The Federal Reserve

The new world order Plan to Collapse the Dollar



Written Apr 16

Update 6pm EST


   Many of you have been upset at current monetary polices and the debt that burdens this country, but few of you realize the Truth of how the dollar will be undermined by those in the new world order. It this group that controlled the Federal Reserve since Wilson signed over control to the Bank of England, although its influence is now by proxy and collection of interest on the debt.  

   Currently the Federal Reserve charges the banks interest on short term loans and interest on the Federal debt. Now it is the Federal Reserve that prints money based on the confidence of this nation and authorization by Congress to increase the debt ceiling. For the layman the Federal Reserve prints money with our authorization backed by nothing but the printed paper it is on and charges those that borrow interest. You are taxed with this money and wars increase the financial burden on a nation in the cause of freedom. You are charged financial fees with borrowing money. Those in control of this money can flood the market causing financial bubbles that then collapse your markets and they can transfer wealth from your hold positions by going short. The World Bank financial enslaved 3rd world nations to where interest rates negated the sale of natural resources and goods, the elite hid their money from the people in the same off shore accounts and nobody cared. Now you do as a dark cloud has descended upon your western banks.

   Your leaders remove trillions over decades into hidden accounts from influence peddling and bribes tax free and you have to pay interest on this. Corporations move your jobs overseas to cut cost because they cannot innovate or are just plain greedy. The problem is now foreigners have trillions to buy your homes, land, resources and businesses. Again, you the tax payer, gets screwed again. But there is a hidden problem.

   The ultimate goals of the new world order is the destabilization of the dollar and a military that could conquer the world. As the earth changes ramp up these illicit off shore accounts will flood the world’s banking systems to where some currencies now stable will see hyper inflation in exchange for hard assets. This will be a domino effect as all try to protect what they have stolen from you. You banks will limit your withdrawals and stocks will lose support and crash. This is the current plan in place as of now.

   You have been told of a military that the world will fear, but you say how can this be? Exactly where do you think that entire trade deficit in the trillions is going to in China? Forward military bases built in the South China Sea, while every one talks peace. The Corporations who built factories there never looked as if the money they gave them would be used against them one day and their technology stolen. You never thought you could be used for your money as you only saw profits from their cheap labor, fools. It is too late, the military is built and expanding under your noses in underground bases and the world shall soon see. Fear will grip the souls of the arrogant.

   You were told that most of your world leaders are just tentacles of the new world order and their off shore tax havens is just one connection. Public corporations are controlled by stock acquired through proxy shell companies to hide their true owner is another tentacle of the new world order. Most stock acquired during engineered market drops. They have you looking at corporate greed by design. The true theft will be control of this nation as the people will think this move to one world control is for the best. But you as a nation don’t see this as you are so caught up in your national politics as if a new leader will be able to right what has taken centuries to create. The world has failed to break the grip of the new world order banking and political systems as they are intertwined as one. This is why the world as you know shall face disaster after disaster with the intent of crushing the elite and cleansing the earth. Just like the time the Hebrew slave Moses released the children of God. This will happen again and all will know the power of God.

   Just to let you know all of you will wish you had a wall when Central America crumbles and millions see our borders as their only hope. This nation has no clue as to what is coming shortly and it will happen fast, but your leaders do.


Update 6pm EST


   Behind closed doors you asked, why should we believe you? I ask you, who is going to protect you? Not your nuclear weapons or military mighty. Your politicians are joke as none are prepared for what is to come. What would Hillary do if she was leader against trillions of flies in a square mile in every crevasse, all over all food in your eyes, ears and noses? What would she do, but cry as a coward in what she thinks is a protected corner?

   Now what you face was set up by Kissinger and Nixon as they negotiated with Red China in the seventies. This was the plan. They were and still are the enemy and nothing has changed, but that they now have your money and technology. The plan was brilliant as it came from the dark one. Kissinger is part of the new world order and has been since the middle of the 20th century. He followed orders and saw this as a trade expansion. He who is in control used his own dark slaves and their greed as jobs were sent over seas as free trade to increase corporate profits. Labor now pennies on the dollar what a temptation. This financed a trade deficit to where the 200 million man army prophesized becomes reality and it has. Free trade is a balance, not a deficit as your politicians lied to you. No trade is better than losing 50 billion a month to just one country. Let’s not count others. If this was a corporation it would be bankrupt and we are.

   You ask again what clues do you have that would shed light? This is easy. You have been told the bases are concentrated and under ground away from the cities.  Power grids that is too large for the area it serves. Plumes of CO2 that are vented and more important an unusual heat signature on surrounding terrain where there should be none. Use your satellites and you will find your evidence. This is your priority. Do not inform the politicians of the results or progress for their ineptness will only slow you.

   If you are the general that others say you are than unleash the technology of the Black Projects hidden from the world. It is at least a hundred years in advance of today and would tip the balance in any war and it is coming. Move the coastal protection zone from 12 to 200 miles and do it now. Tell Putin this is not an option or up for negotiation. Heed this and this nation will not fall like the EU.



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