Written Feb 12

Updated Feb 13   

   Entitlements have been the primary force against the democrats and with good reason, as much is hidden outside of the public eye. Yet your party will take the fall. It is time consider all aspects surrounding entitlements and reverse the burden of help to those who empower, the drug companies, assisted living facilities and test labs. It is about following the money.

   This will be short passage due to time restraints as I am going to focus only on the primary idea. The republicans have dared you to touch this; if you are brave do what they ask. Some in America liquidate the parentís wealth transfer it to themselves. Thus, passing on the bill of health care and assisted living to the government and in some cases costs average 10 thousand a month. It is not the poor, who lives long.

   Now America, many state, the elderly have paid their dues and deserve a good life after retirement, yes this is true, but is it not financially responsible or can be fiscally maintained.  Really taxes at the median income over 30 years to cover 120 thousand per year sometimes for 15 years to the age of 85? What about the extra tests to prolong life at thousands as all options are exhausted? Now did you save for insurance? Did your children pass off responsibility? Now those alone need help and shall get it.

   What we do not need are children stripping wealth from parents and pushing them to wards of the state as they are lazy to care of their own. Where greedy corporate medical labs push every test through doctors, as is if it could save your life. This will end. Extra tests will be the responsibility of the family, not the responsibility of the nation. We need to be wise and protect all in this nation with health care that helps the most, not the few facing death. Yes we will provide a foundation, but not hope. That is in the hands of God and a line needs to be drawn for the benefit of all. If you donít do it now then who in the future when the system is bankrupt. Is this responsibility to others?

   The republicans are playing you as they want you to continue with entitlements, it is big business and you take will the fall for cost over runs and deficits. Remove fraud, excess tests and the wealth children removed from parents by design and you have a choice. Take your parents home or wealth, then you are responsible for them. Or let their wealth give them a dignified life in their last years. Be bold and change America for the benefit of all. 

Short Brief 

   You in the media are now realizing that all under the thumb on control are fed the same words to preach to a gullible public. This is what you should fear as it will move to a new level, not seen in a country that calls itself free. 


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