Foolish Policies Allowed by the Democrats and some Republicans



Written May 3 6pm EST

   Would you allow the homeless, to camp out on your property, and defecate anywhere? No, but your leaders do, as they head policy decisions in your cities. As a business owner, would you buy billions of dollars in supplies from a source, then produce a product where the return on profits loses billions, when you send it back? So your business model is to spend more, than your sales take in. How long would your business survive? Yet this is, and was the current policy in trade agreements with, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and the EU under the Democrats and some Republicans. This has been their plan since the sixties, and you need to ask, were your leaders working for you?

   You cannot afford health care, as many that visit the emergency care rooms, can not pay their bills, and the hospitals are obligated to treat them. The current plan raises your bills, as they pass the cost on to you. Your Democratic leaders say, lets invite millions more in as freebies. So charities housing illegals are over crowded, but they can take a million more this year. You have morals, and we will be glad to pay their bills as immigration policy goes unchecked. It has not changed since the 19th century. Democrats this is the 21st century, if you check your calendars, and needs for this nation. Can you afford health care?

    Today in the media, the uncomfortable truth was in the jobs report. Oh you speculate that, this trend is a continuation of the Obama policies, really. In the real world, it was the elimination of red tape and unnecessary regulations, that freed the hand of business. Did you not learn your lesson, as you have a group of freshmen (who think they are) leading legislative business. The new green deal will crush expansion of the economy, and revenue will dry up. The rest of the world will continue to pollute, and nothing changes. But as the idiots that you are, you do not see this. Then in the near future, the world will know, Climate Change is from another source. Mankind cannot stop it, but you already know this, as you will run for your bunkers as billions die.

   When you go out to dinner with your, “friends”, and you almost always pick up the bill. Are they friends, or just using you? This was our policy for NATO. Our deficits are built upon a foreign trade imbalance, domestic spending on social programs, that is out of control, and useless wars, that do not spread freedom, but enrich the military complex. As interest repayments on the national debt continue to take an ever increasing portion of our GDP.

   Past presidents have done nothing to change this. And this is what, you want to vote for? Reality is about getting the job done, and changing the path of our nation. Style and façade does not surpass talent, no matter how you spin it. This is what this nation faces. The general public knows little, as they follow the mindless media. This is the Truth.

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