The Emergence of the False Prophet



Written Jan. 2 12:30 am EST


   The Almighty has granted you clues to the end times. One was the one world religion where the seat of Peter in the Vatican within Rome betrays the teachings of Jesus, as the false prophet controlled by satan, rises to the top. This was the Third Secret of Fatima never revealed by the Roman Catholic Church sent by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven through 3 children. A warning not heeded. This is written.

    You saw a faithful grab Francis for all to see, and instead of a quick embrace, she was rejected by a slap. The was not the clue, but the anger upon his face revealed by a faithful looking for a touch from one sent by God. He answers to satan, as anger is his trait when touched by a person where the living God resides. His skin burned. Check the medical records of the pope for the day before they disappear as it was minor and not hidden. This is a glimpse into your future, you can choose to ignore what your eyes saw, or that this a warning for which it was meant. Time is very short.


Update Jan. 3 1:30 am EST


   The Almighty sent a prophet to bring almost an alternate billion home. He said there are many roads to the Kingdom, not one. Jesus is the Son of God, and no prophet is to worshiped higher that the Son of God, whose Father is known as Allah. Heed this. So we have come to the point where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Your religion was a guide to Heaven, yet you make the same mistakes the early Christians did by slaughtering the innocence. I have asked to destroy the clerics that make this possible. It has been granted, and so be it. Watch as the power of God transforms the Middle East, staring at the top. Fear this, as the alternative is lost souls. Will their removal prevent war, no. It is written.


Update Jan. 4 5 pm EST


   With the removal of that Iranian general by man, this was allowed by God. He is not with the Father, your Allah. Your faith has created a grave sin, as you put a man above God. Muhammad was a man, a prophet sent by Allah, and you worship him above Jesus as the Son of God, who saved all including your sorry asses, when He was crucified. Your top clerics will just disappear or be killed to send a message to all Muslims by the Hand of God, and you will know it. Your faith was not established by God on this earth, but a man to fulfill the prophecy. You hide a woman’ face as you cannot control your own lust, yet rape when opportunity arises. Allah sees all. With all your prayers to destroy the Christian faith established by Jesus who is God. Is to slap Allah’s face, and this is why the Middle East will be destroyed. You will shrivel from lack of water, support from Russia and China? They will be busy saving their own.

   You proclaim death to America, when it was the British that captured your country under the empire and enriched your own elite. They stole your money from resources the British exploited or under paid you. The United States does not need the Middle East, but China and the EU does. To the media, the Saudis only buy weapons and planes to feed the military complex, and in turn Congress provides them with a pseudo protection agreement. If America was absent the Saudis would be under Chinese control, just like many countries in Africa. Check it. It is only a matter of time before the general population breaks the grip of the clerics, and death will in the end shall come from their hands.

   An American attack on your land would be an act of mercy, compared to what Allah will unleash upon your land shortly. It is your response to the removal of a terrorist, Soleimani that the measured response from the Almighty God the Father (Allah) shall befall your land. When Crete goes, you will be next. Your oil fields and dams will be destroyed to start, cities leveled by earthquakes. Will China save your asses, why with no oil? You will grovel on your knees asking Allah why? You know why, and you have a chance to change, but you won’t. You will seek out the false prophet francis whose present façade is pope, and unify under one world religion out of fear, and your leader will be the antichrist. It is written.

   When war comes, as it will be satan, as man who starts it. Your desert land will be transformed to a sheet of radioactive glass, and your civilian population, just dust blowing in the wind. This is your path in your arrogance. If war is declared in Congress, military and civilians are fair game like WW2. You have no chance. As a representative of the Father, He dispenses mercy, I do not. I told you, all evil will be wiped from the face of this earth, and the innocent will be martyrs in Heaven. Allah is angry as you kill His chosen, the Jews and the Christians, who Jesus established. All false religions will come together as one and those in God’s army will break away. The End Times are concluding, heed the warning, as the double sun will be visible to the naked eye in months not years.

   So to the UK where are you going to go? China will control Africa, Australia will sink and is burning. New Zealand, you are not welcome. This world is going to be cleanse by fire and it is just starting.


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