Earth Wobble



Written June 5 10:30 pm EST


We shall pick out a small excerpt of dialog in the not yet released of the unfinished advanced Astro 103 paper, which relates to the uptick of solar storms, auroras and natural storms now ravaging Middle America and the rest of the world.


   As the repulsion subatomic particle stream exits at or near the earthís north magnetic pole, which is aligned with the sunís magnetic field, thus there is a shift and interaction with the flow of gravitation subatomic particles. The repulsion subatomic particle flow returns towards the rotational equatorial plane of the earth. With the tilt of earth at 230 degrees, the repulsion subatomic particle flow from the rotational axis is shoved under the gravitational incoming float from above and below the orbital plane, which is off by a few degrees, due to the shift of the magnetic axis. So how does bi-planetary alignment work when a planet, earth is close enough to a magnetic planetary anomaly, which just always passes through the solar system periodically? Would the earth just flip and be drawn in or due other factors, which allow stability? This is a great question.

   The key here is subatomic particle density, where a charge on a subatomic particle stream and its flow from a selected groupings of ferrous hard elements within the inner core competes with a gravitational subatomic particle density inbound flow generated by a greater mass. If one was to analyze two magnetic sources as a function of distance, the charge at the poles align north to north and south to south within the influence of the Sunís magnetic field and you ask why?

   So lets introduce an experiment where the average scientist can examine the process. If you were to put two low level magnetic bars on a frictionless table at a distance, the poles would repulse each other and align rather than flip and join. As a part of your research experiment, sprinkle iron filings and the field connection would be revealed, once you turned off the air flow to the table. What process would be in place to facilitate same pole alignment?

   Where distance is involved between stellar objects and a magnetic core of the planet earth, there is an equilibrium point. Where the repulsion subatomic particles emitted from both objects maintain a distance, due to subatomic particle crowding, which does vary. This same process is in play with the sunís magnetically charged density field, as it dissipates in density and charge as a function of distance. Thus, coupled with initially charged strength and density of the magnetic subatomic particle stream at the pole ejection points, we can now assess the charged field and its subatomic particle flow patterns. With the earth and the sun, it is magnetically charged subatomic particle density, which keeps the poles in place. Like charged fields do repulse. Remember that the earth is floating within the ecliptic plane, a magnetic and gravitational neutral zone. So the earth is encompassed between a north and ground charge of subatomic particles emitted by the sun. This is the equilibrium now in place coupled with the repulsion force tempering the earth from flipping due to the interloperĎs field presence. So if we use earth as an example and its magnetic flow of subatomic particles, the resultant field which was interrupted by a secondary flow from an interloper, where distance closes between the objects to a point, how would the poles respond to a new charged flow?

   There are rumors of a iron oxide permeated dust cloud, along with petrol bubbles hiding a transitory bi-stellar magnetic planet, just outside of the orbit of Venus. Definitive proof will never come to the general public for any reason until it is too late. True pictures on the web are still deniable, as nothing showed during the 2024 spring total eclipse by design. Now residing within the zone, where its charged magnetic field movements floats near or just below the ecliptic plane, there is additional new factor. The increased density of the interloperís north pole exit stream is randomly pushing away our north pole from and then rebounds towards the sun, as the interloper moves closer to the magnetic orientation within the neutral zone of the ecliptic due to positioning. For earth, this has become an increasing problem.

   In the secondary process involving the natural flow of repulsion subatomic particles flowing along the rotational axis and the magnetic subatomic particles exiting at a near 170 degree differential, the dynamics within the inner core does change. Rotation that cuts across a magnetic stream at an acute angle creates a field. The greater the angle differential rotational to magnetic axis, the greater the strength of the magnetic field. So there is a problem with this scenario. Due to the earthís rotation and the magnetic pole off center to the rotational axis, there is a translation of position along the surface of the earth as the interloper moves up into the ecliptic plane.

