An Element of Danger



Written Nov. 2 1:30 am EST


   The election is now a day away, has consequences. Some minorities have realized they have been used. Have they addressed your issues? Systemic racism in the police department affects a few dozen, yet this is the narrative for change. Oh yes, the Wuhan virus dropped here by design. All can pretend they have an answer. All say they had a plan in place. All said shutting down America was xenophobic. There was little PPE in stock. There was no ventilators in place. There was no plan in place. They lied.

   This is the one of the reasons behind the rise in apathy and defection in the Democratic party of those who were voting 92% in favor. Exactly how long are you going to let another choose your path in life, before you choose your own? How many see section 8 or welfare as a way of life? How many of you look for the government to change your lives, instead of you sacrificing to move your family upwards? How many of you listen to the words of change, but nothing ever changes for decades? Woke is just another term to describe your plight. Open your eyes and awake, for decades you have been lulled asleep to accept the words of those you seem to help you, but you do not advance. You have been lied to.

   Racism was easily seen in the fifties and sixties. The Klan hung black men over fires cut off pieces of their bodies as trophies. This is the truth. Protest, and you were met with dogs, batons, spit and rocks. Sometimes with bullets fired or bombs at your churches. The youth of today do not know racism, as it is hidden. You are offered section 8 instead of a path to home ownership. Your own culture states get over on another, yielding single mother house holds. You fall for the allure of wealth, but with no education you are pawns in the drug trade and are incarcerated. I told you were being herded and you are so blind.

   They set you up, by allowing you to riot, burn cities, loot and you could not help yourselves. So in your grand wisdom, you think deep state America are going to just roll over to the demands of progressives and Black Lives Matter. Yes there are events that need to change in the police force, on the other hand a peaceful arrest saves many lives. You walk away alive, instead of violent pride. Pull a gun or wield a knife, just know you risk getting shot. This is common sense.

   They used you, along with the media to divide this nation. Yes the media stirred the pot, not actions you see. So where do you stand? Biden hung out with and supported KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd, a domestic terrorist to return the south to power. Biden did not believe in the mixing of races. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Check it. So we have an alleged racist for not discrediting white supremacy and another who hung out with Klan members, only in America

   The Democratic party was Jim Crow, so they morphed. Offered social programs to help the poor, which they in private life control and profit from, but never allowed advancement. Education programs, but graduation rates slide in the inner cities, remember pre school program such as Head Start? Someone got rich and nothing changed. Nutrition programs, but allowed and promote poor diets leading to childhood obesity. Health care offered with long lines and reimbursements that promote sub standard care in order to make a profit. This was in place for our veterans. This is their MO.

   Now the problem, if Biden loses all will point fingers at BLM. You will riot, making your case worst, as you know no better. Support you thought you had, shall evaporate. Now what? Betrayed, used by the Democratic party many will die in race wars, as they are coming for you. If Trump loses, they are definitely coming for you. Your Democratic friends will turn on you to bring peace to the nation. This will not bode well for you and the many innocent lives lost. Living in the projects and sporting a Louis Vuitton bag does not raise your status. All will look at you as thief or you have a hustle.

   I warn you now, do not let someone coax you into rioting, it will turn ugly. You are being set up. In this divided election, you are the patsy. The elite planned this where you fight each other with loss of life. They do not need you. In climate change the true solution is not reducing the carbon foot print in America while the rest of the world continues. No, it is to get rid of its source, you. Heed this.

   Finally it has hit the news that hospitals have been profiting from Covid-19. This is true. With the loss of income due to cancelled elective surgeries, a new source of income has to be found. I told you that Hospital administration ordered nurses and doctors to ventilate those who were coming in. The reason a higher payout from Medicare. Ask certain employees in certain hospitals, as they told me in a general conversation. The media is bought and paid for and where promised safety in the upcoming earth changes. There is no safety. The problem, most family members will refuse to go. Oh choices.


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