A Word to the Muslims in America as Fear Grips the World



Written Nov 22 01:45 EST


    Lets address your hidden fear in America first as events around the world escalate out of your control quickly and will continue moving nations to the brink of war. They will tell you this is non sense until there is more death and citizens coupled with their leaders who speak now of tolerance will turn on you as terror attacks become more horrific. You have no idea of who you are dealing with as they have a new leader in the flesh.

   Their current plans is to shock the world with another hostage event this time when the hostages are shot and the remaining will be bait, doused with gasoline. When you come in, you will lose all including those assigned to rescue. Playing dead will no longer work as they will pepper spray the crowd and shoot when they gasp for air. Prepare for this. This is what you face as your world leadership is questioned.

    There will be no interment camps as they hint for those of the Muslim religion as there is another agenda of greater importance. This nation has commented that we will not return to how the Japanese citizens of this nation were treated when WWII broke out. The move to imprison US citizens will never happen again because of their race under the current government system. Our fight is not with those who are here or their God given right to celebrate the same God of the Jews and Christians. This nation was built on religious freedom and this is why we as a nation escaped from England and European tyranny. But you as politicians will allow our nation of freedom to fall to words and actions of fear to spread.

  You, government leaders cannot guarantee the safety of this nation as you allow a flow of refugees designed to infiltrate our society. 911 happened on the Bush Cheney watch 3 times as the 2 towers and the Pentagon was hit. Thank God a general with balls shot down the plane headed to the Capitol. Just know at the Warning all will be revealed to this nation and if I was a politician with something to hide, run now. This is the goal of the new world order, divide nations of this world with a common threat and replace those who allowed it in the name of freedom yet ignored the safety of those they were entrusted to protect.

   You who suggest, bringing the Syrians as refugees here as most fled for economic reasons or were cowards who did not want to fight for their country. Yes many children are innocent here, but if just one adult gets by your vetting process, your screening will be labeled a shame and then what? Just where are you getting the background information, Assadís government? You have no truth as to the background of those trying to come in as anyone can assume an ID as you have no prints or DNA screening and except for the very few wealthy who has the money to alter their files. What do you say to families you were voted in to protect if one is killed and it will happen? There is nothing you can say as they will see you as a traitor, for this was your choice knowing the secret agenda of the new world order. You will be labeled incompetent or working for them, which is it?

  Look at the organized effort that conducted over 800 raids in France reported by 11/20 9pm EST a few hundred guns many for self protection, but few military grade to carry out attacks. Some hundred arrested, but many released. Where are the plans? Where is the infrastructure needed to carry out the attacks last Friday? Where are the communication links, used to coordinate the terrorists? There isnít any, but I am sure after this is written some will be found 11/21 2:48pm EST. Those who are blamed for destroying Europe is hearsay as this will not be the first time the wrong party has been blamed. Just look at Brussels now shut down and they harbored them in a safe zone. This sounds familiar to another safe zone in California.

   Is this the way you want to live? Is this the way you want your business to grow under a climate of fear? You in Brussels and France somewhat have lost pieces of your freedom as you are told to stay home no matter how you want to spin it. Temporary or possibly soon to be permanent looms in your future. And at what cost to those nations, high police and military budgets opening the door to fraud under the guise of protection and you will buy it. Shortly many in this world will conclude your current world leaders do not have your best interest and when terrorism affects all fabrics of American life as in some parts of Europe for this is your example you shall seek another. This is the plan.

   Now addressing the American Muslim the First Amendment allows you the freedom to worship under any religion. All threats you hear of closing Mosque are against the Bill of Rights unless they are a home of insurgence against your government and this will have to be proven in a court of law. You have more to lose with terrorism and I am proud you marched in the streets of America to finally show America how you feel. Those behind these attacks do not care what happens to you as they know their actions are moving this world further into turmoil for as you see this not about converting the world to honor God. Unless you stand up against them, this nation who has little understanding of how to separate the actions of a few from the many, then you will suffer due to your apathy. As it is either you are for this nation or against as this comes first in the eyes of the people. This war is against those who with one incident affect your lives first as some who are filled with hate turn on you the scape goat. This is what you need to prepare for.

   We still hear of the walls needed for our southern borders. The walls are being built to prevent or to deter the flow Mexicans and others from South and Central America for purely economic reasons. They are not a terrorist threat. They do and have posed an economic tax drain on local government and property taxes funding our school systems due to illegal immigration, which will uptick hand in hand as the earth changes escalate. This is after the fact as these same workers toiled in the fields to pick our fruits and vegetables for the corporate and private farms for greed. They were cheap labor and if they stayed in this country it was not their problem, but yours the tax payer. The immigration problem is not only a hard worker looking to provide a future for their family, but the exploitation by the rich with farm workers, maids, domestic help, and day laborers that are needed. The media focuses on those that kill and rape again meant to divide this nation as ratings are not built on those who build a good life. Again illegals have no rights, but are welcome if they choose apply for citizenship, learn English and pay back taxes. Then we welcome you as you assimilate, but preserving your heritage as it becomes a part of America.

   For the lies of the government of France, Brussels and little comment from the leaders of this world as to the Truth, the Almighty with unleash terrible earth changes to the Eastern Mediterranean Basin focused near Crete and Greece and Turkey shall rock to show the world with any religion it is He that they worship. Your intelligence agencies have spread hate and fear when you know the new world order are behind the attacks now facing your world and this will sharply increase.

   You were told that murder would be common place and that time is now as it comes from one source. Now for each day that the Almighty loses another soul due to your ineptness as a world leader, your nation shall feel an increase wrath from my Father, God Almighty until your knees bend. This division will escalate to WW3 as the anger of the world will boil over as Israel is attacked and they will fire the first nuke, Russia, China will respond and Germany cower and then defect and join the Bear and the EU shall fall. The US will respond and at least a third of this world will perish as this is in the scriptures and must be fulfilled. Millions will die in this nation as several cities again predetermined are incinerated. It not about questioning as all will state this is insane, but many of you have followed these words and know they ring true. Pray to lessen the chastisement please. Again watch how events unfold and then prepare.


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