How the Financial Markets Deceived this World over the Centuries



Written Sept 23


   For the layman it is hard to visualize that the free markets of this world have been undermined by those you trust to where the public sees capitalism as fair on the surface. As it is not the market place, but subtle parameters and abuse of established regulations place over time that allows the free choice of men to choose independent paths. This is the trap as market seems to move to the beat of individual trades, a complex set of regulations, interest rates and the corporate balance sheet. This is where you the traders are herded to what seems to be a certain designated point, ultimately controlling market direction. Hard work or theft allows anyone to become the billionaire. So when the market place innovates, a new product fills a need or produces a trend, wins through indicators reinforced through elite business schools, capitalism the mechanism to wealth seems clean or does it?

   The key to controlling the world was started centuries ago as he who controls the currency, controls the banks, then with it stocks and bonds that subtly move public corporations and local & provincial governments. The names may change, but the game remains the same. All may look at where is the corruption, but will see little. Some will look for favors to aid another, but again this is a short term tactic. To create a world dynasty one must devise a plan that spans centuries, involves multi national corporations, unify currencies to provide control and bend political direction through wealth and influence into the control of one. Let’s add a little insight so that the common man may understand.

   Those who have the resources, but not the innovation have developed to stock market to control wealth and public corporations. As the expansion or contraction of interest rates or available capital the market rises or falls to an extreme against a fixed bench mark like the dollar. Extreme wealth has available cash as in one case they print it or other assets to push any trend or end one.

   Gold stocks are acquired over time, but more important they own the mines and under report the refined ore removed to maintain a “price”. Could they depress the market causing a sell off to drain the public of a safe haven, yes, but this has not been executed as of yet.

   It is during recessions and depressions that valuable companies can be acquired by buying large amounts of stock by proxy at market bottoms caused through the constriction of available capital. Again “cause the problem and then offer a solution”, buying of stock to support the market bottom which will be welcomed by all, but it was the plan all along.

   The goal is to allow the people to perceive a free market. Those at the top are disciplined and have their own internal mechanism to prevent excessive greed, as all must seem that conditions at distressful market conditions is brought on by war, market over value or greed to dictate the violent price swings. The point is to allow cycles of recession or depression to align with times of “anticipated” greed forcing market tops and despair for market bottoms. But at all cost, the market and investments must be seen as the creator of wealth and firm. Hope as those who were wise in the right place and with timing become rich. This will continue drive the public to invest in stocks and bonds. Like cattle you don’t kill them, but bleed them over time.

   The “group” in control allows the natural market place to pick a bubble point by greed. With media, investment gurus climbing on board public money flows in as the thought of a change in life style fuels a top. It does not take much with almost unlimited money to support a market to spring a trap. Those not in the loop will sell short early and will be forced out will spikes on the up side that come out of nowhere. The point is that the real money replaces those that fall out as not to alert anyone. All seems normal. It is when most of the short sellers are part of “the group” a trigger point allows the market to fall as support is withdrawn supported by an arranged absence of “equity”. Interest rates and credit ratings close down what would still drive the market, without it on a worldwide scale, the market collapses, but this is planned. This what the common man does not see for he blind with greed.

   The transfer of wealth is easy as the common man is told to hold his equities and has proven wise over the years. How many times have you listened to those commercials with the charts to back this, as this is financial savvy information? How are those charts working for you now almost 5 years later? You just couldn’t lose, but you have. As with the end of times they are taking it all while you are following the discipline they have abandoned.

   You say this cannot be so as all are suppose to lose in a down and this is the accepted version when you speak to the common investor. So the wealthy or savvy investor borrows your stock (401), but most of the time naked, meaning they don’t borrow according to the rules. In order to sell short you must borrow stock from an investor at an agreed interest rate. It is your stock firms make money on while you hold the risk and it is you that loses when of if it is replaced at a lower value. In a naked short, they just execute the trade and sell it short increasing the precipitous market fall. This tactic destroys all stop loss auto trades and sends the market into free fall. As all sellers are squeezed completely out and those that borrowed your stock give it back to you while you held. As they buy open shares on near or at the market bottom and return all the stock. From the top to the market to the bottom where they replace your stock at the lower price your loss goes to them as profits, trillions change hands and you are none the wiser. The largest profits with the least risk over a short period of time are made during a down turn. But know this when things are slow just inject a false flag event and those with inside knowledge use the derivatives markets to rape you.

   Over time they have hone this through influence in this country the greatest on earth with its faults the Supreme Court has been compromised. Laws that should protect the people are being gutted in the name of less government intrusion, but you believe this. Do you remove your locks or leave your valuables out because someone states things have changed and protection has gone too far. This is what the dark side wants you to believe. Congress refuses to change the laws that govern greed and abuse on Wall Street. Some changes are made, the people protest, but this passes over time, reflect back to mortgage crisis. The bubble was pushed by corrupt banking firms which inflated markets cascading until the market crashed bringing with it, the banks and most important your 401s and jobs. Those now leading your government know this was engineered and past leaders looked the other way while most of you lost most of your savings, homes way of life.

   This tactic has worked for centuries and few of you realize this or have the courage to stand up. All interest on debt from all western countries flows to one source. If almost all nations are in debt just who do they owe your money to? It is not China. They present gold as a base collateral, but leverage the ratio of debt to assets. It is they the Federal Reserve which Congress has authorized to print our money and in turn charge an interest rate to the banks, which they own. The banks then pass this cost on to you through higher interest rates on loans and credit cards. The national debt is owed to them, which Wilson gave them with the Federal Reserve Act as he betrayed this nation. For those who want more insight, research Fed Funds, Prime Rate and Discount Rate.

