Do Not be Fooled



Written May 25 4pm EST


   Much is being said in the media of how a particular candidate can be trusted. Economic collapse is perceived as one to take advantage of the system. War mongering as his assumed reckless actions will endanger our military. All of you forget the past and deny the truth of the rumors that float every so often. Letís start with the Clintons.

   What was said about Trump was true as any business man buys at the bottom in a housing crisis created by poor government oversight over Wall Street during the W years. All of your friends you were paid to speak for do the exact same thing. That is why they are successful, but you need to follow through for the Veterans as this was your word. Consider the very profitable 90s where jobs were created then lost. Do you remember the dot com bubble? The same excess, but a different industry except it crashed when Bush took over hiding the flaws of the Clinton plan. We will talk about war when I address the Bushes, but letís look true corruption under the guise of helping the nation.

   The following information is stated as alleged until the truth is revealed during the warning. You were told that the tentacles of the run deep, but how does this involve the Clintons? You know that there is an alliance with the Bushes all of which are Skull and Bones, Illuminati. You also know Papa Bush some how without the military credentials of previous leaders, became the head of the CIA. After a short stint ran for president and became VP. What is interesting is that the director appointed by Reagan was from a financial background. So where is this going?

   Bush as head of the CIA knew the Russians and the Cubans were planning a foothold in Central America and set in motion to recruit the old nation guard once in the White House.  As a covert operation is was easy for Bush ex head of CIA to manipulate the replacement of the current CIA head Turner with one more malleable Casey and exploit drug trafficking as laundering of the money was key with his banking friends. A naÔve Reagan went along as a puppet would. As not to get their hands dirty a drug liaison was recruited, one who had a position to consider himself as untouchable, Noriega. Yes weapons were sent for cocaine, but the majority of the funds were siphoned off by Bush and his cronies. This is why Noriega decided he wanted a share as the cartel cocaine sent did not match the returns. The US government crushed him for his greed, he is not an equal and was offered death or prison. He chose prison and kept his mouth shut as after jail he gets his spoils quietly.

    As the war ended the cartel to CIA connection still in place was privatized as Bush once president controlled it all. With the loss of the presidential election an unholy alliance was made with the Clintons that stand today. The flow of Drugs continued and the money continues to be hidden in off shore accounts to this day. Oh by the way Black America it was allegedly the Clintons that perpetuated the crack cocaine epidemic that plagues your communities and you will vote for her. It is all about the money.

   Now you say they were broke when they left the White House and that is true. They had to sit on the money for over a decade and now how to launder it? This was easy. Speaking fees from Wall Street banks were inflated and contributions to the foundations provide a slow but steady influx of illicit gains and not one of you are wiser. Follow the donors and those who hire Bill and Hillary for high priced speeches in the financial industry. It is here you will find the inconvenient truth.

   As this nation chooses a president what seems as a shiny choice may be a piece of sh_t. Heed this warning. Next, I will address the Bushes on war.


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