The Fleecing of Black America




Written Jul. 27 11:59 pm EST


   What is so sad, is that the guidance you perceive as your leaders, has not inspired any change in the direction of your nation. Free money design to help, but inspired a new group who refuses to join the workforce. Why, because pay them more to lay on their lazy asses. How is that working for you? Heal the racial divide, that is a joke, as we are on the tipping point of a racial war. The point, you created this to win an election, now what? You were given a test, to where you were given, what you want, but was it a deception. I told you were being herded. Now letís look back. As we examine your leaders, their policies, your actions when given a blank slate, and more important your future.

   Events in America have turned on a dime, as the Floyd murder took center stage in Black Americaís fight, to free itself from racism promoted by the media. So you need to look at the response of your leaders. What you had, was the street demanding answers and policy, as your first clue. The leaders allowed a public outcry to loot, burn, rape and murder in some cases, as the financial viability of poor neighbors saw business and job loss. The rich districts got paid with insurance and now to compensate, your rates rise. You still pay for the actions of your weak. Those leading were swayed by public opinion instead of their lack of balls, to do the right thing. They are followers.

   Yes some police officers are corrupt, but you can apply that to a BLM and political leaders, as one BLM made off with millions in donations. And this is what you call change? Same M.O. just different leaders when given the opportunity. What you do not know is that the Democratic Party used systemic racism, as a tactic to win the election. Trump was an easy target. Yes there is racism, just ask Biden who hung with the KKK. Clyburn, you were used, as I know in your heart, you were doing the right thing. You empowered, what is now destroying America. Will you stand up for Her? All in the media had the exact talking points word for word, as it was written for them. News flash, it was.

   Your leaders allowed you to loot stores, for all America to see, and you think the public was sympathetic, as you were told? The Right wrote you off and most independents keep quiet for being called out. This is your America. Who as a leader allows the crowd to dictate orders to those who lead? I watched mayors allow this, as if they had no control, cowards. Then neighborhoods destroyed, was your own. The money lost in Black businesses, was your own. The jobs lost, was your own, yet you seem to think, this was a progressive achievement.

   What did that achieve, besides abandoned stores, a neighborhood destroyed and crime now out of control. You were told, to right the wrong for the excess imprisonment of Black men and the Covid pandemic, all criminals would be released. They were released in your neighborhoods. Common sense dictated low level crimes, would be considered with ankle monitors, but no, your leaders, as the fools they are, listened to the cries of idiots and let them all go. Now crimes and murder are off the charts, and you still hear cries of defund the police. So your leaders answer, is to reduce protection in your neighborhood, and you think, you are better off ? Shootings are approaching a hundred in a weekend in Chicago and Lightfoot is worried about whites invading her brainless press conferences. Just know exclusion for any reason that is legal is racist. You are not helping.

   For decades, the Democratic Party has allowed your cities to be ravaged by drugs. Certain politicians allowed Cartel flights in for a cut, banks allowed to launder money while millions of black lives destroyed over the decades. Their solution setup methadone clinics instead of stopping the flow. Menthol flavored cigarettes Brand loyal Kool and Newports killed millions with lung cancer by design. Poor diets encouraged, as obesity and diabetes crushed Black health care. The sad part, from both parties, nothing has changed. I told you so many times, with those who govern you. Create the problem then offer the solution. Did you listen?

   So you ask what about Covid? Yes it was genetically engineered to affect those with underlying health issues or poor health. Again I told you, the elite never lets a good disaster go to waste. So how would the elite benefit from Covid? They were hoping for a massive die off in the minority communities, but the Hand of God stepped in. What you do not know, is the spread of Covid, is assisted, by those who want control of the general population. This is the reason for breakout Covid clusters in areas that were unaffected, but they expand faster than what should be seen in nature. So why would the areas that were crushed by Covid, now get a pass from the variant, and areas that was under control, now rampant with infection cases? It is planted. They were sloppy with the nursing homes, so they are wiser. Ask yourself, Covid is a flu virus. What flu virus you know, has several variants that naturally mutated in months? You are taking the word of someone, who has no guarantees on future affects, remember that.

   The key to any race assimilating into the middle class of America on a whole, is linked to education. So Democratic cities have a failing grade in educating your young. Eliminate state tests, so you do not see, how cities stand against the rest of the state. But you were told another story. As standardized testing discriminated against children of color. No, it was to hide that your children were getting a poor education, know the difference.

   Every major job in the future, revolves around Math, English and writing skills. But we hear Math is racist, why is that? They want your children to fail. Now I can lead you to water, but how many will drink? Algorithms in complex computer language is the future and unless your children have advanced skills, they will never succeed in this world. Yes you can be one of a 100 rappers, 1500 basketball and football players, but most are broke in 5 years, since they cannot count or keep track of their money, math. Common sense, is out the window, get some money and you spend it without regard. It does not last forever. This is your problem. They give you millions and they get it back, as you try to be someone, they will never accept. This is the fleecing of Black America.

   Side note to Simone, never succumb to the pressures of the media and your sport. Your mental issue was created by the media. They comment, you perform. A true Champion rises above this, and win or fail, you did your best, but not try is a failure.

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