Escalating Wars


Written Mar 7


   Many of you in government and media have an edge of concern as the war in the Ukraine escalated swiftly and move, counter move well played on both sides. You were warned of these times like the earth changes. They are now here. Now what we do not in this great country is to continue the cheap political bickering as you are raising the levels of hate in this nation a goal of the dark one. Are you that obsessed with short term goals? Unless you are working with him then I understand your motives of creating descent when little was said in the exact same scenario that was enacted with Georgia under Bush.

   What you do not realize is this event has been planned. The subtle message when wars escalate and a tipping point is passed the ICBM just tested showed the world the Russian arsenal is ready and will be used. Even though the representatives of intelligence agencies state this was announced (poor damage control as all know the agencies lie), it sent a clear message to the world no matter your spin. In a preplanned event you can point to the corrupt leader with his excess as the people suffer. This was in place. The division of hate implanted as the East vs. the West. This is in place. Strapped economies now have billions to give away, remember that Russia and the Ukraine supply vast quantities of natural gas to the EU even though we are going into spring. Sanctions imposed on Russia, which has been countered is nothing more than a paper tiger threat. Russia has the Rothschild money backing it. It is only the common man who is fooled as the media pumps just words. Those is Russia already knew that Crimea would vote to come back negating any attack of words from the West, which is being ignored. If the people vote for change, it is game over. This was in place.

   Those in the NWO are using all of you who that has agreed, but you have signed a secret agreement now what? You will watch as anarchy is sub planted within the populations and shall stir revolt as several regional actions will bring governments to the brink. Your societies will break down and a great war will start as planned staring in the Middle East and spread to Europe then WW3.

   The Lord Jesus is asking you when your governments lie and play down these escalating wars, come to Him with your prayers of protection as many millions will die in the Great War to come. Know this, this is by the hands of man who instead abiding by the Laws of God they choose to forsake you that voted them in and answer to another. You were given free will a gift from God and He cannot interfere with the will of man if you choose another. All of will beg for peace and the leader you choose by choice will end the conflict.

   All of you will fall to your knees and worship him as few will know he engineered these wars. When in power all of you will be fooled as he will give to the poor, secure peace which will be false and then with stigmata in his hands, claim he is Christ. This is the antichrist and the umbrella of communism explained as a need to share among all because of the earth changes affecting food and shelter will fall about Europe and then most of the world. It will be the Russian troops that will control the EU requested by the antichrist as the 10 horned beast controls the world as the NWO.

   The goal is division, then hate, which will allow wars to expand and you mankind are falling into the trap. This must happen, but with prayers loss of life and the time of the wars will be shortened. Without this warning many more would perish, heed this. Know this; knowledge is your strength for it promotes love without it good or bad, only fear would prevail creating hate.


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