Enabling Terrorism under the Guise of Humanism



Written Sept. 5 10 pm EST


   You were told before the election, that the American public would never believe, that Trump (not new world order) had the best interest of the nation, even while being painted by the media as a racist by design. The Almighty deemed Biden would win, as it did not matter, whether the voting process was fair or tainted. You were told the only way to see what is rotten, is to let you, vote it in. You were told all that is rotten would fall and it would start at the top. This is occurring now and will increase in intensity and frequency. But you still do not believe your eyes and you still believe in a corrupt media.

   We went in Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden. Spent trillions (black projects) and for what? Biden Laden was captured and killed in Pakistan and you think that nation did not offer refuge? These are your allies, that your leaders fund in the billions. Worse the Obama - Biden Administration should have shut down the mission upon Bin Ladenís death, but those that lead you, answer to another, and it is not the American people. There was nothing in Afghanistan, we as a nation needed to control and the Taliban were in hiding? The military complex needed a gravy train to sell weapons and the CIA needed control of the poppy fields to control the drug trade. Trillions spent, do you know how many poor communities could have been rebuilt with that money? Your leaders wasted your money and they have cushy jobs waiting, when they leave, in think tanks or military corporations.

   You were told Biden hung with the KKK. It does not matter. You were told his son received over a billion from the Chinese. It does not matter. You were told his cognitive features would decline. It does not matter. So what you have been shown over the past months, does it matter now?

   In Afghanistan, the Biden Administration and the media still does not get. Biden it is not what, you did in ending the war that America criticizes, it is, how you did it, that undermined America. The Brits call you doolally, just what is that? Translation, "temporarily deranged or feeblemindedĒ. And you say our Allies have good things to say about you and the mission? You were caught giving optics to the Afghan president who ran like a coward and we see, you can follow your own advice. You told him to lie. Knowing this, removing the troops before removing people, intel, weapons, aircraft, trucks, and money was treasonous. The nightly news was showing America how quickly the outside Afghan provinces were falling. So Kabul falling was only news to the American people, as you saw this coming. You removed protection, putting Americans in harmís way. You gave that order to send the troops home, commander in chief. You stated no American would be left behind. You lied. You paid the Taliban for protection, but many left, are still in peril. What if they execute hostages, then what? That is what they are, as they cannot leave freely. Do you really think, their culture is going respect womanís rights? You have no influence. They see you as a coward, as you cut and ran.

   What is becoming clear is the Taliban is selling American military equipment to fund their causes. The Taliban leadership is happy with the pallets of hundred dollar bills you left. I ask, who is so stupid to leave billions in cash for the taking? I ask, who is so stupid to leave explosives in quantities to make thousands of bombs? I ask, who is so stupid to leave almost 100 billion worth of arms that will rearm every terrorist organization in the Middle East? Oh, its your American leader, remember, you voted for him. America back better, how is that working for you?

   Those still in Afghanistan are allowed to leave with a payment, what is worse they are now a frenemy. The spin on the Afghan evacuation was a necessary action for humanism, but you created the problem and now you pat your self on the back, as if this was your intent. And who promises resettlement in the US if you were suppose to win? Which is it? So we have 2 million plus illegals, another 1 million not caught and up to a million Afghans, where are you going to house them? And more important, the hundreds of billions you need to pay for this, is going to come out of our taxes? This is how you work for Americans? If the presidency was a corporation, you would be fired.

   Now a warning to all others, Biden is just the start. Other big names will be exposed for who they are. This is in the hands of the Almighty, watch as they fall.


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