   Some US presidents have been assassinated as they prevented an early take over of our financial system like Lincoln; it was not the Emancipation Proclamation that caused a back lash from the elite. It was the money, as the southern plantations that were to lose their slaves were not part of the elite. Slaves could be acquired from any part of the world for the right price as it is today. For Kennedy it was not the threat of revealing that aliens exist for they could have discredited him as crazy without proof. There was an executive order to eliminate the Federal Reserve by Kennedy and the rouge CIA had him killed. The executive order was 11110, look it up.

   As for the “aliens” some proof was hidden in Area 51 and Dayton, the Moon mission to explore alien wreckage on the Moon in 1969 was suppressed, as it yielded nothing but refuse (space garbage). Marilyn, get real as she was one of many. Don’t point fingers as over 50% in Congress are guilty of the same thing. It is just that they have not been exposed until they step out of line. Again it was all about the money. Both were assassinated to protect the truth and you the common citizen believes what is written by men. Your world is not fair and it uses threads of truth to hide lies that controls your world.

   They watch for the best of the best with innovation, resources with in the earth and the weak leaders of the corporations that could be turned through lust, money, or blackmail. When the bottom hits they invest acquiring major stakes in strong companies for pennies on the dollar. They wait as a recovery engineered by lowering interest rates expansion occurs. Then the unthinkable a meeting is called with corporate and many that were thought to be independent investors were by proxy (investments hidden by false fronts to hide the true owner). You are told you have been successful and could lead the world in your field, but we must become one. Few refuse and many accept look through history at those who ascended when they should not.

   The elite are looking to control all industries that create dependency. The food industry is used to maintain population expansion, but more ominous to inject poor nutrition through the poorer segments of the population and genetic engineering to limit sources for seeds. An obese population is a docile population dependant on the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Control the vices like tobacco dependency through added drugs, but more important introduces life threatening illnesses where the will to live pays almost any price again to the health industry. Energy and banking, this you know as an explanation is not needed. The surprise for many will be education now priced out of the range for middle class families causing huge financial burdens. The jobs offered do not match the investment and time put forth to the student unless you are in a “privileged” school. Notice little has changed in mathematics and core science as the concept of gravity and the atom still is not known, many false theories, but in the Grant Chronicles for over a decade it is, a gift from God. You are being lied to.

   These same corporations mold political movements and shape national interests, I think some of you are now getting the point. So let’s give a few examples to solidify this lesson.

   You will be told an “entity” has 30+% or more of your corporation and they have a plan for you to get rich by joining or you face destruction by going rogue. None of you realize that you are going up against, as unlimited money and your life’s work will be bought for pennies on the dollar through bankruptcy as they own the banks and control the stock market through available capital instead of influence. You will be seen as a corporation having poor management, a lack of vision, survival of the fittest. These words will ring in your ear. Your folding, I mean defeat will be your legacy as so many others. What is so sad, the elite shall laugh in their smoke filled rooms as they discuss how easily you the common man in this world is fooled and deceived. You are their joke and on top of it they command your money and place a financial burden of debt that resembles the definition of a slave in the 1850’s.

   A slave is required to give up 50 % of their earnings. Now almost all of you make pennies on the dollar compared to the elite and between utilities, taxes, food, mortgage and medical just what percentage do you take home, free slave?

   This has been used over centuries the tentacles of what as seen as the new world order now controls most currencies like the Federal Reserve, and all interest is paid to them. They have more assets than all countries combined on this world, all and they are off the books. They have treasures and art far greater than all museums from the dawn of time that will not be seen until after the Second Coming. Again this is why Lincoln and Kennedy died, is this going to be in vain?

   Now let’s fast forward to today. All in government and the financial institutions know the earth changes will destabilize the markets. If time on this earth is “limited” and they will lie as the public if notified will be looking to liquidate all stocks and bonds for hard assets. The elite will squeeze food, medical supplies and housing in safe zones crushing your spirit. In the poor countries lack of food, safe water will spread disease and the solution tainted inoculations may be administered through the UN or another source to kill them all. Many will have little to no money to move from high risk areas as this is what they are counting on. Government camps, to cut a long story short you might as well sell your soul to the devil for all that it is worth.

   The markets of today are being supported artificially to create confidence. The Republicans lie about saving America from its debt to the Federal Reserve, which is illegal as they are not supposed to make a profit. All of Congress has been informed of the future. All have made preparations or secured a government protected locations, what about your family? When the public realizes the truth all will be enticed to buy books from “so called experts” and survival supplies. This tactic will be in vain as most hoarded food will be infested or stolen. You cannot carry it and you say gold will buy anything. Wrong those with the food will just wait until you die and take the gold from your dead body.

  Many will think the threat shall come from outside when held up in the bunker, but tensions within the family, depression, liquor, drugs, lust and anger will combine for a lethal combination causing death from family members or so called friends. This is what you do not see, well prepared. You touch another in a closed environment for seconds; this action will last a lifetime, but in your case is now short.

   Again I am telling in Congress again, do the right thing for America. “You have caused the problem, except this time we will offer the solution”. Reducing the carbon footprint and the deficit is your agenda, but it is lies. All of you who have betrayed this country, its people and God for the new world order will pay a heavy price delivered by the Almighty. What you have seen in Colorado will seem like a summer sprinkle to what is coming if you do not turn. The chastisements will increase in exponential steps, beware. Know this, every innocent life lost in the disasters will be saved, but you will be held responsible for the fright and pain they suffered before death. The Almighty’s love is endless and His patience is vast, but patience does have an end. Do not be caught at the end for even my prayers will not save your sorry asses. So when you think of shutting down the government, know there are consequences for your actions as all of you what you are doing and it is not for the country.


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