The Freedom of Speech

Mohammed Cartoons


Written May 6


   Freedom of speech is a right of this nation, forged by our founding fathers. It is our right to speak out against government tyranny, religious persecution, injustice and the powerful to enact change. It is our right to point out what is wrong with a system without fear of being silenced. It is also right to have respect for each others beliefs in this great nation. Would you claim free speech to talk about a person who is over weight to belittle them? Would you claim free speech to bring attention to the mentally challenged for a laugh? So why would you claim free speech make cartoon fun of Mohammed? You in the media, you know who I speaking too, have your morals sunk so low as to use free speech to justify that which just plan wrong or are you inciting others to create terrorist acts by your words? While you are at it why donít you have the meeting in your homes in your neighborhoods and promote it. I am sure your family and neighbors will back your free speech bringing the attention of others. Free speech is to voice an opinion for change, not to degrade. Know the difference.


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