The Danger in this Election Process




Written Feb 29 11:59pm

Update Mar 04 1:15am


   As the election progresses, there is something wrong. So what do we know? All insiders know Hillary is under investigation. All know Donald for now cannot be bought as the elite never expected him to get this far. He is his own man, but this may change. Pac money has essentially been rendered mute. As the world shortly on the scale of time descends into chaos, the established leaders acting on behalf of their citizens maintains a focus of the super elite or what is little known, the Illuminati agenda where the masses are clueless. So a dark cloud will descend upon humanity and evil will escalate.  So secret that almost all think they do not exist and even fewer believe they manipulate the world in a way that it seems a self choice. This is their key to success. Now letís take a closer look at politics 2016 on the eve of Super Tuesday.

    Hillary knew she could never win New Hampshire, so Iowa was a must. It was the exit polling that gave the numbers in real time to her managers via Microsoft. Again the powers to be manipulated the vote, by questionable accounting in certain precincts, but this time, they settled for a razor thin win as few would dig deep into how the caucusesí tallied support in real time and Sanders would not protest as he had a mammoth win in NH on the horizon. The media brought this to the attention of America, but it went no where.

   This was a critical mistake. Bernie with advice made only cracks in the wall of the Black vote as they changed little in South Carolina, but did improve. You were told, they vote for who there are comfortable with and you gather a vote, one at a time. This time one out of six, but better than none as almost no Black voter knew you. It is a start if you can persevere.

   The matriarchs are hardened by time as they have heard the words, when only injustice permeates their lives through the loss of their children; few listen to a new change. The preachers preach, but just what does the church do with their money? Charity starts at home. What is so sad is that their so called leaders are compromised. Jesse and others found scandal. Those who would not succumb were killed. Change only slowly comes with time, energize the youth. Hillary has done little for Black America and pressures the Caucus who pressures the ministers and you see the pattern.

   Bernie was allowed to run as he was considered only a candidate that would gather little support, but America would never go socialist. The establishment was surprised as America dropped the views of socialism of the past, only to now mean protection of social security, a job, and the right to medical care. The spin could not stop this. This was a plan of God. Bernie is well aware of the FBI investigation could derail her nomination, but is now realizing, this is a trap. As you were allowed to think along with America you could win.

   The media is pushing her and the black vote has crushed him. He asks, what has changed? Agents for the new world order have tempered Lynch and Obama to allow the voting process to go forward with out any interference as Jeb has been removed. Hillary is his forced choice and he will be linked to her actions. Obama and Lynch will pay a price as the Almighty allowed them to rise where they where suppose to fight injustice. It is not some of the time when your family is threatened, but all the time. You do not waver under any threat. I do and I donít have secret service, but I have the Almighty and still live.

   To the shock of the FBI delays and a mix of minor talk points given to the media stating there is a case. All prosecution will be delayed on promising leaks that do not pan out in the media. This is the current tactic developed and put in place over the last week. Rubio is their puppet, but you Bernie would crush him. His true personality is seen in a barrage of insults. This is your problem as the powers to be will now reign in your campaign. Just let it go as the Almighty will level the playing field and the weather tomorrow could keep many of Hillaryís supporters home. The point, was it worth it as she wins? You are a true warrior for the people. This is your achievement and this nation knows. A Biden Warren Administration would welcome a man like you if the opportunity presents itself. If the US Government allows a change by he people.

   Presently in the Republican field, Jeb was supposed to control the vote of this nation as he had all the up front money. Papa Bush I fear for you as they come to collect. Rubio and Cruz are the backups and now that Bush is gone. They are fulfilling their mission to destroy Trump on two different fronts. Ah so classic is this move. Rubio has provided us with his mindless insults and Cruz stating references to mob ties, illegals working as if Trump monitors the lowly staff destroying buildings, all of this is media entertainment. He has managers and if one worker gets caught they are fired and deported and the sub contractor never works again in major industry, end of story.

   If you want control illegals working in this country then start with their own as it is the Hispanics that pay their own pennies to enrich themselves. Illegals first trust their own and the abusers speak their language and dialect. This is the Truth.

   Going into Super Tuesday Rubio and Cruz will do anything to be anointed by the elite, anything. They will try and bring down Trump, but fail. He will either win or have a contested convention. If so America will see the will of the people on the line against the powers to be. What they are hoping for is to keep the two pawns fighting to where neither wins. Then Trump goes up against Hillary as planned. It is here the elite will crush Trump as they have the secrets of his past. This is the current plan.

   With the current earth changes as millions are crushed, the elite want the status quo and that is Hillary as Trump with now Christi will not follow their own plans and side with the American public. Putin and the Chinese have been promised the world and Cruz and Rubio would roll over and sell out this country by paused a response they know is coming. Shortly the truth will be known as all will see. The hope is as they have been told the election will have passed and a new president will lead this nation. Even if Obama maintains current leadership there will be a lull and the elected president will take power. God help us.

