The Great Heat




Written Jul 30 10: 30pm EST

Updated Aug 05 3pm EST


   The earth wobble has intensified allowing the East and Africa to roast at record levels as the equatorial sun shifts over the top portion of Africa and Japan in the East. This will soon change. The change has drifted northward. The extreme heat is now over southern Europe especially the Iberian Peninsula. Nuclear power plants in France are being taken offline as the cooling water outflows into rivers would kill almost all life. Power shortages will create rolling brown outs and a shortage of air conditioning, thus the elderly die. This is not a temporary trend that will reverse even though there may be a break in some areas. This will intensify into the Great Heat which has not occurred yet as these are just precursors.

   You were told; those chosen by the Almighty can bring any plague or disaster to your world and so shall it be as the media and some religious leaders continue lead the innocent into the abyss. The chosenís only job authorized by God the Father Almighty or known by many names like the Great Spirit, Jehovah, Abba is to save souls no matter the loss of the physical body on earth that will shortly cease to exist.

   The astute have noticed the earth changes are escalating quickly. They will intensify and become more numerous and the victim souls will increase exponentially, many of you will be lost as to guidance, but remember that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you need to repent for your sins, start here. This is what you face as your leaders continue to lead most towards hell and it does exist as the idiots they are, but most of you do not believe. When you face death all of the sudden you look at life different and the choices you made. How difficult this will be is dependent upon you.

    As the wobble shifts to the west from its present focus in Asia and Europe, the extreme swings will move the heat from the Amazon to our Southern Gulf coast, and the unthinkable will happen. Desert temperatures in northern Mexico will reach extremes above the records of Death Valley. Children will perish moving north to border as food dries up on what was irrigated fields and others daring to venture on will fall as their skin is baked from their bones. The extreme heat due to the angle of the Sun shall drift northward for hours. The death tolls will be in the tens of thousands at first but will rise to a number I will not reveal, but covered up as the passage of Niribu gets closer. You brought this upon yourselves as I told you to solve this. You wonít so with the power of the Almighty, I will stop the migration route, in place by your elites only to divide this country and depress wages of the middle class. Again you do not see this.

   The wobble will cause spin as air masses are forced passed each other and the Gulf at record temperatures shall spawn Hurricanes that if the scale existed Cat 6 & 7. New Orleans will sink and disappear beneath the waves. All along your Gulf Coast will be washed away to at least 10 miles inland. Tornadoes will spin up in cities to the north like Atlanta, Biloxi, Memphis Nashville and Saint Louis, all will be unprepared, lets see how that works. Relocation for the liberals into the Red rural areas will not be welcomed and they will suffer until they break down and join together instead of listening to leaders that divide. Watch as this plays out.

   With great heat comes a rapid evaporation of shallow ocean water in our Gulf of Mexico and will bring on the Great Rains and floods, which I will address another day as it will start overseas first.


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