Fake News: CIA Briefing

What is behind the latest push by Clapper & CNN



Written Jan 12 2am EST


   Tonight Clapper released a statement from his conversation with president elect Trump. The call was not needed, but engineered. Clapper has had many push backs as to the Russian involvement and raised the ante. So with so much noise from the media letís analyze the Clapper statement.

   It was stated that the CIA cannot verify the source or validity of the amendment placed in the classified briefing. The media leaked MI-6 link to raise importance, yet the source was not verified. So this can be considered a lie until proven true. If true he was a citizen and do not let the Almighty reveal the secrets of the politicians. Stop now while you are ahead. They state it does not seem to come from the IC (the Intelligence Community) then who as they are assuming a Russian hack? The Russians will not out themselves. First, letís address why?

   The CIA is loyal to the elite and the elite backed Hillary and those they hope follow like Warren. Those watching CNN saw the complete disconnect from that small business owner and the world of Bernie. Yes the global interests must be contained, but offer real world solutions to the public. You showed arrogance and Elizabeth is disconnected.

   If Trump agrees to the perception of a Russian hack when his people get into the CIA and learn this was all smoke and mirrors, it is over as the rogues will surface after being suppressed after January 20. Their mission accomplished for 2018 election if it happens, but the collateral damage will be Obama, who was silenced.

   Trump realized the report was BS, but was pressured to consider there may be more. Shrewd, he asked, where is the information? There was silence. CNN was given this leak, but did not see the classified briefing, which contained personal exploits, half truths and leaked IRS info already known. It was the CIA that provided the rogue report info on Trump that cannot be traced back. Yes the Russians hack our networks, but they were not responsible for the compromise on Trump, just like the info crushing Hillary and Podesta released by Wikileaks. This was an inside traitor with the goal to bend Trump. This did not work, so Clapper doubled down tonight releasing an arranged private conversation with Trump to the media. If Trumpís appointees take over the CIA with this still open Clapper, CNN along with others will fall if they declassify the info for all to see and they will. This is the concern and the goal to divide America will face another set back.

   Clapper states he cannot validate the source, but presented it anyway. You can present anything, but it does not need to be considered and the smart discern the Truth. This has become a pitiful game and you are preying on an uneducated public in this nation who are blind to your tactics. You present this as the truth when he stated he cannot confirm. CNN do you understand what the meaning of cannot confirm instead of innuendo? This is why Trump calls it fake news. This is why the media will fall shortly as the Hillary lies aligned with the elite and climate change is proven wrong. Van Jones you are a smart man, we would hate to lose you as your media industry is increasingly seduced.

   The day is coming where this nation who has been fed lies to promote an agenda that government helps all, but nothing changes. You are fools. Even with the disinformation placed on the web most know the sites that tell the Truth. Social media will spread this despite the plants that comment with false likes. I have played this game already at the turn of the century on a certain discussion site. It is here that the David will crush the Goliaths of this world. The news media is in a death spiral and you correspondents only have to blame yourselves as fame has consumed your soul instead of the Truth.


Update Jan. 13 11pm EST


   What is sad; is that I have to call out an Icon. One, who made the ultimate sacrifice to advance others, put his life on the line for injustice. What I am about to say is not meant to in anyway diminish what this great man; Congressman Lewis did for this nation and those who were oppressed.

   Most in this nation revere your opinion as you have fought the battle and this continues today, but those who are influencing you are not from the Almighty. The Russians did not change the vote at any polling place. His is a fact. The Russians did not cause Americans to pull the lever per say for Trump. This is a fact. The Russians were not responsible for the information contained in the emails. This is a fact. This is on Hillary as what the email contained was the truth. For once come from denial and focus on behavior as the failure. This is a fact. A DNC insider with access to all emails was killed maybe you should look there. A warning if you still are that brave man that confronted racism: you will face threats far worse as you are a Congressman with a lot to lose, blocked at every avenue, smeared with alleged secrets if you do not stop and only then you will realize the truth. I repeat; all is not what it seems.


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