred up civil war, which is cold right now about to go hot. Again sanctions will not stop Russia, they simply will turn off the natural gas supply to Europe and sit back as millions freeze and die. Will Biden threaten Nuclear war? No, that would destroy the EU and over a hundred million would die in the first minutes, he will cower and hope diplomacy will work as the Russians roll over a weak leader and Europe.

   Remember I told you years ago in the End Times, what you think is right is wrong. What you think is wrong is right, as even the elect will be fooled. This is written, this is happening now, but few heed the Words of our Lord in the Bible.


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