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Written Sept 7 11pm EST


   Tonightís debate did shed light so letís start with Hillary. The stark truth came when an intelligence officer with the responsibility to protect nationís secrets stated he would have been sent to jail for a violation. Hillary again defended herself as the documents were not mark. Now Comey is on tape stating some emails were marked up to Top Secret. Hillary is lying. Why no follow up Matt?

   I heard Hillary state going into Iraq was a mistake in hindsight, really all could use that excuse. Your vote contributed to wasting over 4,000 veterans lives and spent over 2 trillion on the short side for a mistake. You call this a learning experience? So this is who you want to lead the nation using hindsight?

   She states she would use force as a last resort. With the Russians and Chinese planning a first strike and your leaders know this is the Truth, this nationís cities will be toast by design. Hillary still will talk peace after the launch as if they will hit the self destruct and this is told to you in the Bible. They want North America and young American women. The rest of you will be purged. God does not lie and only those who are in denial that does not believe these are the end times. The media knows, ask them and watch the body language.

   As for your comments on Trump on Iraq and Libya, he was a citizen without intel or facts and not in charge of our State Department, but you were and failed. It was under her watch the response to Libya was delayed by design and our people died. It was under her watch we went to war over mythical weapons of mass destruction that the CIA stated did not exist, and then allow Isis to rise as they considered them the ďJVĒ team. Now you have no plans to eliminate as they sell oil to the Turks as their leaders get rich on the black market. Hit the refineries and it is over, but the EU who benefits asks you to stand down. This is your diplomacy that works for the few. Secretary Clinton you have no loop holes this time. Trump would have a different perspective if in power, like you. Your State Department has no clue on a nuclear Iran, but a treaty is in place, you know will not be honored. Why sign it?

   The VA is only now a problem after abuses were reported. You did nothing to change this when in power. But, now when you are caught under your watch all is going to change if you vote for me. You are lying. So all of those political appointees you and Obama put in place with no talent, but got you elected are going to be kicked to the curb and the vendors with sweet heart deals excised, dream on.

   Terrorists, you were asked if you would promise to keep America safe. I give you credit here as you did not, but evaded the answer as you know what is coming. Let the Syrians without vetting and we will see Americans die. You rather spend the money on a refugee rather than your own. How are you best for America? She talks about monitoring the web to find those influenced by web sites, yet the NSA already does this and monitors for a scape goats like San Bernardino. You are lying again here. By the way your voice was changing and you would not want another cough attack on national TV only after 30 minutes, good luck on hiding your symptoms at the debate that is 90.

   As for Trump, he made no major tactical errors, but was call out on the Isis knowledge and go f..k yourself comment, truly stupid mistakes, but more important is not being repeated tonight. I will leave it to you in the media to analyze his mistakes, but it will not match the American opinion. The polls are doctored and at this point Trump would win stunning America. With out gaffs he will win and stop the agenda of one world government still hidden from the world as a conspiracy. This is the goal. Know this; your leaders have deceived you as they race around the globe preaching peace knowing the world is prepping for war. This is the Truth. Heed this.


Update Sept 8 11:15pm EST


   More questions have surfaced in your minds, so letís address them starting with Chris who did a great job on questioning Giuliani tonight. Trump is calculated as he floated his surrogates stating Obama is a legitimate president. You pressed the issue as you were correct in that most would have accepted Pence and Carson as enough. Trump wished to burry this gaffe with this calculated move. I told you, Trump was used to promote the birther issue as to create doubt in the American voterís mind in an election republicans needed to win. A link to a radical Muslim preacher all arranged to deflect votes. As a private citizen, he had nothing to lose as bad publicity is still good. This is how he saw it. It was only after the Romney lost, he realized he was a pawn in a grander scheme. Can he talk about it? No, as this would lead home the Republican Party.

   You have been told look at who gains for the true source. His only choice is to admit the mistake and move on as this is truly a non issue. He created doubt as to a legitimate birth when he was told he was approved by the laws of this nation as no foreigner is allowed to hold the presidency, Hillary comprised the security of this country. This is why; he is burning the Republican elite by design. They used him, and Trump is pissed. This is what you do not see. But he said the Hillary campaign first stated this during the primaries. What should be known is that no one that could be pointed back to Clinton floated the idea as rouge, but allowed to create doubt in a close Democratic Primary race, she eventually loss.

   Letís talk about the Russians as the American people are not being told the Truth. The media promotes a joint Russian Ė American response to Syria. This is so far from the Truth. Russia tests our defenses by design. They are in Syria and bombing the rebels and American targets as mistakes when they are by design. You were told here this nation was the focal point. They, the Russians have a force 50 miles from Alaska now. They are building up on the Ukraine border and America builds to repel. Crimea was taken to secure warm water naval access; more important Obama whose tongue is held gives death stares to Putin as a clue. What now? Do any of you have common sense?

   Clinton recommended the US halt Poland and the Czech Republic nuclear shield. Why is that when the EU is attacked they are at Germanyís border where any response will be muted due to civilians, you have doomed them to the Russians who will rape then kill all? This is the plan. I have told you that many in government are aligned with the new world order and there are moles. This is how the EU will fall with few shots fired, as your leaders are cowards. What good is insight given to you from the Almighty who knows the past, present and future to save your asses, if you dismiss it? At least let me plant a seed.

   When confirmation comes at the Warning it is too late for many. Those of you who make it, I expect to join Godís Army for the final battle told to you in Revelations. You will be fighting for the souls of this world, the Greatest Battle in the Universe. Or choose the dark side and lose in hell. Before you say it does not exist, I say you are infants as to the knowledge of the universe. Life goes on after death, if so then you think you donít pay for your deeds against your brethren?

   Now we hear from Obama again, that Trump is not qualified, this may be true according to his learning curve, but W had no clue with a political position and a Yale degree given to him without effort due to a name and money. You need to fade from comment as you know the Truth. Remember if just one soul is lost due your comments, it is you that will pay with the Almighty. Heed this. I am just a messenger.

   You were given a task to change this world, have you, no? Just retire, please with no disrespect. War is coming as all sides are preparing and you have left the public in the dark. How can you say the start treaty was a farce as the true warheads were moved? How can you hold your head high when you know the primary attack is from the ocean by deep subs releasing stealth cruise missiles? Panetta was asked; would Hillary use force under an eminent threat? He stuttered with an uncomfortable body language. Hillary answers to the new world order and will stand down, like in Libya to protect an ally on attack killing our own. Only after a death blow is given to this country, she will allow a muted response towards the enemy. This is why any patriot, any, is better than a traitor. The goal is where all that suffered grave losses will do any thing for peace. This is the plan. Create the problem, and then offer a solution, new world order 101. You will be told by your leaders, now it is time to stop this war under one leader and all for you will fall for the plan or taken to a remote spot and shot. Your body will be left in a public display for all in the media and politicians to see. No one will stand up for you. This is the Truth.

   As for the Democratic platform they are at work destroying the Libertarian and the Green parties as they are taking support from Hillary. So stories are now floating about not knowing a location in Syria for one and an arrest for the other shuts them down by design. This is your political system.


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