A Short Comment on Freddie Gray




Written Dec. 16 10pm EST


   As the Black Community looks for justice remember the decision or lack of was delivered by your own peers in a court of Law. This was a jury made up of your community, which all of you has the right to serve on that jury, but you need to vote, do you? There were peaceful protests and riots in the streets when Freddie died, but how many truly care to change your surroundings with your civic duty? Your congressman and leaders plead with you to save your asses. How many of you apply to be an officer as change comes from one man at a time? For once if you get caught just stop, is this too hard to do? With humility you live another day, arrogance you die from hate. Some police make poor decisions, a few hard heads just look for an excuse, if you are not a threat, a confrontation does not develop. You as parents of these children with weapons have failed them, is this what you teach? On the other side there are so many unarmed or of no threat that are killed. It is this injustice you spearhead. Make a choice that will save a life, sometimes yours. Respect the process for rejection of the due legal process will incite division in this country to where many innocents will pay a price as what you take for granted will be taken away. This is a serious warning, heed it.


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