The Ferguson Decision



Written Nov 24


   As this divided nation looks at Ferguson, few want to the hear, the Truth. It is sad when any life is loss. It is sad that there is racial profiling. It is also sad that all events are seen in a blanket mentality.

   You are asked community leaders why Ferguson? All know the police and certain citizens excise unjust aggression towards young black men. All know there some collusion in certain areas, but also many events take a life of its own. Almost all black parents have that talk with their kids knowing what is out there. Now that that is said, letís look at the events.

   Would it have too hard to walk on the sidewalk when requested by law enforcement? He would be alive today. Why would you confront an officer and go for his gun? I ask every black man, what would you do if someone went for you gun in your car? Do not lie for everyone one of us knows the answer.  Run away after a graze wound then turn around and come back. Really, in every scenario, events all would turn dark, but he could have walked away and be alive. This was a choice. Do you realize the subject; Brown was winged to stop, but a pause was temporary and kept coming. You were told look at the entry wounds as hands up exposes a different area of the arm. He could have been taken out on the first return. You are asked put yourself in the other manís shoes without prejudice or hate.

   All violence comes from one source. All hate comes from the same. All revenge again comes from this same source. Are you listening to that source or one of peace and calm? You have been told to pick your battles and for the Black Community you need to move on. This was unfortunate sequence of events, but justice plain and simple no matter how you spin. Not one of you would have sat idle if Brown was coming at you after trying to take your gun. This is the Truth.

   As a nation we need to heal as many injustices affect people of color. This is where we need effort. This is where the Black community needs to unify and forge ahead. This is where we need stand behind every injustice that the world needs to see. Again in this time we need to let go of anything that is justified in a court of law no matter how much it hurts. This could have been avoided with just a little common sense, but few will admit this instead go into denial. This could have been avoided had both Brown and Wilson asked themselves what would, God have done here.


Update Nov 25


   As this evening has progressed few are listening to God and now He is angry. The Almighty speaks, ďI have a Commandment thou shall not kill unless one life is threatened. Not one of you was at the scene. None of you knows the Truth, but are fed lies. You do not even know you are being used by agents of the dark one. The fires in Ferguson were on the main part set for insurance gain. The gun fire you hear was put in play by people put in to excite the situation as there is a greater plan. You need to look beyond the events that motivate your snap decisions and ask why and then you may see the Truth.

      You ask why Brown was allowed to lie on the ground for hours with no respect. You look past the obvious if someone came back at you under fire to present a threat, not one of you would care if an aggressor laid there. This is the Truth

      I am speaking to the Black community, you have no clue as to what is coming and this is just one on many traps, beware.  No one even Obama will protect you shortly as all like you will not have a voice and when you speak up many will just disappear. Again this is the Truth. Ask yourselves was this incident worth an audience in front of the UN? If you say yes, you are drinking the KoolAid.  6 million died in Rwanda did they have a voice?

   The media is pumping this up. No one knows who is firing the shots in the air. No one knows who set the fires. What you do know is you hear of massive crowds, but the video does not support it. Again you are being herded, know the signs.


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