The Grey Dust

Apocalyptic Plague



Written July 19


   There are many unknowns about the coming Chastisements and the mid point of the 7 year period approaches in late August 2015. All of you in the know will see a great uptick in events as the year of the 4 Blood Moons ends and the 42 month reign of the dark one begins. This is why FEMA took over a select group of mid west Wal-Mart stores as command centers as the New Madrid fault is now unstable. This is why the military is practicing urban warfare in the South.

   The sky will darken blocking the light of the sun in some places on earth to where mid day will be darker than most nights you now see. This event will usher in the Great Chastisements to where the earth will be under siege constantly for approximately 25.2 months starting late Dec. 2016. Great quakes will rock whole countries. Floods will wash away your cities. Lightning and electro magnetic surges will cripple your grids and destroy your electronic infrastructure. Know this; if you are still on this old earth in 2020 you are doomed for the most part as only the few will go through the conversion process and move on. This is what is meant by being left behind.

   For those taken in what is called the rapture, it is true and some will disappear in the blink of an eye, but most will go missing in the disasters or just murdered in the persecution as there are over a billion Catholics on earth. It is by any means necessary to save the souls of the children of God. As the soul is the goal and death of the flesh is unimportant. Now enough background lets get to the Grey Dust. What is it composed of? Where does it come from? Finally, how does it affect earth?

   The grey dust will first assault the skies as an unexplained darkness befalls an area wafting above weirdly above the clouds at first blacking certain parts of the sky. The scientists under gag order of national security by this administration as to withhold the truth and provide an alternate explanation will try to analyze this as a terrestrial event where dust blown was into the atmosphere from other parts of the world due to a lower jet stream and or violent winds all of which is a lie. As it intensifies day will turn to night and residue of fine dust will be deposited across the landscape, in time there are larger particles that will be captured by earth’s gravity displaying fantastic meteor showers not seen in over 3000 years. Individuals of third world countries will be seen with grey hair as the dust cements and coats their strands of hair.

   Currently all powers to be are in a state of panic as they know what is to befall this earth. Obama’s hair did not turn grey and it is not the dust for a domestic or international reason almost overnight. The ISS and many satellites are tracking the velocity of the outgoing planetary object, but with no knowledge of the repulsion force, the true nature of how gravity works, the nuances of the outflows of the solar wind enforcing the planetary plane, your scientists may as well throw darts to get answers. So what do they know?

   They know where it comes from as it is in the tail of this gravitational giant now within the inner solar system that holds the key. Through its many passages through this solar system and the other the dark one its gravitational captures dust, sand, gravel and boulders from that surround another star invisible to astronomers as there is no light, but gravitational perturbations reveal its presence. Pluto has been degraded and does not have the gravitational force to perturb Neptune, but an unknown star does billions of miles away. Doubt me scientists not in the know, what is the closest object seen in a direct line of the force? The problem with the dust in the tail is that it ranges from dust to car sized boulders and this wafting tail has been radar mapped with your tax payer money. Not to protect you, but give a warning to shelter the elite in banking, corporate and government. The rest of you can just die and many will as few challenge the new world order already in place waiting for you to let them save you with a unified goal to bring peace after a war they start. This is the Truth.

   There is in place a group of the best scientists on earth or so it may seem and the suicidal astronauts on the ISS taking visual observations with ground control using super computers to predict the spatial wafting of the tail and the danger points to which debris will be captured by earth’s gravity. Once captured what will be the average particulate size, loss due to atmospheric burn up and location of impact. They do not have a clue except for impact within days.

   As swarm of dust and particulates ranging from pebbles to boulders assaults the earth as a function of gravity and the solar wind oscillating between the repulsion and gravitational force of the two planetary bodies is ripped away and in prime increases as the distance closes. As the cloud once captured is drawn together by its own gravity falls towards earth. Once penetration of earth’s atmosphere reaches a point of saturation, the rarified Ionosphere and Stratosphere is pushed aside creating pathways and oxygen depleted as the first arrivals use it up provides a channel of least resistance. There are secondary gravitational and compression forces that include the sun, Venus and the blue star. What follows comes in unimpeded with devastating results. This is why hot pebbles destroyed crops, homes and killed people during the Exodus. As with the red dust planetary magnetism plays no part.

   What are the affects? The grey dust is not of this solar system and as it falls to earth it will block sunlight. At first fine then it increases in density and area covered, it will plaster crops and when mixed with a soft rain creates a coat of cement when harden destroying crops, increasing famine already in place due to of water and excessive heat. Water supplies are polluted. But worse in an intense saturation the air will choke the inhabitants of earth. The elderly, third world people without a closed shelter and masks will be asphyxiated as the skies turn black. This foreign substance when breathe in will cause animals to leave their homes and now crazed attack and kill humans.

   With mankind, a constant exposure will produce sores on the skin with the red ringed blisters; all will see this as the plagues. The grey dust is from an alien star in this bi stellar system. Remember it did not light, but is a gravitational source detected by NASA’s long range probes headed out of the solar system, controls ½ of the orbit of Niribu aka 12th planet, Planet X, Wormwood, the Destroyer upon many other names. The dust has been impregnated over eons with cosmic and gamma rays as not shielded by a magnetic field , but captured as Niribu passed through vast clouds of dust in our counter part of our binary stellar system that did not fully evolve. Even with the best filters money can buy, your air, water and food will be contaminated with trace radiation and elements that are carcinogens and only those with immunity or be blessed with the Seal of God will remain unaffected. Curse the Father and you will not only die, but your soul destroyed. This is the Truth.


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