Gun Rights

Bolder Colorado




Written Mar. 24 2 am EST


   Again we have a mass shooting, and the theme is, take away your assault weapons. You can enhance background checks, as some will be stopped, but the crazies will still be out there. Is this by design, as not one of you knows the back ground, mental health of the killer, or if he is a pawn in the bigger picture. Again this was a lesson you needed, but the loss of life is tragic. What is so sad, is that so many innocents needed to die in order to convey a message. As it is not what, you would expect.

   Division is rising in this nation, and it is by design. They key factor is to pit one group against another and for what? China is almost one race, no religion and one focused agenda. Heed the warning. I told you, that BLM is just a vehicle, for those who run it. Some of the top have moved on with riches. Have your neighborhoods seen improvement from the 100s of millions they received? I thought not. Ten people all white in Bolder, so the race card was still used, until the perpetrator name was revealed as Ahmad. What now? They lie.

   Black people, nothing has been done to address the violence in the streets of Chicago and other cities. 10 dead with kids sometimes is just another day in your town. I told you, nothing under the Biden Administration would change your plight. Oh, he gave you 1400 dollars per person, he gave everyone 1400. Yet taxes rise in stores and at gas pumps, cheap unskilled border labor flowing in. Eventually, it will raise housing rent and take away some of your jobs. There are no farms in the city, last time I checked. Your eyes do not lie, but why does Biden shut down media access to the detention centers? Why hide? It is out of control and the last thing he needs, is Trump supporters saying I told you so. He has already lost. And this is better? One thing you need to know, all politicians lie for power, some rape and abuse women & male Congressional pages. Most steal. This is your government, as most do not get caught.

   I told you, that Democratic insiders bought cheap hotels to fleece America, now it is policy due to the designed overflow. Hotels near Canada accepting, follow the money trail. Do they have answers? No, they say I know or you hear a Harris chuckle. This is your leadership. A thousand dollars a day for each illegal and you pay the bill. No jobs available for those coming, no housing and the children? Child care and schools, again you pay. They have nothing to offer, but the media is silent.

   The Biden Administration played BLM, as they have nothing. Biden played Bernie and AOC and showed them, they are pawns, yielding no power. They played you America. Crisis at the border, gas prices through the roof before summer underway, a no travel quarantine, taxes that will be pass down by the rich to you. Finally the rich tax base that supported cities, is gone. They are not coming back, even if Cuomo and the mayor freeze tax increases. This your future, all designed by the new world order and their pawns, Biden and many more on both sides. Watch it play out.

   Gun rights is your Second Amendment. Evil will always have access to weapons. Is this what you want? There will always be violence, but to remove the power for you to defend yourselves. What if the Biden administration sells out to China. His son got paid. You will fold without protection. Every successful revolution over the people, starts by having the general population to give up the rights to bear arms by design. Do they take America’s right to drive, due to deaths by drunk driving? No, over 1/3 of those killed in motor vehicle crashes are caused by drunk drivers. How many old people, kill so many due to poor driving skills? Do we stop all over certain age to stop driving, no matter their skill? Need I go on? America, you are headed down the same path. Check your History.

   Just know, if the defund the police was carried out in Bolder, you would have much issues counting the dead. In the cities, you have a choice, gangs or the police rule the streets. Choose carefully.


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