Written Apr. 26 9am EST


   New world order Zuckerberg’ firm has release a statement apologizing for sharing personal information to another company, but this is a common practice as selling information sent to our government per arranged agreement to another is financial gravy. They are lying. Facebook was funded by the CIA as a startup and allowed to grow as a wealth of information without spying was now available to the NSA as few have read the terms of agreement. This is why Zuckerberg agreed to a settlement as the CIA gave him the funding to settle and he was their bitch. This is what the American public does not understand.

   The media now suspicious will be muted as a positive spin is being spread by design. Facebook was put in place to allow a format promoting social media access for all. But this has a sinister angle as the elite recognized an opportunity to determine who would be desirable for worker slaves by analyzing chatter of the personal posts and the type of friends they keep. Zuckerberg sold you out to the dark side, just as he did when he betrayed those who hired him to create the site.

   As we move into the end times, this is information the elite needs, but it will not matter. Who will revolt? Who will roll over when their world ends? What options would you take? Where do you plan to migrate? Facebook is a key monitor for those who will rise up. This is why the message of protecting privacy, when it has been raised to a new level of surveillance, which you will never detect. My advice, talk face to face without any electronic device in your possession when events go south.


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