The New Madrid Fault



Written Oct. 21 12:30 am EST


   Much has been written on a certain website. A really brave woman, Nancy after 25 plus years of activity and I have no idea of how she continues to press forward. Anyway the time line given to the world maybe incorrect, but their message is true. All predictions have been moved forward in time, by a directive. Even they answer to the Creator of all life, the Almighty. This is my source, as I carry out His wishes.

   So God the Father Almighty has something to say to His children on Earth, “ I have been forced to cleanse your world, do to the nature of the sins of mankind. I do not need to name them, as you all know what needs to be corrected without causing division. Many lives will be lost on the physical plane, but many saved spiritually, which many have yet to believe. Which is more important? You live a scant 80 years on earth on average being tormented by the elite or choose Heaven on Earth for an eternity? I, God the Father Almighty ask you to call out to My Son Jesus when death confronts you. The reward, is eternal peace” Now lets move on to the New Madrid fault break.

   A certain website states the New Madrid will break before the end of the year, this is true. The point is to the degree of the break seen or unseen was never given. Those watching and preparing, need now to watch the island of Crete. You ask why? I told you years ago Crete would suffer immense quakes. Now that the African continent is about to rip away from the Eurasian plate slowly, that island will be the first major disaster area with almost a total loss of life. The rescuers will be under constant threat of the island sinking and new voids opening up sending tsunamis towards its sinking coast lines. This is the first precursor to the New Madrid fault break.

   As Africa slides south, and its southern tip pivots to the west, there will be a slow separation of the fault lines along the top of the African plate towards the Azores. So how does this affect the Mid Atlantic rift that is being stretched?

   Tension from the Eurasian plate increases at the Mid Atlantic Rift towards the east while still connected to the North American plate. As the western portion of the North American plate slides to the south west. It is New Orleans that will flood and then sink first. This is your next sign, by the end of the year, maybe, but I doubt it. This will signal the start of the New Madrid fault break, but not the final event that destroys certain Mid West cities and floods Europe‘s coastlines. This your warning to hold all leaders accountable, as the lie to save their asses and let you die.


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