   So here are two positions of magnetic charged subatomic particle stream, which is responsible for the somewhat static or wandering polar positioning of the earthís magnetic field over time. Both positions are the closest and furthest away from the sunís magnetic field at different times during daily rotation. The furthest hides behind the earth, due to a combination of the earthís 230 degree tilt and 170 degree magnetic pole location off of the axis of rotation due to earth wobble. During rotation of the earth, the magnetic subatomic particle repulsive pressure builds and pushes back due to charged magnetic subatomic particle density crowding at the frontal position. Rotation allows a temporary relief, only to face the same repulsive crowding on the backside of rotation. This is the process, behind the overall wandering position of the magnetic of north pole. But, as time progresses, small changes will occur within the sunís and earthís inner cores. It is these variations, which allows the earthís magnetic poles to wander about the surface within proximity of the rotational axis and then closes distance.

   When the interloper approaches close enough to earth, the magnetic and rotational axis of earth will eventually merge. Now for many on the surface of the earth, such an event to many, would be a non-event. But when the angle of rotation, to the axis of magnetic subatomic stream is reduced to a zero differential, the magnetic field of the earth will start to diffuse and become part of an unified field between the earth and interloper. Remember the interloper enters this solar system at an angle and increases to 230 degree angle during escape of every passage. The earth once caught in its magnetic grip, there are shifts both the rotational and magnetic axis, to match that alignment of the interloper during each pass through. It is the factor of time between passages, which allows the differential to spread to its present 170 degree differential against the rotational axis.

   Presently the push and resultant pull back towards the sun happens everyday. Yet this is not known to the general public, unless you observe the movements of the sun and established reference point in your back yards. So what would you look for? At the time of the push back, there would be a reversal in the position of the sun along its daily arc, which few would notice. The sun during a push back would move backwards in its arc for a minute or 2 for few to see temporarily then returns to its normal arc movement. I personal did observe this over a decade ago. Presently this represents a few fractional arc degrees in the present sky, but still is there. Your astronomers know of this, but are gagged with threats of death. Ask them and see how they run. This effect is the cause of earth wobble. So what changes on earth, will be attributive to earth wobble?

   The signs in the sky have been ignored by scientists, as they were shown to inform the general public. Earth wobble is behind the increased movement of plate tectonics, internal heating of land and oceans, the drop in elevation along the Atlantic coastline, creating earthquakes in general areas known to be dormant? The cover is climate change. Look at the wobble in the jet stream against past history, as this is reported and featured in documentations related to weather. The amplitude of the shift in the jet stream is now being tempered to hide the current affect of earthís wobble. Besides the shifting of the tectonic plates and resultant quakes, the most destructive part of earth wobble is collision of air masses. This is why, there is an increased activity of severe storms and coastal erosion by rogue waves. A secondary affect as the magnetic fields of earth and the interloper unify, is that the auroras will go crazy and the electrical storms will intensify. Lets examine the separate magnetic fields, as they merge before unification.

   At first the separate fields clash due to subatomic particle crowding, followed by the earth aligning with the interloper slowly over time with an increased severity of polar wobble. This is due to the overwhelming presence of the sunís magnetic field and on a much smaller secondary level, the galactic magnetic field. All having an influence over the wobble of the earthís magnetic poles, all within the solar ecliptic plane. The key here is, as the distance closes with the interloper, there is a mathematical function in place, which relates to the differential between the rotational axis and magnetic axis on earth. With the decrease in the distance of the differential between both axis, the intensity of the magnetic field on earth decreases or diffuses until a point of unification. So lets look at the unification process along the lines of benefits or complications to our planet earth.

   With the upcoming acute reduction of the earthís magnetic field, scientist will be hard pressed to explain the decrease. There will be concerns of increased cancer rates, as comic and gamma rays could now reach the surface of the earth. At the point of total magnetic alignment with the interloper, the earthís magnetic field will be reduced to a internal sub magnetic field inside of the dominant unified field. This will allow greater protection from universal and the sunís gamma and comic rays. As the planets align their respective magnetic subatomic particle flows and resultant combined fields. The interloper magnetic subatomic particle flow, finds it easier to pass through the earthís core, than a direct flow to the grounding pole of the interloper. Now one asks, how would the magnetic subatomic flow go through earthís core in its present magnetic orientation, which aligns with the sun?