   To the media if you have the balls, ask real questions. If North Korea launched against Japan as a diversion and threaten the South what would you do in hours as NK troops over a million cross the border? The Russians talk peace in Syria, but in the Ukraine couple with low oil prices, they will move on Europe as the migrants disrupt the EU s a planned diversion

  The question how would you stop them when they cross into Poland when NATO is only sending armored vehicles in the thousands spread with no focal point and air support in the few as if they know? China has our bonds, manufactures all of our electronics and chips even for the military and they are building forward bases with air defense and this nation just looks? What would you do if they move towards the North America was our satellites go silent due to unknown reasons? What skills do you have to bring jobs and cut waste something a successful business man has done for decades?

   A true leader has no distractions. A true leader has few friends as he is about the Truth. A true leader owes no one, but the people he serves. This is what the American system is about. One nation, that is under God, first and foremost, with liberty and justice for all of its citizens and respects humanitarian rights of those who are here legally and due process for those who are not. If born here and your parents not, then sponsor them. This is your right. We need to move forward for all and respect the laws of this nation, period as an American this is where you need to stand. Respect the nation and its laws if not it breaks down with exception and then where does it end?

  The Republican Party sees no future with Trump at its helm for all that is taken for granted, protection in a crisis, nominations to the cabinet, relationships with leeching governments can be erased. Rubio, Cruz and Hillary will deliver anything to get elected, but heed this warning if you choose to become a Manchurian candidate you will know the wrath of God if you win.


Update: Written Mar 1 11:59pm


   What can we perceive from the results tonight? The elite have made their choice and Rubio is out. He will not carry Florida as your calculated performance to match Trump has doomed you. Hillary or Bernie will play that clip as this is not high school. The money is now behind Cruz, but he cannot win as they know he is an alien. Trump as of now will be the nominee as he carries the North East and he will destroy the Republicans as an Independent if denied. Rubio will not go quietly as with any thorn, he will be removed. This is the current plan of the elite. The goal is that all of you are herded to what seems the only choice Hillary. What a plan.

   Cruz talks after winning two states as if he has solid agenda to win the White House. Nothing is further from the truth. He proposes to negotiate peace in the Middle East by standing on one side. There will be no peace when you do not consider the other. You have no plan for jobs in America as your backers are corporate and you are there to preserve their wealth under the guise of helping the disenfranchised of America. This will never change, but the tactics to fool America. Your idea is to eliminate the EPA thus no oversight on industry and government and more polluted lakes like Onondaga in NY and river in Flint destroys the environment for profit. This is a fact.

   Cruz you win not win in the North East or the Pacific Coast. My advice save your time and suspend your campaign as the new world order just used you.  Moving to Rubio, oh tonight you won one, Minnesota really you are in third place and the smoke screen you present to your supporters as if you won he nomination.  How pathetic. You are losing in so many ways, but denial is a bitch. Rubio not only did they use you, but the protection they promised your family as you sold out America has been revoked, due to your poor performance tonight. So what you won Minnesota it does not count. It is like saying I made a three pointer, but your team was crushed. Please only you choose to shine in your darkness. Now go tell your family they will die in the disasters as God will not protect unless you repent publicly telling the truth if you survive. This is your choice and if you doubt go ask Clinton, Bush or Obama, better yet Putin.

   Cruz let America see that you are only concerned with yourself. You were told to enter this race to split the vote. This is a brilliant plan and when the courts rule against you, it looks like you tried, the law suit brought against you derails your campaign and the public is none the wiser. To the media, all of you know constitutional law and have hired consultants and all say Cruz can not serve. So why are you muzzled?

   The path to the presidency is a thorny road. Waver and you are wounded. To the American public look behind the lies to see clearly. Look at the smear as with Donald and the KKK. Anyone has the right to support a candidate and give an endorsement. It only counts if the candidate seeks the endorsement and has a past history of personal interaction. This is a ploy by the elite. If someone backs a candidate fine, but in no way should anyone ask to rebuke them as the law backs free speech again this is by design? No one answers for the opinions of others, but most important, there is no need to comment. End of story.

   Moving to Bernie, Hillary is the default eliteís choice as Jeb fell flat on his face. Look at your crushing performance in Vermont where they know you. Again I stress let America know who you are for this is your strength. Hillary is counting on you to withdraw, but do not as everyday more will see who you are. This is your new mission and the earth changes will now level Hillary. It is no accident that the media released a poll stating she and Bernie would beat Trump. You were only added to bring validity to the poll.

   Again when dealing with the Illuminati you never know. Hillary is their candidate by default. Just watch as the American public is subtly pushed towards her as many wrote her off just recently, what a plan.


