Ebola Crisis


Written Jan. 3 2019

Update Jan. 4 2 pm EST


   The pandemics now occurring around the world is an act of God to allow its spread by mankind, to break the grip of the deep state has on humanity. Have you changed, no, but you have become more decisive in your actions and the media. What is happening in the alleged DR of the Congo, you ask why? Political agendas are not what they seem, they are alleged as Western corporations exploiting their resources, place those who favor in position of power. The vote is rigged or delayed as discourage observation.

   You have rampant cholera planted in Yemen as they can trace the point of entry. Cholera is spread mostly by contaminated surface water, but Yemen has little of that. The aquifers and wells were deliberately contaminated that will expand the thousands of death.

   What happen to the children that has been affected by polio is by design. As a genetically altered polio virus was released from our CDC vaults, but its survival rate in the real world are hours affecting few. So the release, which did not spread naturally by design in certain areas, have been curtailed as to not lead back to its source. What will break out spread by rodents will kill millions of children in a very short period of time once it starts in China and spreads to the West, again by design.

   Quick update on how your scientists are so inept as China lands a probe on the dark side of the moon.. Kids, elementary science project, place a stationary ball representing earth, then set up a grooved track around it. Let forward motion follow the tract pointing always in forward motion. Put a reference dot to track rotation on it. What will you see?

   This is an orbit around a mass, but what you will see is the object in motion around the center point has the same face being observed referencing the dot. So letís add rotation to a represent the current theory of the moon that completes one rotation on a stem about an axis while following this tract. Revolving one revolution as it completes an orbit shows all sides of the Moon. No rotation shows the same face. Try it. Your leaders are idiots.

Update Jan. 4 2pm EST

   Ok some just cannot comprehend the example above, so I was told to break it down to where a novice can understand. Punch a hole through the center of 4 inch Styrofoam ball, pass through a string and knot string on the end that passed through, thus attaching the ball. Then spin it around you. The string represents the force of gravity that creates the curved orbital path. You are the earth, what see is one side of the Styrofoam ball, no matter how you spin in place. Again you your scientists can not figure out how our moon shows only one side as it orbits around the earth. They think the moon rotates about its axis at the same rate as it takes to complete an orbit, check it. They are clueless, why do you listen to them?

Update Jan. 3 11:59pm

   As for the Democrats talking about denuclearization on the peninsula, nothing was done to stop the North Koreans when you had power over decades as the Chinese and Russians gave them what they wanted. Your policies are a joke as any weapon fired and hitting any target, the country will be leveled and radiation would make it unlivable for the North and South. Call his bluff and tell him to fire, he wonít as he know the missiles will never reach their target. Settle this.


   As the government shut down continues, it hurts many of our Federal workers, many living pay check to pay check, but it is a necessary step. The Democrats are well aware the illegal migration may be shrinking recorded on the books of the Border Patrol, as they are more inventive. Those never caught are not on the books. This is why your estimates of illegals in this country is off, and that has not changed since the sixties, check it. There are more than 40 million illegals here presently. The few that are on the books are committing fraud with false papers. For black leaders who look the other way, keeps your own in poverty with less jobs, unaffordable health care and higher rents. This a fact.

   The human cost of those stopped by the threat of a wall is far greater savings in the long run than the wall. What is sad, you know this. I have told you to settle now. Do not let me invoke the power of the Almighty. I do not have the patience of Father God Almighty, but as His representative, it is wearing thin, a graduated acceptance of ďDACAď over 7 years. These few upcoming days, are your last chance.

Update Jan. 3 11:59pm

   Pelosi, you cease to amaze me on how you really think your constituents are behind illegal immigration. Stop listening to the media controlled by the elite, rigged pollsters and focus groups. Think tanks are a waste of money as they are rich and disconnected from our real world. Quoting Reagan on closing our doors to immigrants would hurt this nation, which on the surface is true. Reagan was talking about those who fought hard to come to America rich and poor, not those who skirt our laws and sneak across the border illegally. There is the difference that seemly your mind can not comprehend and you are a leader? Is this in the best interest of America? How? This is not the 19th century dinosaur politicians. A wall is not immoral, it is the law of this nation. You donít want walls, then pass a law and you will never get reelected.

   You stated no money for the wall, yet your House bill presented today included 1.3 billion in funding for border security (the wall). I told you, my patience is wearing thin new world order Pelosi. Central America will be crushed in the earth changes and just where do you think all of them will come if they do not die first? Five thousand will become five hundred thousand.

   Projecting an open border theme encourages vast migrations and hope. As the US is stretched in its resources, your idea is to invite more. Your defiant stance today means nothing, as one act of God can reduce you to a crying impotent leader, please try me. Ask your scientists as to the geological stress that will separate North and South America that are weeks to months away.

   The wall will discourage mass migrations, which this nation cannot afford. As the current walls in place are porous. When the designed food shortages take place, then what? The prophesized race wars will begin. This is on you.

   Millions over the last decade and a half have read or been told of what is on this website and the only leverage you have is that the Almighty has not started the chastisements yet, to where your world as politicians will crumble. Now I am proud that so many women were elected to Congress, but I fear, they will collapse when they are told or see what they face. I wish them courage, if lacking ask God.

Update Jan. 4 2pm EST

   Today we hear the US economy created 312 K jobs, but how did the unemployment rate tick up .2% from 3.7 to 3.9? With the new Democratic Congress in the House of Representatives now in place a historic drop in the unemployment rate would have taken the thunder from Pelosi and the border wall. I have told you about surveys. The Labor Department surveys homes as to who is working and who is looking for work. Those samples from various parts of the country are analyzed, but again they have the power to chose the ones that would increase the unemployment rate is by design. This is your deep state. 400K entering the market just before Christmas is unrealistic as many are let go in January. They are lying.

   The Fed has raised rates to deliberately slow the economy as inflation has held stable again this is a deep state move. Check it, rate increases are used to slow inflation, but there is little now or expected in the near future. Again the raise in minimum wages had an ulterior move as they expected businesses to increase prices invoking inflation, but this did not happen as the tax cuts gave a cushion. It is you the consumer, that now pays more to get a mortgage. It is you that pays more for products as money lent to corporations goes up and is passed on to you. It is you that pays more interest on your credit cards, as this is your deep state.

   Pelosi stated today the Trump Administration is the old way of thinking. I ask again, dinosaur how is that? You are offering shelter, food, healthcare and social services on the backs of us taxpayers to those who have entered this country illegally. Do you have a plan to shelter our homeless? No. Do you have a plan give healthcare to our poor like you do to the illegals? No. Do you even have a plan to move this government forward? No. Do you even care about your fellow Americans? Home always comes first. But you are so consumed about Hillary revenge. This will be your downfall. Lets see how this works out especially with impeachment.

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