As The Truth Emerges


Written Jul. 14 11:30 pm EST


   Today CNN ran an article on the increase in crime and basically stated, you need to look at the numbers closer. There is always a spin on the count, as many are asked not to file a report. To allow riots to destroy communities, as now the stores are closed. To allow petty theft to 1000 dollars and you are set free. Just how long, as shortages grow, do they will come after you? Look around with your eyes and ignore what you read and hear. This is the Truth. Do you not pray for an answer? But the answer is not something you want to hear. So you ignore it, rather than sensing your gut, counter to those who follow what is popular.

   Few of you marched for and demanded justice for Timar. A child playing with a toy gun, they have red tips, and the police could not judge the demeanor, the threat or that it was a child? Why would a child respond to a police command while playing? This was a slam dunk case. Yet you march for felons, you are idiots. George did not deserve to die, but he deserved to go to prison. And he is your hero. Fight the injustice of murder, but do not elevate him as a hero, pick Tamir, an innocent child.

   I told you, I stood back and so did the Almighty on the 2020 election. You can check my words. I stated if Trump won the nation would never learn its lesson. So it was allowed to go forward. Did Biden have the votes, maybe, but maybe not. Does it make a difference at his point? Look at the state of the nation. Free money to pay for what? You know you have to pay for this back in taxes. Millions allowed to enter along our southern border distributed with no skills or the ability to speak English. You pay for this, as apartments are scare and rents rise. Entry jobs disappear, as those use to nothing take your place. You voted for this. Hate rises by design, as those who skirt the system seem to be taken care of better than you. You ask, for what?

   Your leaders have betrayed this nation. They allow millions to cross the border and pass that expense on to you. Is it to promote Democracy, no it is division and hate that will descend as a dark cloud upon America. Now Afghans can come here after a useless war that should have ended with Osama‘s death. The military complex had to be paid, and Obama and Biden allowed this. You pay. Who got paid off and passed the bill to you? Weapons left by design, again ask, who profited and why? This is your leadership.

   China runs wild in the South China sea, building military bases and you turn head and offer words of rhetoric. Will the leaders piss in their pants if Taiwan is attacked? A red phone to China, you need to ask why, as if something is coming. The Xi has bet America will surrender once a few cities are hit rather, than blow up the world. This is a fact, as both leaders are new world order. So know, your leadership whom sworn to protect you, will surrender like cowards, under the guise to save millions. Then Useless eaters minorities, those over 40 will be marched to death camps. This is the current plan, as you still lose.

   They told you of the Covid 19 vaccines and how it was so effective. It was said, the vaccine offered protection against the variants. None of you questioned why some many variants have appeared in a short amount of time. The flu has been here a long time, but the shots have no problem with variants. Sometimes if the rise in infections seems odd, then consider it may be engineered. Why, the pole shift, oops I said a bad word.

   We have the heat dome that has plagued the west. This occurs under a high pressure in a La Nina environment, which is not present. A high pressure dome moving inland from the cool waters of the northwest, they are lying. Check it.

   For once, those who support racial equality, first educate your kids to compete. Promote morals, as a good woman can be the backbone of a strong family. Rappers, women are not ho’s. Would you call your mother, sister or daughter one? The world laughs at you, grow up.

   Your leaders have no reason to change your plight, no matter what they promise. A man that beats the sh.t out of you, uses you and says he will change? These are the same words said to you since the sixties, but nothing to little has changed. Come out of the fog.


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