You were Given a Choice


Written Dec. 22 11:59 pm EST


   The Father, God Almighty has pleaded with you to listen. He has sent the Mother of His only Son, so many times with a message through children in Fatima and sightings. It was their innocence that would lead you to believe, they are not lying. But representatives of the Catholic Church continue that suppression even today. Your Bible told you of the prophets. Your Bible told you of the miracles that freed the Jews, led by Moses. Your Bible also told you who was controlling mankind in the end times, but no, few are listening. Remember who died for you to balance the sins, you have given to Satan. So let me apply real world solutions to your present plight, to which, you presently have no clue to.

   So little do you know as to your fate. So many lessons are to come and yet you continue to believe, what is masked as evil, and you were warned of these times. Most lie to get ahead, but when you are presented with the truth as your perceived leader received billions under the table through family members, yet you look the other way. So a lesson will befall you. Remember when your Savior was sent to you as a poor person, those awaiting His arrival turned on Him. Now this example and does not state another was an instrument of God, but he was given a task. It seems as he failed, but did he? The goal was to expose that the media, election process, and public opinion is and has been carefully manipulated. There is a shadow government that seeks to control the world with a greatly reduced population. That is all.

   The Almighty given His prophets full control over the disasters, and how they will affect the elite, for some it is a repeat job. You were shown that the people elected Trump are against socialism, which is communism. Do you remember decades we spent trillions protecting this nation against China and Russia, yet now this doctrine is best for America? They adapted the western doctrine to get rich as you just could not turn down cheap labor as you spurn your own, so greedy. Hillary was new world order. Her fund, Clinton Foundation was based on influence. This was a fact, as the fund went bankrupt after she had a surprise loss. Voter manipulation was stopped, so that the nation would elected the true leader, yet to maintain a balance on earth, racism was introduced by design. Yet today Biden has replaced the same linked to the new world order without addressing the changed progressives promised America. You have been betrayed.

   I ask is there a new bold plan to move America forward? No! Socialism (communism) with out funding. The rich will write off the taxes or move. Exactly how are they are going to end racism? Just look at their major contributors, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, They lobby to fill open positions by H1 vistas while, you spend over a hundred thousand to educate your kids for an IT job that does not exist. Lets tax the rich, but that will fall short, so the middle class will be taxed and it is parity with the middle class and the poor that is in place. You lose. I repeat nothing will change until you open your eyes.

   In the news we continue to hear about voter fraud, but that is not most important, as it will work itself out. You need to ask why? In 2016 it was the Russians, but not now? Has there been interference in 2020, all signs say maybe. As no definitive proof has been presented. If it goes to the Supreme Court and it did, the truth will never be released. Any change to back Trump as the true leader could spin this nation into revolution and this the limiter. This election has been set up for division, Biden is president elect, the right will never see him as commandeer in chief. If Trump wins due to voter fraud, the left will revolt and the nation will fall due to division as this is the plan either way or to give Trump a graceful exit as he tried, but wanted out. No sane man will want to lead this nation going into 2021, as all in power knows what is coming, but you are kept blind. This will change.

   The Almighty held back hoping some of you would stand up for this nation. Trump may opt out. I am different breed. Will evil be wiped off the face of this earth, by the Almighty? This is a promise. I do not care if these words fall upon deaf ears. All in power will suffer the same fate, it is just about when. Yes, the deception and fraud had to happen, but it was allowed to happen was the key. No matter what you say, this is the time of satan and none of you stepped up. Change the vote no matter the fraud, the nation will be lost. You knew it was coming, but did nothing to stop it. This is the lie. These are your choices.

   Those that control this nation had a choice to stop the voter fraud before it started. Trucks intercepted, totals that were changed in the voting machines reversed in real time. Now challenges in court, and we see how that is going, look beyond this. All of you were herded into the decision to remove Trump. Words said, that should have never been said, meant to sink the campaign. All is not what it seems. As this will unravel. Was it by design, only God knows, as I was not told on how this will unfold to this day.

   To show how blind you are, you believe in a governor that removed a statue of Robert E. Lee is a step in eliminating racism, really. But the governor himself posted a picture of himself in a Klan hood in his yearbook and did not remove himself. You really think things are going to change with the elite, no they will just go underground and emerge in another time. Look at the Democrats, do progressives have spot at the table? Neither does BLM. You were used, but can not face that truth. Look around, Covid and rent checks are just like welfare checks. You live day to day. They keep you in the same place of dependence, as they control your lives. You walked down this same path many times before, but expect little in true change. Except this the earth changes will crush the power structure, they will show your leaders as cowards with no real answer.


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