Written Sept 9 7pm EST

Update Sept. 12 11pm EST


   Hurricane Florence offers a unique opportunity to judge the present anger of the Almighty, God the Father towards His children. Your time is really short. You have been told that prayer lessens the impact of the Chastisements. Please pray. As of now, I have requested as His representative on earth to exert a maximum lesson for this nation and its people as few are listening. I have told you, that loss of physical life is not the most important issue, but your reconnection to the Father through His Son to save your souls. So what can the east coast of United States expect?

   Gordon has moved slowly as to saturate the eastern part of the United States in preparation of Florence. The point is coastal affects are only the first effect and as Florence rolls inland it will slow too maximizing flooding. As of now the only variable is where Florence will hit. As a lesson to the elite, the top two choices are to roll up the Chesapeake Bay with a direct hit on DC or New York City. Preliminary forecasts show the storm will approach coastlines at 150 mph sustained winds. This is a safe estimate as to not alarm the population along the East Coast. This hurricane will have sustained winds approaching 220 mph and the hurricane hunter will post the minimum as the usual the maximum as they fly through the storm by design. The reason is to reduce panic, but may backfire due to loss of life as the warnings go unheeded. They will hope it will hit a low populated area as they can hide its strength and death totals just like Puerto Rico. They will lie on the death count and wind speeds, but you judge the destruction and the storm surge for the Truth. Your eyes will not lie.

   It is up to those who control your nation to where the hurricane hits. Stick with the new world order and it will turn north as the blocking high will weaken and may hit DC. The more that leave the new order, the more the chances the storm will hit a less populated area. At land fall currently it will be Cat 5 with a storm surge around 30ft., if there is any change, this may depend on you. Ignore this and the next storms will crush your costal cities.

   The Almighty speaks, ďI have loved you since I created you, but in the disobedience of your original mother and father, you were banished to earth, satanís world. So much has changed with you My children and it hurts My Heart. For all of your sins, murder, abused children by My Sonís priests, abortion and homosexuality to start I have engineered Florence. What will be unique shall not be the wind speeds that will flatten your coastlines, which it will, but the flash floods that will wipe out towns in an instant in your back hills as none realize the risk. None you my children fear I AM, God the Father Almighty, but now you will. I seek to save your souls and if misery and death of a loved one brings you home, so be it.Ē

   Currently Florence is undergoing an eye wall replacement, thus leading to intensifying winds nearing 180 mph shortly as the ramp up is up to mankind, but the hurricane will track more northwest. Be prepared as nothing your leaders will say or do that shall help you. The will be inept as most politicians are not smart. They are personalities. As this is what, is wrong with your system. You ask in an advance, is not Trump a personality? Yes, but he is fighting the new world order, few in Washington are. Could he change under pressure, yes, but that will be when impeachment will be allowed to go forward. Until he strays, he is best for this country and will stay by the power of God. All is not what it seems.


Update Sept. 12 2am EST


   The Almighty has overruled my request for Florence to assault DC as it is too far inland to make an effective example of it and would only flood. This would be a poor example of His Wrath. So for you sorry politicians you get to live your lives another day. The wind speeds after the eye wall replacement has been suppressed as the goal is to keep the storm at a cat 4 in the press. Models already have some in the NOAA concerned as to the intensity over extremely warm water with little shear, not intensifying between the 5 and 11pm reports yesterday. As I told you they are using the low end of the wind speeds recorded by the hurricane hunters. Judge the destruction at land fall for the true wind speeds. Katrina was rated near 115 mph, but insurance companies with observation posts recorded winds at 210mph. Again look at the destruction in Mississippi where only cement slabs remain instead of homes for miles inland.

   The Almighty has a new target Wilmington NC. Prayers are needed to prevent a direct hit. If the city takes a direct hit 80% of its buildings will be flatten and as a city will exist no more. The storm may bounce back out to sea re-intensify and assault a new target or move inland where the Great Smokey Mountains are and unleash terrible flash floods associated with 48 inches of rain on average in some parts killing thousands, who are unprepared. Again the back areas of the Appalachians in Virginia do not have great population centers, but North Carolina with Charlotte and Raleigh do. What will be consistent with FEMA is the cover-up of loss of life. It is all about reducing panic from those seeking answers, which will be convenient lies.

   I have done His will in the past and shall continue until the Second Coming to bring all of you home, His children. This is just the start for all on earth and the false religions like the mormons (exploit women for sex under the guise of multiple wives), scientists and witnesses (who excise control of their faithful) will fear God as there is no rapture for them except the innocent. Their leaders and elders have lied and can make no promise in the name of God. They are men and not authorized to create a new religion when the Son of God created one that resides in Rome. This is how the religions shall fall. My hope is that some will be saved as they are enlightened.


Update Sept. 12 2pm EST


   All have been watching the track of Florence and satellite imagery shows the eye constricting and this does not support the numbers you are being fed as it moves over warmer water with little wind shear. As I told you, they are lying as you weathermen now know, but the general public is none the wiser. So just judge the damage, which will now be elevated, to counter mankindís interference. This is the decision of FEMA who influences NOAA and the USGS, but answers to another. This will cause many who would have fled to stay. Their lives will be lost and listed as missing so will not affect the death tally of the storm, just like Katrina.


Updated Sept. 12 11pm EST


   Again the numbers for Florence decline against all scientific data except what is fed to you. The new world order is planning to trap thousands along the coast in a dangerous storm; the goal will crush Trump in the mid terms. Most of the land around Wilmington is below sea level as I said the flooding and resultant loss of life will be the news. Winds now on the media are down 20mph below real levels and will flatten the coast. The NOAA will be blamed for not forecasting intensification just off the coast not anticipated. It is about coastal shear reducing the numbers from the real. If it works, no need for an explanation. Models are in their favor, but God will change this. This is their plan.

   As for officials hoping to capitalize citing Puerto Rico like Gillum, the response was put in place by FEMA with most officials in place from Obama. Storms devastate humanity, not a race. If Puerto Rico as a commonwealth cannot help its own, any help as it is not a state is good. If the supplies are delivered and unused then look to local officials, many may be looking to resell the supplies for corrupt profit. Did you consider this? No.


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