The Truth Behind the Great Depression

An Illuminati Plan to Control this Nation



Written Jun 22 5pm EST


   Few on this world realize that the Great Depression was engineered and the debt this country now faces was a plan put in place in the mid 19th century by the elite bankers. First they secured Wilson to allow the Bank of England to set up the Federal Reserve where it prints money and then charges this nation’ banks interest on that money. Thank God General Dunford changed this a few years ago and relieved Obama of his power unknown to this country. Wilson was weak and agreed with most of Congress on holiday unlike 2 other US presidents presented with the same offer and when refused where assassinated.

   The Fed controlled the monetary policy of the twenties and allowed a flow of money with favorable interest rates. This created the planned stock market bubble leading to the 29 crash. History portrays this nation lost billions, but the money was not lost, but transferred to the Illuminati via short sales. How, the Fed controlled by the Illuminati aka new world order shut down the line of credit to our nation’s banks by raising interest rates. Thus, those who were on margin as high as 90% in the stock market, had no available line of credit on a extreme dip in the market. The result was to sell, as all of this was predicted and seemed natural. The market imploded as no funds were available to cover the margin calls. This is the truth.

   So now with a nation in distress a leader would rise under the influence of the new world order, FDR. Some of you may scoff, but look at the facts. The Fed under control printed billions of dollars out of thin air then public works restored the economy. When humming in 37’ it was stopped recession came and it was put back. What the world did not realized is that the money made from the 29’ crash was funneled to Germany to finance its war machine. Ask how a nation destroyed in WW1 emerges during the depression as a world power?

   As war waged in Europe the key was to involve America this is where FDR returned part 1 of his agreement to the new world order that allow Japan to attack Pearl Harbor as the radar operators on Hawaii were told to stand down just like Bush did on 911. The war increased debt and enriched the Illuminati as they had proxy control of many of our corporations as the bought up stock at the depression and following arranged recessions of bubble and pop. Thus maintaining control of emerging companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook

   Part 2 of the arrangement was top create a perpetual state of war in the minds of world leaders with arranged need to control expansions of communism, but first giving them the nuclear bomb flown out of New Jersey under Truman. If you stole plans, how did you acquire yellow cake, build centrifuges to extract weapons grade uranium, construct the housing and timing system and explode the bomb all within 6 months. All of which could not be accomplished as the US Military does not place all information on a top secret project in the hands one division. This is why FDR is in hell as he betrayed this nation as do many of your Senate and Congressional leaders. The Military complex of this nation is controlled by proxy stock ownership by the elite in the Illuminati as was warned to you by Eisenhower, but few listened.


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