Political Snap Shot

March 28


Written Mar 28 11:30pm EST


    There are only a few key events to consider among all of the noise. The article with Melania was done on a need to know. Cruz stated to the elites he wanted Trump stopped, but did not expect a naked picture of his wife to grace the pages in Utah. Cruz, when you play in the mud, you should expect to get dirty. Now you can protect your wife in public, but she knows your lying ass. Like Bill it is about the power. You ask, why such a tactic coming from the elite?

   You were told that Trump is a master for negotiation and Cruz knows if a lawsuit is brought against him as a Canadian anchor baby he loses, the presidential race as all is unusually quiet on that front. Cruz was considering feelers put out by contacts with out revealing connections as a test, where the elite and Washington hate Cruz and would rather than have Kasich or another take control on the 4th or 5th ballot. This is the Truth.  The elite knew Cruz would turn on anyone for power. So the ad went fourth to his surprise, thus for now negating a uniform platform where the elite has no leverage is lost.

   Present an option to herd a response. This was easy when Trump sees a naked picture of his wife in a primary election. Bill is so jealous. Events have played to the media and Trump and Cruz are just pawns to be moved, well played by the new world order for now.


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