   After just being briefed on the diffusion of earthís magnetic core in astro 102, as the interloper approaches, based upon a function of distance and influencing magnetic overlapping of subatomic particle fields originating from the sun and the galactic black hole. With rotational to magnetic axis differential near zero, earthís magnetic field is diffused with little directional flow north to south. This is how, the earthís magnetic field will approach a neutral charge. Consequently the flow dynamics of magnetic subatomic particles emitted from the interloper is now attracted to a near neutral base to flow through on the one of the earthĎs poles, rather than its long distance path to the opposing south or ground pole on the opposite side of the magnetic axis of the interloper.

   With the earth now part of an unified magnetic field, events on earth takes a turn towards the worse. It will be the Ham radio operators, which will experience the first major transmission disruptions. This is a warning for all government agencies, which are currently monitoring.

   Cell phone service will experience increase common interference and outages at first, which is now happening in its initial stages. This will slowly increase the static interference across all calls, to where normal transmission shuts down. Wireless internet connections will at times, be useless. You will look to the skies, as the increased magnetic subatomic particle flow flips the polarity from north near neutral to south. Compasses will quietly be replaced or realigned when this happens. Governments know what is coming and are somewhat prepared. Will the common man detect this switch? Not at first. But the animals on earth will face several weeks of disorientation and be on the move, before they adapt. All will see this in nature on land, sea and air. A question is asked? If the north pole morphs to the south, why doesnít the earth flip within the magnetic field govern by our sun?

   With a unified magnetic field the magnetic flow, which exitís the north pole of the interloper and saturates what is the north pole of earth. How? Do not like charges repel? There is a great differential between the north pole charges floating near neutral, caused by core diffusion in the earth. The magnetic subatomic stream from the interloper finds it easier to migrate towards the north pole differential, than to proceed to the earthís south pole with a slighter higher differential or the interlopers south pole entry point. So as these magnetic subatomic particles enter earthís core, the charge migrates to the south side of the core independent of normal charges. Building up until containment pressure gives and the flow of magnetic subatomic particles exit at what was the south pole.

   Internally as the magnetic subatomic particle streams exits from the south pole, the charge at what was the north pole now becomes a ground due to the flow reversal. The polarity switch is in an instant, which corresponds with the magnetic flow reversal. With a unified field, the earth responds to the sunís magnetic field affects on the interloper, as it moves through the neutral zone of the solar elliptical plane from the affects of the south pole to the affect of the north. It is here the earth will experience peril.

   On a secondary level there will crowding at the new south pole designate as a choke point. The magnetic subatomic particle flow from the interloper is far greater than earthís normal flow. Even though, a little over half of the interloperís flow goes through earthís core, the far side magnetic field hemisphere reenters interloper south pole. Magnetic subatomic particle flow along earthís magnetic axis, which causes push back to the incoming stream. So what affects are expected from the choke point entry?

   The magnetic subatomic particle field upon hitting a choke point at the new south pole entry (earthís old designated north pole). The flow of magnetic subatomic particles through backs up and the magnetic subatomic particle field spreads about the grounding pole. With the influx of gravitational subatomic particles, the magnetic subatomic particle field expand around the entry choke point and then migrates towards the earthís equator. This highly charged intensified dense magnetic subatomic particle field, when hit with low M-Class solar flares, will go crazy with excitation in the lower latitudes on earth, due to magnetic field expansion. No explanation will be given to the general public or from the government.

   The auroras in earthís northern hemisphere will put on a light show, which will be spectacular, but also opens up questions on, why this is happening? The build up process will be slow, just like the migration of the sunís color from yellow to white, as to minimize fright among the general population. As for the communications industry there will be a sudden shift from wireless based global industries, back to the basic hard wire lines with EMP grounding technology. Climate wise, the earthís electrical storms will increase dramatically with fantastic lightning displays, at first will shock the 3rd world countries with dramatically increased death rates, but climate change will be the scapegoat, as to the cause as these same storms intensify in Western cities. With all warnings given here most will comer later than sooner. The goal is to allow mankind to come out from under the veil of deceit and seek the truth.


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