A Glimpse into the Near Future



Written Oct. 2 1:15am EST


   With the earth changes now started in North America, what are the clues things have changed? First you were told coastal areas would be reduced to where they are uninhabitable that has happen in select areas of Texas, Puerto Rico, Barbuda, and other Caribbean Islands. The intensity of the storms is approaching 200mph, but it is how fast they intensify that has caught N.O.A.A. off guard. With earth wobble increasing beaches are temporarily disappearing due to sloshing and answers not with coming from scientists and the media. This will increase without explanation.

   Mexico has come alive with quakes and now the astute are waking up with many more to come as this short period of a lull after the hurricanes and quakes ends in a little over 3 weeks at the end of Oct. as the earth changes ramp up another noticeable notch. You have been told earth changes are to awake mankind, so you realize that there is an Almighty and there is a dark one, who are fighting for your eternal souls in these End Times. So your homes, food, protection will be reduced to rubble until you change, but as the Bible states most will only harden, which is sad as polarization of the American people increases.

   As for Puerto Rico FEMA has to transport all aid a thousand miles over water and its infrastructure destroyed, relief in the interior will take months if ever. What you see here is a microcosm of what most US cities will experience next year. Few were prepared even after Irma warned them and they expect the government to rescue them. When the government is overwhelmed and what you see today is small in comparison to what is coming many will die as you wait for help that will never come. All households needs 2 weeks supply of water, food, medical supplies backpacks pre-packed for a quick escape with clothing in water proof bags. In flood areas a smart choice is floatation vests for the children.

   Disasters will overrun area after area and there will be no help coming as the Republican Administration will be overwhelmed. Money for areas presently inundated withheld, because unknown to you, they know the worse is coming and they will not spend it all now. The problem is that Democrats, who also know this, will criticize as to, “where is the help” hoping fallout will lead to political change as they may control the government in 2018 through opportunity. This is how your politicians think and act. Score points as they know the earth changes will scour the earth, and you are out of the loop.


FYI: NFL players, be careful with this owner-player joint protest on the field. All is well until the bottom line is affected, because your actions disgust the fans no matter what you think. The Black Caucus has changed nothing in 50 years now you think kneeling will impact America. It is divisive. How little you know. If revenue drops, then they drop you and your cause, as it is about the money and the façade will be exposed on all fronts with suspensions and loss of income. You want the truth then ride with a cop in the inner city for a week and you will know why there is tension on both sides. Not all cops are bad just as not all black people are bad, but it is the bad ones on both sides that set the tone. Change the black on black crime first and police injustice will be greatly reduced or prosecuted. Change the value of education in the Black youth. Finally change the pattern of dropping a seed without taking responsibility. Change this and you will save the community.


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