The Electoral Vote

Why is Change Needed?


Written Mar. 21 2am EST


   You were told of voter suppression, but how in this digital environment? All have the right to vote, and all minorities have legal documents. So you are saying, those without driver’s licenses with papers as an American citizen cannot register? Where are the churches to transport the elderly? As far for others, they do not care. Democrats, this is not the Jim Crow days, and I know deep down some of you miss it. How fast a little over 60 years ago pass, since you like to delve into a politician\s past. You were and some are still hidden racists. News flash, all who are American can register to vote even online. The sad part, Trump is guilty by the words of others. The truth, you were Jim Crow. And it is alive and well in Virginia and Mississippi. Where is your apology?

   The Electoral College was put in place for your efforts today, as the Almighty sees all. You, in your small minds, do not realize how the delegates are distributed among this nation. And your choice to let 16 year olds who donot pay Federal and State taxes except for 2% who make real money as their parents are rich with no clue on the political process you will allow them to vote. You are idiots.

   It is by population in each established districts, which you as law makers established the boundaries. What the founders of this country did not want, is a particular area that does not consider the other areas, thus total control. If you have a good idea, all of the nation will follow. This is a fact. If rhetoric is focused on a narrow vision, this is the fail safe. This is why we vote.

   Congressional districts are given voting power by is population. Did you read the Constitution? I guess not for the Democrats. The higher the population, the more the votes per district for that state. This is why California has the highest electoral vote, but this is not enough for you. I ask, if you were herded, and you think you are in control, and things go south, the rest of the nation is handcuffed. This was put in place for the safety of all. Again all is not what it seems with Trump, as you are led to believe. If it is so bad, then vote in 2020, and you will kick him to the curb. If the media has deluded you and God is talking to Americans, then what?

   What will not happen, is that you win with a saturated placement of your votes. If by 51% or 100% goes as a win, the excess will not affect rural areas. You want more votes then let the illegals in by the millions declare them as voters raising your percentage of the Electoral College. Lets see how you fair with the influx of poor people as the middle class continues to flee.

   You speak about the representation of all, know the popular vote will overlook the concerns of rural America. This is your deceitful plan. Every vote counts, but to use numbers to disenfranchise middle America. You are traitors. America heed this as the wolf comes in sheep’s clothing. Remember where your water and food comes from?

   A decision front of the Supreme Court is the tens of millions of illegals involved in identity theft. I ask with all of our computer systems and checks, you tell me over 20 million illegal SS numbers are floating? You are being lied too. Worst, they steal your tax money. I ask again how are you going to spin this to American public, when some have loss all?

   I heard they contribute, yes some do. With low wages they get tax refunds. Social and school systems crush this country. I told you Climate change is an excuse to keep you place and support monetary systems. Millions will die when caught off guard, do not say, I did not warn you.

   The upcoming election is a farce as all know what is coming, if not, the losers are positioning for Cabinet posts. They do not care about you. If so, your financial role in the family would have been patched decades ago. Heed this.


The UK under the thumb of the EU? Remember, they were the Empire, oh how the mighty nations fall to the new world order. As you were told, the EU gave the UK an ultimatum yesterday. Vote for the deal presented by May (traitor) to get an extension. Never give up your freedom, no matter how it looks. The EU we be crushed by Russia and earth changes. They will seek your help or perish after the tsunami (dry land). This is your choice.

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