Gun Legislation



Written Apr. 22 12:30 am EST


   As a nation, it seems we are faced with a gun pandemic or is their another underlying agenda to disarm the common man, do not act, as if you were not warned. You were told, it is people that kill other people and the weapons, no matter the restrictions, will just change. Yes, it is a good thing to increase background checks, but at the Fed Ex Distribution location, the shooter was flagged, and he still got a several weapons, just like in California. These examples show, you have lax enforcement and the criminals with the current laws in place, circumvent them. And your plan is to disarm the nation, because even when given the task, you can not stop a known threat. So we should trust you? You are out of your minds. You want to defund the police, so who after so many hours in a 911 call is coming to the rescue? Oh, an unarmed social worker, who runs at the first sign of blood, what a solution.

   I hear re-imagine the police force, how? Do not pursue, shoot only if you get shot at, aim at theirs legs, when they aim at your head. Talk until the hostages get killed. What happens when they see you as the enemy, when the truth is revealed and you know what I am talking about? So Obama do you want to rethink your statement re-imagine the police without any ideas on how to do this? Donít say training now, your people were in charge for decades, but not the brightest bulbs.

   I watched the video of that 13 year get shot in a dark alley with a gun in his hand when first confronted, then tossed outside of the vision of the cop, such a tragedy. But none of you, with an absence of objects to hide behind, would have risked your life by standing down from an active shooter. Not one of you, has questioned what parent lets a 13 year out after midnight to hang with a gun toting adult? Gun residue on his hands, I would arrest the parents on child neglect. Yet they now have funds to hire a lawyer. Anytime a criminal who would have been charged as adult if he harmed someone, faces law enforcement after a shooting does not get the benefit of the doubt in a dark alley. The weapon could have been placed in the back waistband instead of next to the fence. You can advance your theories and like the officer in New Mexico, who is now dead, who he thought was surrendering in day light. He could have dropped to the ground face first , spread eagle and tossed the weapon. He would be alive today, unless you think the cop would have shot him in the back spread eagle, use common sense. There is no case here.

   This nation was built on the Second Amendment. You have no right to revoke that right for the actions of the few. Just how many of these mass shootings were arranged to disarm the public, but it seems like, this is your agenda? We may never know.

   What has been bought to the nationís attention, is with your laws in place, to prevent those, who should not buy weapons, can still do. I sit here and watch your politicians. Ban a weapon and another will replace it. Cities have allowed a be killed or kill mentality for the last 60 years and you think laws will fix a mental epidemic. You cannot fix Chicago, ask Lightfoot, and you think, you can fix the nation. Your answer is to send social workers into a situation, where a cop would not go. This is your solution, until a certain number are killed with no answers. Then who will you hire?

   The problem we face in this nation, is that our leaders, are so easily sway by public opinion, yet so few know the facts. The nation went to war over fictitious weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, thousands died and trillions spent. Now twenty long years later after the military complex made trillions on a useless Afghan war, as the propped up puppet government, will not last out the year. All knew this would be the result. The only fool here is the one who paid for it, and that is you.

   What is reported in the news, is placed to sway opinions, true or not true. Yet in this, history repeats with a slight spin, few question it. You are right, that there is a mental issue that funding does not find quick enough before a tragedy. Good and evil both can effect the mind of the weak, concentrate here. I told you people kill, not weapons. You can not control people with your laws in the end times. Fix the present laws, before you attempt taking our guns. Do you fear that those you represent, will turn on you? This would be the only reason, you want to disarm America. As a simple rifle will not protect the common man if unwarranted government controls is put in place, and you know this. This is your agenda, control not protection of the common man.


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