Is the False Prophet Emerging?

The Vatican: Catholics now recognize Martin Luther



Written Jan. 10 11:59 pm EST


   Our pope is using embracement those who parted from the Catholic Church 500 years ago as an excuse to compromise the Laws of God. Now on the surface this merging promotes a unification of the religions, which he plans in the future to expand to both Muslims and Jews, but he does not address our differences. The problem comes with the Holy Eucharist, the Body of our Lord. Catholics must be baptized and understand what is expected when they receive their First Communion. This is a Sacrament of God. Second: that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is God and not a prophet as was Mohammad appointed by God Almighty the Father by design. The Jews still donít realize the First Coming is over.

   In the Catholic faith it is a clean soul that is required for the Host representing the Body of Christ to reside in the parishioners at Mass. This is why; you go to Confession to remove sin from your soul. The idea that a faith should accept abortion, homosexuality, contraception by artificial means (just withdraw) and female clergy is against the Laws of God. Now he is proposing Lutherans can under certain circumstance receive Holy Communion, when they believe the bread is bread and not the Body of Christ. This is an insult. As the pope, just who do you stand by, humanism that comes from another or the Laws of God? This is why, I call you the false prophet.

   I ask all Bishops and Cardinals who back the Laws of God to stand up and reject this. Yes, letís bring all together, but at no time compromise the Laws of God for the acceptance of others.


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