Earthquakes they will be Different



Written June 1


   The USGS under orders from “the powers to be” in US Government that dictated to our leaders starting with Bush and now continued with full knowledge by Obama has under reported current 2015 quakes in intensity and just dropped others recorded this year, all to appear well below the norm as the predicted up tick increases towards what is expected after August. How can this be? Fear of riots. Fear of a need to offer a helping hand to those they wish would just die. Fear that the population they consider as financial worker slaves will learn the Truth.

   The hope as to when the total of all quakes recorded is added, the final tally appears slightly above normal, look at the totals now when you know of the constant swarms in areas never reporting quakes. As what was hidden will show even a greater increase in quakes when compared to today’s totals, but most will not look and except just the end result, which again is a lie. Undersea quakes in remote areas shake no lands, this is what you do not see or hear of again by design. What cannot be hidden is how events will play out, but with the Cinema and a certain film release, the idea that when a large quake hits there are even greater quakes going to occur in the same area shortly there after. Exactly why has what was taught in plate tectonics now changed?

   You were taught the plates move only centimeters per year away from the Mid Atlantic Rift as the continents spread. You were taught that an earthquake occurs as faults move past each other, subduction or collide over time to a breaking point. The initial quake comes as a release of tension only to slowly build again over time measured in many years.  There are many minor after shocks within a few months, but in the history of the USGS where is there an example of a significant greater quake occurring shortly after a magnitude 7.5 plus? None, they will tell you lies, when they occur shortly. I say this, to the media if they lie to the nation and they offer you hope, they are lying to you to maintain the façade. With them there is no hope unless the beautiful wants to be sex slaves (warning Fox News) and far worse for your children, oh your husband sent to the work camps or worse.

   The quakes you have today, destroy a local area, this will change to countries or states that are either shake or destroyed in a series of events. All will be caught up in the human tragedy and sorrow. Pleas will go out asking for prayers and donations in a world entering a severe drought, where in the end a quarter of the human race will perish and little will reach western media. This is the first phase in Revelations. The media will use close video feeds and pictures to hide the total destruction by design as words of the true devastation leaks out unconfirmed.

   All in power plan to stay in power and this requires that they lie. They will bring experts to state this is a new trend, but will not reveal the Truth. They will say this will pass, but like cowards they think they will be safe in their reinforced bunkers paid for with your tax dollars when all hell breaks loose. The goal is for life to go on as to preserve the fragile banking and debt system. You to go to work and continue to pay your bills locked in your areas of the vulnerable cities. As the economy declines the reserves of the public will not allow migration to safer areas. This is the current plan. If you do relocate you will be stopped by the National Guard or another force unless your destination is to immediate family already there.

   The quakes when they come will burry millions under the debris, what you do not know is that only certain areas will get help and others the general population left to die under the guise of lack of resources. You in the poor areas will know your number is up as no help arrives as you die under the debris crying for help. It is time to make peace with God. Do it for it is your only hope for your soul.

   Many will be paraded in the media, few with true answers. All of this has been rehearsed over and over again and think tanks that have analyzed what the public reaction will be. Most will believe, but being told the Truth here, it is your job to prepare others. Only plant a subtle seed so they can learn on their own. Tell them the full Truth and they will turn off without definitive proof, label you crazy and be lost. Heed these words.


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