Perpetual Free Energy


Written Apr. 8 11:59 pm EST


   The Biden Administration has a focus to save the world, as climate change is destroying this world. Is CO2 the problem or is there another source of global warming outside of the eyes of the general public? The bottom line is not to debate the source, but enact a solution. So I am going to point you in the right direction, as this is a gift from God.

   Now you have a dilemma, as the fossil fuel, water, wind and solar generation of power will become obsolete. The new power source has no moving parts. Nor does it create pollution on earth, as a source to its immense power generation. But, due to events yet to happen, has a limited lifetime until all things pass and then it is a final solution.

   So your current technology takes coiled copper wires and spins them through a set induced magnetic field, pushing stray electrons into a wire for power. Yes it was brilliant for its time, as Tesla did not get credit for which Edison stole. Edison is in hell. This is the truth. Now, how do we move to the next level?

    There is a great source of energy, but you need to know where to look? All of you have theorize that the out flow solar wind is mostly composed of free electron related particles. This is only partly true. Their energy reveled as they cross the magnetic flow of particles exiting at the magnetic north and entering the south due to the concentrated magnetic polar flows on earth and other planets in this system. So how can you take advantage of this relationship of particle flows emanating from the Sun as it passes earth?

   All is not what it seems with the solar wind, as the particle flow approaching earth is not primarily deflected due to earth’s magnetic field, but a neutral or balanced energy flow out the sun along the ecliptic plane. It is a low charge. The neutrals flow gains charge as a relation to distance from the ecliptic plane. This thin particle flow line allows the solar wind not to impact the equator due to its neutral charge, but flow around, but forced back to a lateral path, as the particle directional flow increases from vertical to horizontal, due to density. During the particle flow curve around the equator of the earth into a crowded space into 360 degree spherical zone. The flow intensifies at the poles due to a return flow causing more compression and expands along the equator. This same factor spreads out as a function of diffusion and distance to the outer planets. So observations on the outer planets, donot reflect events here.

   The key is compression of the outward solar wind,l due to combination of earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields, and the sun’s solar wind return flow. The point is to locate the sweet spot. The magnetic field is most powerful at the poles, yet your diagrams of solar wind show the equator as the deflection point and the stream curves around earth and forced close to the poles. So which is it? The equator as the most magnetic power to deflect the solar steam or are there other unknown factors, as your own models reveal?

   When you get a confluence of particles, a choke point develops, oh so slight, but it is there. The solar stream is deflected off of the earth’s ionosphere towards the poles. The charged particles either positive or negative flow to earth’s opposite poles. The ambient magnetic field of the earth compresses the particle flow into a thin stream. The stray particles due to overcrowding bleed into the upper atmosphere and create your auroras. Unstable, thus creating the waves.

   First send up a probe to detect the thin line of concentrated particle flow, as you were not looking for it, as it is meters wide. Station satellites within the zone with coils aligned with the directional incoming flow. Multiple coils as to take advantage of wave reinforcement. Use a controlled directional emitter base on particle flow overload, and you are set with a ground based receivers. You harness the true power of the Sun. Not light or heat, but its solar electron stream trillions more than any power source on earth. Remember it will be swept from the sky during pole shift.

   Doubts, but you are using the same coils for power generation. The difference is, the solar wind provides free movement or direction push through the coils of the free electrons, instead of rotational push through a fixed magnetic field. Wise up. Let the oil companies develop it, less disruption to society, so it is a win win.


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