As the New World Order Tightens its Grip


Written Apr. 13 12:30 am EST


   You were told, world powers would only saber rattle, yet we have a true war in Europe. You were told Putin, compromised our vote only to learn it was Hillary. You were told Trump was a racist and a threat to Democracy, but may be a plant for the new world order. Biden has been allowed to destroy America in the hope of something to come will be better. Not one of you considered this was the plan of the new world order. On the other side Putin wages a war, thousands die in real and staged events, but you are too blind to see this.

   Zelenskyy, next time you plant bodies, make sure there is a blood pool as they bleed out. You’re an idiot working for the new world order. Now the stories of rape is true. But you have to realize, both sides are taking advantage of women. There is no accountability and men will be men. The women attacked will blame it on the Russians, as they think their own would never violate them. This is the world’s mistake.

   You have Germany, France, India, and Japan making side deals for Russian oil. We in America are being played as the fool and passes the cost of energy on to you, the American consumer. We hear all must pay the price for freedom and Democracy, but it is only us, the Ukraine people and the rest of the world, moves on. Oh the countries accepting refugees? They are paid by government to keep them there, as it will cost much more to let them come here. Now you ask, why do they allow a porous border? This is your world.

   So many times Biden has issued you a warning, but you do not listen. They will not let me speak. They will not let me travel. They will not let my press secretary reveal the truth. You need to seriously ask, who is they? They control your what you think is an elected official that represent the voters, but they answer to another. Only just one brave, curios’ reporter from MSNBC asked who is “they“? They is Secretary Blinken as a front man. He is the present proxy for the new world order and controls all aspects and decisions of this nation as a mouth piece. He is the visible “they“. What you need to fear is those “they” pulling his strings, who are hidden.

   Systemic moves by the new world order, were put in place decades ago to destroy this nation and lead to world domination. They started in this America with Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve that answers to the Bank of England and the Jewish bankers. The same financial source of money that funded the Bundesbank, which funded the Nazis in WW2. They facilitate the creation of wars to financial enslave nations and enrich the military complex. Not like in Africa where they banks lent money, they knew could never be repaid by predatory interest rates.

   You allowed your government to print money due to a Covid narrative. Then we as a nation isolated Russia as source of energy, that only we adhere to. Now those in the world oil markets are shifting to the Ruble and Yuan to pay for energy and your leaders do not see a problem. They do, but they will let the system collapse and the dollar during the end times, quickly approach worthless.

   The next war (WW3) due to a weak America will allow an invasion. You will beg for peace. This is the plan in process. You ask, we do not see the end time signs promised in the Bible? These messages are your signs, but it does not come from where you want, just like in the days of Christ. The leaders of Jews ignored them. Remember faithful, this is Holy Week. Jesus died for your sins and bow your heads in remembrance. Because with His Death, He saved your asses if you come to know Him.


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