Update Mar 03 1:00am


   Events are bazaar in the Republican field. Carson states there is no future, yet a delay in a suspension of his campaign, why? Looking at Rubio why the push by the media as if he is anointed?  Is he an established statesman? Is he a Senator that molds the legislative direction of this country?  Is he someone our nation can count on with the wisdom of the ages? He is none of these. He was picked by the Republican elders only for that he can be counted on to follow orders. He is bought and paid for and will carry out the plans of the elite. This is what he signed up for. As with any soul who chooses the dark side, they are the sacrifice for the true person placed to win. Again the vote is herded in a preplanned direction.

   Hillary was almost dismissed in the media and with good reasons as the FBI leaked she would be served with a warrant, coupled with Obama, Biden and Elizabeth not coming forth with an endorsement. A pawn to be crushed as the electorate cheers for their choice or so it seems. Again you America were herded. As the DOJ drags its feet and charges never amount to anything. This is what you face.

   Christi knows what is coming, and he and Trump for now, want no part of the new world order like Hillary does and Jeb did. If Jeb was still in the race the email scandal would crush Hillaryís campaign. You say our nation is based on justice. Really, where the rich can steal trillions through a housing mortgage scheme and the poor get shot for just being Black. This is the Truth.

   There is no future for Christi and Trump with the new world order and they have chosen to make a stand for America. Warning if you even think about wavering towards the dark side you have no protection from the Almighty and they will kill you and your families after the lost election. A message was sent as the CEO crashed into a wall, heed it.

   Now the Supreme Court is taking on an abortion and now itís an issue. They had the majority and sat on it for decades. The conservative Supreme Court states they do not support abortion, but by the fact that they never voted on it until now where a scape goat could be pointed to as the court is even. They were for it by choosing to do nothing. This is the Truth.

   You have to ask, why is there such a furor on a candidate chosen by the people? This is your clue as the Almighty has opened the minds of the people to see the subtle evil. He is not Bernie, Biden or Warren, but offers an option. I will say this never allow the Clintons to dictate the future of the country. You should have ran and offer America another choice. You can change this. The Democrats have super delegates to over rule the will of the people. Now we have Romney to speak this morning. Be careful Romney on which side you pick when the future of this nation is on the line. God does not like traitors, but loves a patriot. How will you choose?


Update Mar 04 1:15am


   The Republican Party has put forth a dangerous policy in America politics. All in the media have noticed again the general rhetoric is scripted. Rubio and Cruz lead the pack and now Romney mimics the same the same words presented to America. The media now sees a common theme that comes from another and even Hannity realizes something is wrong. You ask; why the establishment is against one of their own and now that Jeb is out the email scandal and Benghazi is downplayed.

   Trump was pursued by Romney as he was just another means to the end. Now with the earth changes on the brink, all of the elite have no guarantee of safety that Rubio, Cruz and now Hillary would provide. But step back to the bigger picture of the new world order. This election will disgust American politics as all see the fraud. The plan is to let Hillary win as the pawns fall to Donald and Hillary takes him out. He was told, the FBI would serve her with a warrant pre convention thus propelling Bernie. The DOJ and Obama received an ultimatum from the elite as now the charges will just go away. Trump for now has refused to follow the dictate and continue against the status quo. As the super rich has nothing to offer. He can win on his own. He has money and wealth to where more means nothing.  He does want to change America as it is about eliminating waste. It is about  removing the leeches in government. It is as he states making America... Remember it will actions that count.

   Obama now reflects on the power of the presidency. They killed Kennedy for an executive order to end the Federal Reserve bleeding this nation of funds under the guise of Fed Rate given to banks in this nation. This indecision is what held Biden and Warren on the sidelines, and there are pissed, for they could have won. The elite want safety during the earth changes with all of their mistresses and wealth. This is the bottom line funded by taxpayer dollars.

   The Clintons, the Bushes, Romney, Cruz, and Rubio have signed on. Trust me America, the Almighty will wipe them from the face of the earth. Oh by the way, I will look into your souls as many of you are dropped in what is known as hell as you have betrayed humanity and scream as the cowards you are. Again you are being a chance to change.

   You in the media have to ask yourselves why would Romney give a press conference to trash Trump and more important, why was it covered? These are dangerous times and the ultimate goal with politics in this nation is to divide this nation and when under stress of the earth changes and constant war, the plan is to choose another a great spokesman and healer when millions die in a nuclear holocaust. The Russians and the Chinese talk peace, but they prepare. It is this you need to analyze. This is the rise of the antichrist and the fools that you are many nations will fall under his power.

   The sad part is, if Hillary wins, you her Black supporters will die in race wars by the millions as polarization mounts and she knows it. Again, Black people is up to you choose to walk into the lionís den, if then, have a plan for the media when focused on you just raises hate. This does not come from God. All I ask is to read the signs instead of listening to the prepared speeches. It is actions that make a great leader. Heed this.

  As for the debate I did not watch it. It is irrelevant.


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