Global Climate Change vs. the Chastisements



Written Aug 15 2013

Update Feb 18 2014


  All of you suspect that you have been lied to. The Government states we must protect the planet as industry and the expanding carbon footprint is changing our lives. Super storms, rising sea levels, melting glaciers all as of this today is true. On the other side, some are saying this is a farce and the extreme weather is just that a cycle. So where is the Truth?

  Both sides are lying as a planetary object now within the inner solar system that is controlled by God; the Creator will assault this earth to bring about change. Forces unknown to scientists will be unexplained and dither points tipped to one side to produce change. All of you in power think you can control this as a human. Some of you think your intelligence could lead to being gods, how shallow for this immature race and for this, what is human. You, the children of God will be brought to your knees to save all of your asses.

   The climate changes will be relentless past this point in time, sudden floods are here. Wild fires are here. Storms soon will seem endless in a hurricane season that seems tranquil. Just 5 Atlantic storms to date and more than half unusually fizzled due to wind shear (aka wobble), the calm before the storm. Earthquakes one after another starting with the Russian followed by the Chinese quake (the bear and the dragon), even with lower death tolls a gift from God will level cities, but tight camera shots and a dumb down Richter scale from the USGS, many will not be concerned at first. But it will be the sink holes in America that will cause fear as they are silent and buildings will fall, infrastructure crack without warning.

   As the US Administration fights among themselves few will trust them if they tell the Truth as it will be as they had no choice, instead of caring for the population so they could prepare. They speak of the Artic melting as the fractional air temperature rise on the surface is the cause; it is the thin undersea crust that is transmitting heat from the earth’s mantle to the deep ocean from underneath. As you look at the Sun over the past 15 years the sun has change colors and size. Growing more intense and moving from yellow to white and yet this was debunked on certain websites a decade ago. Our orbital distance to the Sun has changed. Yes the experts will be brought forth as they expect you to believe your eyes are lying. Think back to the late 90’s do you remember a deep red sunset? Do you remember how you could stare as a child as a yellow sun rose above the horizon? I am not making this up as all of you witnessed this. Did you color the sun white or yellow?

  Repeat the lie enough in the media, boost of the credentials of those telling the lie, which did not predict these times and they will believe. This is the current plan for this government unless those at the top have some Yes I said it, and it is the Truth. To change the world, you must tell the Truth anything less is a failure. In the end times to will not get a second chance to do it right.

   Shortly as the world is now forced to admit the truth through “an announcement” always a maybe, you will know that global warming was a cover story and now they will come clean. They were going to charge corporations for excess carbon, which would have been passed on to you, another financial burden. Where is the emergency housing, the hydroponics warehouses, the system to stop financial profiting on the announcement, where? What is the government going to do when assisted living facilities lose staff and medicine? The elderly will die and this is just the beginning of problems. And you will believe their plan now, when they would have allowed you die under national security with no warning as planned in 2003.

   What you will not believe is that the pole shift is survivable by a well hidden reinforced high tech bunker, weapons, and supplies. This world will be swept clean of all that is evil as it will ascend at the Second Coming with or without you. Those left with more to learn shall either graduate in time or spiritually disperse upon death on a dying world. You have been told a pack of partial truths mixed with believable fiction in order to allow a certain message out, but the line is drawn. As of September 2013 any site that promotes that which impedes the spiritual lessons of this world resulting in a loss of souls will suffer a severe lesson which will escalate until you learn. If you doubt, ask in quiet prayer or meditation for the Truth.

   You know who you are and know this, they is no force in this universe that can protect you from the wrath of God. Those that are presently protected and promote an agenda that pushes the population closer to the NWO will lose that protection as you become part of the problem by indirect support or apathy. Either you are with us or against us, make that choice now for those of you in power mold minds the minds of the weak. You have been warned.

   The Chastisements to change man begins in the last few days of August to first week of September 2013, most will know a change is here beyond global warming; heed it.


Update Feb 18


   Again the chastisements where delayed to give mankind a little more time and allow some to harden. Count your blessings as a time of extreme distress has been shortened by 3 months. This is by the command of God, no matter the fallout or collateral damage to those who speak for Him. It is accepted when they signed up and no matter if they are called fools in our hearts scripted in stone we stand for only One, the Trinity, God Almighty, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Truth is the Truth and all of you will now bear witness. The elite behind closed doors say, “We see some change, but we still control the world and we still control this world.”

   Our secretary of state has reaffirmed climate change is here and actions must be taken by the governments of the world. They have double down on the lie while leaking there is going to be an announcement, which was to be so secret. It looks like you are getting played as this plot has complexities that go beyond the cover of just an announcement. If so, why bring attention to something that is not the cause, global warming? Any announcement would undermine the Administration and they would not even know it, as they think this is part of the plan to educate. Climate change is put forth and now an outside force may affect earth as it will be downplayed. This was not part of the Executive order but a sub plot grown within the present administration. Tell only what is needed as escalate leaks as needed to quell the population. America this is how they play you, but the Truth is there for the asking. Sit and ask God whether you believe or don’t and you will be given a sign.

   The earth changes now escalating since the year turned to 14 and all in the know what they feared is here. Local budgets are exhausted, now what and this is just getting started? The Democrats want no part, and continue the status quo so many can get reelected, screw the constituents.

   The Republicans see the “climate changes” as a great advantage and will sit on all legislation while letting hate fester as middle class receives little help when disaster after disaster mounts in misery, they will scream that the poor get “benefits” and do not work dividing America. Yet quietly few of the poor will receive any thing as agencies closed and mail and banks close down in the ghettoes. They will die.

   The White House underestimates the chastisements and the power of the media under the proxy direction of the antichrist. You were told evil would be allowed to spread and you thought this nation would be immune? Look at Congress and you still think this government branch could not be infiltrated? It seems you have learned no lesson from the Supreme Court?

   The plan in Congress both sides have agreed behind your backs, sorry, is to provide no support. Let you make an announcement, without plans and if you enact those plans and the area is left intact, you are done. If they die in a freak wave or weather system, you are done for your science was supposed to provide a warning. Propose a plan to save America, as a financial tax burden, scientist will debunk your words and you are done. Both houses may shift to the Republicans with a majority in both Houses to veto any thing you put forth. This will render the executive branch as useless and compromise all that you believe in. I ask you in the media to take notice as you through alternate means may be an added source of the Truth where there is little in this world.



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