Gun Legislation



Written Jan. 31


   As the debate on gun legislation escalates, few see behind the veil of deceit. Yes, all know the manufacturing groups wants sales to sky rocket and protection second amendment rights is not their true agenda, but it is only profits that count. This is what pushes the gun lobby and the NRA. Certain groups in the media point to crimes from the underclass as the threat, but many of you moved to the suburbs and the mountains to avoid community interaction with Hispanics and Blacks. This is the Truth. Look back and name just one recent massacre that has occurred in the hood? Shootings in poor areas are crimes of opportunity to get paid to temporarily escape poverty and in many cases rage leading to domestic violence, but this does not make it right. Truthfully, some in America do not care, just as long as that they shoot each other thinking, “Good Riddance”. This is the Truth.

   Many fear an invasion from an outside entity other than this government and some will seek all means of protection and this may be true in certain areas of this country as earth changes brings mankind to its knees. But it is not the law biding citizen that fails society; it is their crazy relative or sibling that brings down the community time and time again.

   You as a nation fail to realize, there are problems within families and no matter how you spin it, any weapon with extra legal clips or ammunition can still do the same thing. More focus and training, locked doors allowing no escape or entry, shoot adults first are scenarios you may face. The problem and solution starts at home, just when are you going to comprehend this? Yes guns need background checks, but with the right price the black market delivers all, stop that.

   So who are we fooling with the staged news media events? Know this, to protect a family member that you suspect is going to do wrong, because he is your son, your indecision may allow a massacre in your so called, “safe community”, but also, it may end your life. This is a fact. Yes protect family, but if they are wrong, it is time to seek help where no life is lost to gun violence.

    In this country there has to a balance of responsibility and background checks and maximum punishment for black market purchases. You state you want change, then let it start here.


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