Why the Emergency Message Today


Written Feb. 23 10:59 pm EST


    The corruption within the leadership of your world is reaching a climax. Your eyes do not lie as world events unfold before you. You had to be told. It is about initiating the new world order and my job is to let you know, as to not let you get caught by surprise by the deceit rampant in our government. Your world is controlled by the new world order, as they move their chess pieces to final check mate on the general population of the world. The test for Putin and the Chinese was to see the cracks in the West. As they invade Ukraine, this is the focal point. The West folded in many ways. Macron went behind Biden back and considers him inept. Germany sent 360 troops to fight the Russians to save face in NATO and hopes to eventually keep Nord 2 with the Russians, traitors. So realize the Russians have 200,000 troops and the Germans send 360. What does that say about the NATO alliance? Biden is clueless and reacts after the fact. Ukraine talks brave words as their territory has been invaded and where is the resistance? So if devastating sanctions are put in place and you still go ahead. What does this mean?

    The new world order in planning world war 3 and total conquest of the West. They have concluded the EU will fall and join them led by Germany. With Biden in power a first strike is now feasible with minimal civilian casualties in the East. Biden will direct missile strikes to military targets and avoid civilian centers by design, but they have been abandoned only after several US cities are toast. The West coast will be invaded by design and Chinese troops will move eastward along the southern borders. All encountered will be killed. Biden will be offered a peace solution and take this seriously. The person offering peace will be the antichrist. Heed this. All minorities, dumb down whites, elderly, sick and young will be taken to interment camps were all are lost. This is the current plan. Your leaders lie and if you continue along this path, what is left of your world, will be destroyed by the Almighty. You can change this, who will step up as there is still time? Seriously, need help call on God and spiritually enlist to be His soldier. His Army will not be defeated. I warn you sanctions are not going to work if the Russian - Chinese unit moves for world domination. You think they want an agreement when the plan is to take control of the world. You are idiots.


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