Media Update for the Ukraine

Flight 17



Written July 22


   How long are you, who are the professionals in mass media going to refuse to dig deeper than what is presented to you as there are so many clues to the Truth. There is an understanding if you fear for your jobs or life, but just do you just present the world with a designed plan to herd the population of this earth in a predetermined direction that seems random on the surface out of ignorance?

   You have always been told in an event, look to who has the most to gain? Although the game has changed as those responsible hide behind many layers of deceit. So let’s look at the obvious players on the world stage. If certain elements in the Ukraine fired the missile it would have been covert disguised as rebels as to blame the other side, thus bringing in the support of the world and more important US and NATO support with a false flag event. US satellites constantly watch the area and had real time feed of the launch, most important tracked the launch point and chatter and more important where those responsible and where they retreated to. The public will never know as the media still uses “if”. If Russians were behind this it would bring the wrath of the world or they are sending message this division is escalating and when you see weakness. They deceive the world as to their true strength. We will advance as the US knows the truth and the West still bickering are the signs of the weak and should be taken out as decisions gone astray. The separatists had nothing to gain, they could lose support of Russia as they try and save face in the world and the flow of weapons closely monitored. This is not what they want. Europe and NATO want an escalation, but they will be seen as inept. Over three hundred lives taken and you cannot do swat. The US in the eyes of its population will see the Executive Branch controlled by Obama as weak fueling greater division in America with the Republican using this to advance their agenda, dare not challenge Russia, which will lead to WW3. Cowards rant, but never deliver real change. For the astute, there is another player. As all involve in this tragedy lose including Malaysian Airlines.

   You were told the peace talks of withdrawal in the Ukraine was a farce as pull backs and advances would baffle leaders as if they have a handle on the situation. You were told thousands of events would lead to the world accepting one world government as this was just one. But you still think this is just another conspiracy theory as it plays out before your eyes.

    The new world order agenda is to divide this world through many events of evil to where the world screams for someone to lead them from the darkness, but the leader who will rise will be the antichrist himself under the guise of peace, charity for the poor and peace in the world. Again I say, create the problem, then offer the solution. The tentacles of the NWO have infiltrated every government, major corporations, important organization, especially UN, World Bank and most churches. Putin has been promised full funding to modernize his army and he has asked no questions. As this is the feared army of the north. This is why you think why bankrupt Russia suddenly forgave almost a 100 billion in debt to Cuba. No one forgives a debt like that unless there is another source and that source is the Rothschild’s trillions.

   The goal of the NWO is to create discord and expose incompetence with all nations involved. The US spy satellites saw the weapons coming across the border, but the CIA now compromised allowed this to proceed knowing they were shooting down Ukraine aircraft as the news reported, but did not inform Obama. So the burning question needs to be asked, NATO, the US intelligence sector and the Ukraine knew there was a danger that commercial craft could be engaged, but they allowed a carrier they is already tainted by unusual disappearance and Europeans to be taken out. Only the Russians and Ukraine had the radar expertise to see the path of the plane, prep the launch site then lock on, but also saw its transponder that was a civilian commercial flight. Those behind this incited the rebels or Ukraine’s troops masqueraded as rebels, and certain “elements”, in the West infiltrated into the European equivalent of the FCC allowed the flight to go over a war zone. This was planned by NWO. Those who gave the order to push the button knew it is a commercial flight, but those who pushed it followed blind orders. The goal is to divide the world now in the end times by any means necessary. This is what many of you do not understand. This is the Truth.

   You see all the pointing fingers as who to blame, but NATO, CIA, Ukraine, Russia and the White House that knows the Truth, were betrayed. This is not a game. This is not a conflict that any leader on this earth not backed by God will come out ahead. We cannot allow our leaders to negotiate what seem as peace only to give an advantage to an army hidden, but when rises, will shock the world. This new player is the source of fear. And you think with your pathetic diplomacy and your shallow words will rain this in? Fools!

   Know this; the US is aware now of the tactics of NWO and that many in the Senate, most of the Supreme Court and a majority of Congress answer to another voice that is not the President. I ask you. The FCC banned flights to Israel for a reason and others say Hamas is being given a victory. Well as the world sees it, the West Bank Palestinians are getting their asses kicked. The US knows the Truth and has chosen to safe guard its citizens by using the FCC to cancel flights where the executive branch is insulated. Israel has a flawed anti missile system. We helped develop it. Is it 100%, no, then risk your own for your tourist money, not one American shall die for greed or no turncoat spokesman should plead your case, ex-mayor, know your place. You have a choice, make peace, bribe the FCC, pressure the Administration, and just know the world knows the Truth.

   The EU was told to continue flight paths as altering shows weakness to Russia without regard to life, is this not what Israel is stating today? Yes you are God’s chosen, but you still sin. The Ukraine concluded after many meetings with consultants that advised world leaders, if low profile NATO target was hit and the finger of blame pointed to the pro Russian rebels, this would be the best chance to draw the US into the war. The pro Russian were told if the continue to drop Ukraine military jets or planes, this would solidify support behind a new nation. These were all lies. The Russian are just watching as they have unlimited resources now and the covert backing of China. Remember, they control the EU natural gas supply pipelines. Sanctions mean nothing to Putin as there is no fear in his demeanor only you in the media and the public are fooling yourselves as you are stuck in the past and listen to the words of your leaders as if they control world events, but hundreds died. Know when you are being lied to. This has been foretold in that the antichrist will rise and when the despair of war overwhelms the earth, all will accept his peace. This is the plan.

   I ask you not to act now if you know, but prepare until the signs are confirmed.

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